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Example sentences for "governed"

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govern; governance; governante; governaunce; governe; governement; governess; governesses; governest; governeth
  1. Just as they had governed Yorubaland for a thousand years.

  2. In future, England's New World settlements would be governed through Parliament.

  3. A noun governed by a preposition must be in the Accusative or Ablative case.

  4. A noun governed by a preposition must be in the accusative or ablative case.

  5. What two cases in Latin may be governed by a preposition?

  6. On the other hand, Epergnon, the haughty minion-in-chief, who governed Henry III.

  7. This fact illustrates in a striking manner that their movements are not governed by the actual amount, but by a change in the intensity or degree of the light.

  8. He made his own sister, Cæsaria, the abbess, and she governed it for thirty years, and gathered about her a community of two hundred nuns.

  9. These seasons are governed by the apparent movements of the sun, the winters occurring at the equinoxes and the summers at the solstices.

  10. The body or flesh of Antichrist, is that heap of men, that assembly of the wicked, that synagogue of Satan that is acted and governed by that spirit.

  11. As to the way that the king concluded they should be governed in their own land.

  12. Who, then, shall be governed by their head without those officers and laws that are necessary here.

  13. Submit to my law, and be governed by my testament.

  14. Wherefore, as their going into the ark, so their going in two by two, and that too male and female, plainly declares that their motion was ordered and governed by heaven, themselves being utterly ignorant thereof.

  15. Afflictions are governed by God, both as to time, number, nature and measure.

  16. It is the natural eloquence of one whose very thoughts were governed by scriptural expressions.

  17. I will take my own cutter, with her tried crew, go on board the schooner, and when the wind lulls, we will run in to the land, and then be governed by circumstances.

  18. For several minutes, Dillon was compelled to listen to the rapid questions of his venerable relative, to all of which he answered with a prudent reserve, that might, in some measure, have been governed by the presence of the cockswain.

  19. Philip the Third was a weak bigot, who suffered himself to be governed by his ministers.

  20. India is not governed by the Viceroy alone, but by the Viceroy in Council.

  21. It was governed by their chief, Oliver Crom´well, and called the Commonwealth of England.

  22. Shortly after, he was sent to England to be tried, and although he later governed Virginia, he never came back to New England.

  23. They were mostly rich trading people, and they wanted to have a colony which would be governed only by the laws of the Bible.

  24. These were known as New Spain and New Castile and were governed only by Real Audiencias, (royal audiences, or tribunals that had both legislative and judicial functions).

  25. The republic—no longer such in name only—is governed under an enlightened constitution modeled after our own.

  26. The Athenians, with a view to their own interests, had recently set up a democracy in Samos, which had hitherto been governed by an oligarchy.

  27. This rule of conduct we know to be universal among men, and we believe that the gods themselves are governed by it.

  28. Man, Spinoza held, is a part of Nature, and Nature is governed by eternal and immutable laws.

  29. Of course, your brethren--their hearts having been softened by the Presbyterian God--are governed by charity and love.

  30. Neither have I any doubt that he regards all Catholics as prejudiced, and believes that they are governed more or less by fear.

  31. Do you really believe that this world is governed by an infinitely wise and good God?

  32. According to Mr. Black, we should all have liberty of conscience except when directly governed by God.

  33. Do you believe that the "Almighty Friend" then governed the world?

  34. The church has always pretended that it was governed by the will of God, and that for all its dogmas it had a "thus saith the Lord.

  35. You say that we should be governed by evidence and by common sense.

  36. In the olden times when religions were manufactured--when priest-craft and lunacy governed the world--the women were not consulted.

  37. Is it a crime to be governed by that which to you is evidence, and is it infamous to express your honest thought?

  38. My dear madam, we must be governed by the law of Christ, and there must be no remarriage.

  39. The beautiful fancy that the universe is governed by harmony had its origin in the philosophy of the Pythagoreans in the fourth century B.

  40. The Stoics conceived the world as a great organism whose "sympathetic" forces constantly interacted upon one another, governed by Reason which was of the essence of ethereal Fire, the primordial substance of the universe.

  41. Yet, since there were no painters in Bologna at that time who knew more than they did, they were held by those who then governed the city, as well as by all the people, to be the best masters in Italy.

  42. After this, being very intimate in these last years of his life with certain men who governed the Company of S.

  43. It evidently does not mean such days as we are now acquainted with--days governed by the rotation of the earth on its axis, and by the shining of the great central luminary of our solar system.

  44. Those causes, though they proceed from eternity to eternity, are governed by reason and understanding.

  45. Democritus, Epicurus, and those philosophers who introduced atoms and a vacuum, affirm that the world is not an animal, nor governed by any wise Providence, but that it is managed by a nature which is void of reason.

  46. He governs all, and is governed and subject to none, but he rides and reigns; and you know not how magnificent and broad his chariot is; if you did, you would not thus floutingly depreciate our Scythian chariots.

  47. And yet they say that our affairs, though we act thus miserably, are governed by the providence of the gods.

  48. All the other philosophers affirm that the world is informed with a soul, and governed by reason and Providence.

  49. Their service and assignment to duty is largely governed by their special qualifications and experience.

  50. You can find entire tribes who still employ stone implements and weapons, and several provinces are governed by a feudal system like that of Europe in the middle ages.

  51. It is directly governed by an agent of the governor general and a chief commissioner, who allow the widest liberty and jurisdiction to the local chiefs consistent with peace and good government.

  52. They were all under the same influence; all had the same interests and were governed by the same prejudices, and could be easily united for the same purpose.

  53. We could never consent that Mexico should be thus converted into a monarchy governed by a foreign prince.

  54. Ours is the great example of a prosperous and free self-governed republic, commanding the admiration and the imitation of all the lovers of freedom throughout the world.

  55. By the laws of nations a conquered country is subject to be governed by the conqueror during his military possession and until there is either a treaty of peace or he shall voluntarily withdraw from it.

  56. If New Mexico were held and governed by the United States, we could effectually prevent these tribes from committing such outrages, and compel them to release these captives and restore them to their families and friends.

  57. The success of our admirable system is a conclusive refutation of the theories of those in other countries who maintain that a "favored few" are born to rule and that the mass of mankind must be governed by force.

  58. These other Mexican Provinces are now governed by our military and naval commanders under the general authority which is conferred upon a conqueror by the laws of war.

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