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  1. The age of the apostles had passed away and their successors did not inherit their authority.

  2. Christ and his apostles "on painted walls" rather than in his written word.

  3. Henry was crowned in the tenth year of his age, on the day of the Apostles Simon and Jude, which was the 28th day of the month of October.

  4. Thus the shadow, and winding-sheets, and girdles of the apostles worked healings.

  5. The Holy Apostles and Fathers are at one in enjoining them.

  6. Let the world-embracing cloud be prepared and the winds gather the apostles to Mount Sion from the ends of the earth.

  7. See in Sion the Ark of the Lord God of powers, and the apostles standing by it, burying the life-giving body which received our Lord.

  8. Thus, those who approached through the apostles obtained their cures.

  9. Then follow lights and incense and hymns, and angels singing as befits the solemnity; apostles and patriarchs acclaiming her in inspired song.

  10. The apostles are the teaching mountains of God.

  11. I see the Church which God founded on the Apostles and Prophets, its corner-stone being Christ His Son, tossed on an angry sea, beaten by rushing waves, shaken and troubled by the assaults of evil spirits.

  12. How the eloquence of apostles blesses the departure of this body which was the receptacle of God.

  13. The apostles knew our Lord with their bodily eyes; others knew the apostles, others the martyrs.

  14. The apostles saw Christ with their bodily eyes, and His sufferings and wonders, and they listened to His words.

  15. The apostles and all the assembly of the Church may well have addressed some such words to the blessed Virgin.

  16. Angels and apostles minister to thee, O Mother of God, ever Virgin, and John the virgin apostle.

  17. See how earnest the apostles of evil are to allure men to destruction, through one or other of the several avenues that lead to death; and shall we be less eager to labor for their salvation?

  18. The apostles vehemently dehort us from unbelief.

  19. Suarez thinks it should be attributed to the Apostles (De Relig.

  20. In still later times, the Church added to the list of names on her saint roll, the names of saints who were honoured neither as Apostles nor as Martyrs.

  21. The feast was noted for the solemn processions held, to imitate and to commemorate our Lord's leading of the Apostles out of the city to the Mount of Olives.

  22. It was blessed and honoured by our Lord Himself, when to His apostles he said "Ecce ego vobiscum sum omnibus diebus" (St. Matt.

  23. The Apostles concluded that Christ had taken to Heaven the body which had borne Him.

  24. In the Acts of Apostles we see how Peter and John went at the ninth hour to the temple to pray.

  25. This teaching and example are shown in effect when the assembled apostles were "at the third hour of the day" praying (Acts ii.

  26. There, the passage from the Acts of the Apostles describing the descent of the Holy Ghost was read, and a second Mass was celebrated; after which the psalmody was resumed.

  27. Devotion to the Mother of God was continued by the apostles after the death of her Son.

  28. Farel recommenced a career of labours, fatigues, and struggles, which the actions of the apostles and missionaries alone can equal.

  29. With the writings of the Apostles and Prophets--no!

  30. The Apostles and the Reformers preached the same doctrine and suffered the same treatment.

  31. The Spaniard began to read it,[315] and lighted upon that passage of Scripture in which Christ enjoins his apostles not to exercise lordship.

  32. What various characters we see among the Apostles and among the Reformers!

  33. As these multiply and advance, they become the apostles of beneficence, and the work is now on foot, and advances with a speed encreasing every day.

  34. The remaining Apostles were only of the Second Degree; and the Seventy-two were of the First degree.

  35. None are more zealous than the apostles of infidelity and atheism.

  36. Through the two Apostles of Christ you are almost celestial, and Rome is the head of the churches of the world.

  37. The Apostles were perhaps rather more refined, rather less squat than the patriarchs and prophets supporting Saint Anne under the north porch, but their quality as works of art was less striking.

  38. At Chartres they had adopted a still better plan: statues of the twelve Apostles were placed in front of the pillars of the nave: but the Revolution took offence at these figures, overthrew and destroyed them.

  39. The first, built at the time of the Apostles by Bishop Aventinus, was razed to the ground.

  40. Above are the twelve Apostles holding scrolls and books.

  41. The central bay suggested the form of a boat set on end, its prow in the air; its deeply spreading sides contained in their niches six Apostles on each, and in the middle, between the doors, stood a single statue of Christ.

  42. It was quite natural to place them together, and that the Chief of the Apostles should figure as the conclusion to the premisses set forth by the other statues of this portal.

  43. The types chosen for the Apostles and Saints are, as we have said, quite ordinary.

  44. This last passage is not very clearly put: the last verse is what the Apostles said as to the reason of their coming to Jerusalem.

  45. James is always considered as the first Bishop: he was Bishop of the Church in Jerusalem; and he remained in that city, whilst the other Apostles travelled from place to place, preaching the Gospel to all people.

  46. Gamaliel evidently began to think that what the Apostles said might be true, and that therefore, in persecuting them, the Jews might be fighting against God.

  47. The next act we hear of as done by the Apostles is, that "Peter and John went up together into the temple, at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour.

  48. The power of speaking strange languages was a most valuable gift, enabling the Apostles to obey the command "to teach all nations," which they could not have done had they not been able to make themselves understood by all men.

  49. The Priests and elders might well marvel; they knew the Apostles to be unlearned fishermen, and they despised them as being Galileans; "and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.

  50. Nor was there any occasion to use violence, for the Apostles had no idea of resisting: they were ready to bear witness to the Lord Jesus before the Council, as well as in every other place.

  51. It seems that the Apostles had so little idea of the nature of the work they were from henceforth to do, that they had returned to their usual occupation of fishermen.

  52. He who personally observes the work in Brazil or any other mission field will have a keener appreciation and understanding of the Acts of the Apostles written by Luke.

  53. She had witnessed the persecution her father gave us, and on her husband's return to the house, she told him the scene made her think of the Apostles and that now she was determined to be baptized.

  54. Twelve apostles Christ did chuse, To preach the Gospel to the Jews.

  55. From whom both Christ and his apostles sprung.

  56. Others of the spiritual invasion made by the apostles of Christ.

  57. Many of the Gentiles became proselytes to the Jewish religion before Christ: but many more were converted to Christ by the apostles and other preachers of the Jewish nation.

  58. And the same has always been continued from the days of the apostles in the church of the New Testament.

  59. The Apostle frankly expresses his surprise to the Galatians that they who had known God intimately through the Gospel, should so easily be persuaded by the false apostles to return to the weak and beggarly elements of the Law.

  60. However, the apostles were not deterred by such calumnies from preaching the Gospel.

  61. This passage adduces further evidence that the false apostles defamed Paul as an imperfect apostle and a weak and erroneous preacher.

  62. As if he were saying to the Galatians: "The false apostles compel you to cut off the foreskin of your flesh.

  63. Paul once more scores the false apostles in an effort to draw the Galatians away from their false doctrine.

  64. Paul spoke disparagingly of these ordinances, because the false apostles asserted that mankind is saved by them without faith.

  65. In this passage Paul contends against the false apostles for the article of Justification.

  66. I have often wondered why all the apostles reiterated this request with such embarrassing frequency.

  67. In this sentence Paul excuses the Galatians, while he blames the false apostles for the apostasy of the Galatians.

  68. To paraphrase this sentence: "These false apostles do not merely trouble you, they abolish Christ's Gospel.

  69. The apostles could only distribute these blessings by the preaching of the Gospel.

  70. We infer from this that the false apostles had depreciated the Gospel of Paul among the Galatians on the plea that it was incomplete.

  71. The Apostle repeats: "I did not so confer with the apostles that they taught me anything.

  72. The same criticism which was leveled at the apostles is leveled at us.

  73. In fact, according to the promise of Christ, the apostles performed greater miracles than Christ Himself.

  74. But the Apostles declare that this interrogation is answered in Jesus Christ.

  75. Thus the angels were regarded as messengers or apostles from God and reconcilers or priests for men.

  76. A long time had elapsed since the Church of Jerusalem, with the Apostles and elders, had sat in judgment on the question submitted to their decision by such men as Peter, Barnabas, Paul, and James.

  77. To apostles were they said, and to apostles will I leave them.

  78. The apostles of fraternity carried fire and sword to the farthest confines of Europe, demanding that a continent should submit to the arbitrary dictation of a single people.

  79. The apostles of liberty proscribed whole classes of their fellow-citizens, drenching in innocent blood the land which they claimed to deliver from oppression.

  80. The apostles of equality established a tyranny of horror, labouring to extirpate all who had committed the sin of being fortunate.

  81. Weren't the disciples and the apostles the same thing?

  82. It has been observed that the author of the Acts of the Apostles tells us that among the teachers of the Church at Antioch during Paul's sojourn there, was Manaen, who was a foster-brother of Herod the Tetrarch.

  83. The apostles themselves knew that they had the Gospel treasure in earthen vessels, and when the vessel was injured the treasure could not be safely conveyed by it.

  84. In answer to this theory of development or afterthought it may be said that all the early records, the writings of the Apostles and Evangelists, the writings of the Apostolic fathers, are clear about the Godhead of Christ.

  85. The apostles had come, in the mind of the early Church, to occupy a place of unique distinction.

  86. Men like Belaham and Priestley were known as apostles of a freer spirit in the treatment of the problem of religion.

  87. These two lyric apostles of the throne and the altar, these two bards of the coronation, obeyed the double inspiration of their imagination and their conscience.

  88. The relics of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul were borne around the Place du Parvis, in the midst of a cortege, in which were present the marshals of France, the generals, and the four princesses.

  89. On one occasion, by an ingenious device, Barton preserved a splendid representation of the twelve apostles in a chancel window.

  90. They call themselves in the aggregate, the vilest of sinners; yet, when they come to describe particulars, they employ language which even the most eminent of all the Apostles had too humble a sense of his defects to adopt.

  91. Though the apostles appeared as mendicants, yet while they could heal diseases with a touch, they inspired reverence.

  92. Cyril and Methodius, the apostles of the Sclaves, were brothers, the sons of a man of rank in Thessalonica.

  93. Hesychius is traditionally said to have been one of seven apostles sent by S.

  94. Knowing that these three blessed apostles must be dead, he went to Paris to gather up their sacred relics, having first confided the care of his church to a bishop named Felicissimus.

  95. After this the four apostles separated to preach in different parts.

  96. Victricius, one of the apostles of the Morini, afterwards bishop of Rouen.

  97. Let them go forth with neither scrip nor purse, like the apostles; and the success which had not attended two legates ambling over the country on their mules, would attend two apostles going barefoot.

  98. Alban Quiritine, or Kiritine, surnamed Boniface, is fabulously said to have been of Israelite race, and a descendant of Radia, sister of the apostles Peter and Andrew.

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