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auxquelles; auxquels; avaient; avail; available; availe; availed; availeth; availing
  1. The audiencia furnished information to the king concerning the availability of the various Philippine woods for shipbuilding, and it furnished estimates as to the probable cost of ships both for commerce and war.

  2. Domestic demand is playing an ever more important role in underpinning growth as interest rates drop and the availability of credit cards and mortgages increases.

  3. Agriculture and manufacturing continue to play a lesser role in the economy, constrained by the limited availability of cultivable land and the shortage of domestic labor.

  4. This simulator serves as a model to study the wave of darkening, thus supporting the hypothesis that the pole-to-equator wave of darkening is correlated with the availability of subsurface water.

  5. If your garden soil is deficient in phosphorus, adding rock phosphate to the compost pile may accelerate its availability in the garden, far more effectively than adding phosphate to soil.

  6. The organic matter created there increases nutrient availability and accelerates the breakdown of rock particles, further increasing the creation of organic matter.

  7. Azobacteria, that can fix nitrate nitrogen in mellowing compost piles, depend for their activity on the availability of calcium.

  8. Foreign observers have reported the country's industry to be poorly balanced not only in a technical sense but also in terms of essential domestic needs and the availability of foreign outlets for its products.

  9. In 1848 the Whigs nominated a successful soldier conspicuous only for his availability and without knowing to what party he belonged.

  10. The politicians and lovers of availability had judged wisely, and Taylor was triumphantly elected.

  11. As near as I am able to learn, the things which conduce to its availability as a business place are these-- First, it is the beginning of the Upper Mississippi navigation.

  12. General Washington wrote an able essay to prove the availability of Norfolk, Va.

  13. The utilization of yeast protein for cattle feeding is a current practice abroad; and the satisfactory digestibility and availability of the same product by the human organism has repeatedly been announced since the beginning of the war.

  14. As regards the relation of pancreatic fluid to bactericidal availability of Trimethol, there is little to say, other than that the published statements in the advertising accompanying the packages make no mention of this point.

  15. Many building and manufacturing enterprises have met disastrous checks, because of a tendency to assume availability of stone without making the fullest technical investigation.

  16. The price equilibrium between consuming centers affords a reasonably uniform basis against which to measure availability of ores.

  17. Because of bulk and comparatively low intrinsic value, the principal commercial factors in the availability of the common rocks are transportation and ease of quarrying, but these are by no means the only factors determining availability.

  18. Their availability must be determined by analysis and measurement of the factors entering into availability.

  19. On the commercial horizon are ores of still newer districts, the availability of which may not be read from tables of production.

  20. In the valuation of common rocks, also, the more important factors are not the intrinsic qualities of the stones, but rather the conditions of their availability for use.

  21. The weighting and integration of these factors, for the purpose of reaching conclusions as to the availability of particular rock materials, depend also on the purposes for which these materials are to be used.

  22. Availability of iron ores is limited, not by total reserves, but by economic conditions.

  23. However, a genetic classification of clays is often not sufficient to indicate the precise characteristics which it is necessary to know in determining their availability for narrow and special technical requirements.

  24. The magnitude and the immediate availability of the sum bewildered all who thought on the topic.

  25. The availability of pellets and the ease of collecting them are obvious advantages.

  26. Although it has food preferences, the crow is euryphagous, and its diet is governed to a large extent by the availability of various types of food in its habitat.

  27. The fluctuations in the use of wheat were due to fluctuations in the availability of other foods that were preferred.

  28. Agriculture and manufacturing continue to play a minor role in the economy, constrained by the limited availability of cultivable land and the shortage of domestic labor.

  29. The assignment of a task may be expected to carry with it availability of fighting strength deemed adequate by higher authority for accomplishment of the operation involved.

  30. A study of the hydrography will determine the depth of water, the existence of shoals, the presence of unusual currents, the rise and fall of the tides, the availability of channels, and other pertinent features.

  31. It sets forth the availability of services and supplies, and describes and gives effect to the general plan for the logistics support of the operation.

  32. In every operation which takes place in nature there is a degradation of energy, and though some portion of the energy may be raised in availability, another portion is lowered, so that on the whole the availability is diminished.

  33. Energy in any other form is limited in its availability by the conditions under which we can place it.

  34. This unique presentation not only demonstrated the scientific value of these aboriginal songs in the study of the development of music, but suggested their availability as themes, novel and characteristic, for the American composer.

  35. So elastic was the system adopted for the conduct of the work, that its availability was limited only by the annual appropriations.

  36. Reservation); and, 3) availability of biological and climatological data there greatly facilitated the present study.

  37. Andorra's comparative advantage has recently eroded as the economies of neighboring France and Spain have been opened up, providing broader availability of goods and lower tariffs.

  38. Another method of increasing the availability of bone-dust is by mixing it with sulphuric acid.

  39. Another good method of increasing the availability of bone-dust is to mix it with barnyard-manure, and let both ferment together in a heap.

  40. Increasing the Availability of Bone with Sulphuric Acid.

  41. The official lists of the numbers drawn by lot were furnished to every local board and from these lists the boards made up the availability order list of all registrants within their respective jurisdictions.

  42. The determination of the order of availability left only the process of physical examination and elimination.

  43. In view of the availability of canned tomatoes and their excellent keeping quality they are well suited to an extended use as an antiscorbutic.

  44. Epstein |1918|Very detailed | A new era in the pathology of scurvy was inaugurated by the availability of experimental scurvy and also by the stimulation occasioned by the recent conception of vitamines and the so-called deficiency diseases.

  45. For example, although potatoes possess only moderate virtue compared with orange juice, they are of greater practical value in view of the large quantities which are consumed and their availability when green vegetables are lacking.

  46. Such programs interactively link teachers with students in geographically scattered locations and rely on the availability of electronic instructional resources.

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