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  1. The Montanists are regarded as sectarian; the Marcionites are convinced of the falseness of the apostolic doctrine; the different Gnostic schools are more and more driven from the bosom of the general church.

  2. Apostolic authority, reputed as transmitted by the laying-on of hands, suppressed the authority of the community.

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen,--It is plain that the importance of the churches in the primitive Christian community was in proportion to their apostolic nobility.

  4. If we can believe it, the only mark of the apostolic mission will be to show a letter signed by the apostles, to produce a certificate of orthodoxy.

  5. Circular letters from the heads of the great churches, read on Sunday in the re-unions of the faithful, were a sort of continuation of the apostolic literature.

  6. The apostolic title is every thing: the right of the people is reduced to nothing.

  7. You see," said Miss Bowyer, "faith-healing is a primitive and apostolic mode of healing the sick.

  8. The weight of a brilliant success was now thrown into the scale, and Mrs. Frankland could speak with an apostolic authority hitherto unknown.

  9. Let me open one or two windows in the apostolic record which give us glimpses of this conquering life.

  10. Gives at a glance a complete and graphic outline of apostolic history.

  11. But it is not only in apostolic days that you can find these brilliant contrasts.

  12. This was surely one of the outstanding distinctions of apostolic life.

  13. He loved me" sings the greatest of the apostolic knights.

  14. Let your eyes glance over the apostolic record.

  15. There was something about all this that was apostolic in its simplicity and Christ imitation.

  16. The apostolic see elected him to be the first Father Inquisitor of the Faith.

  17. The Zurich reformer passed over these ages, returned to the apostolic times, and, carrying out an entire transformation of the Church, endeavoured to restore it to its primitive condition.

  18. St. Gregory trembles for the lives of his beleaguered people, but he does not know the see which is not subject to the Apostolic See.

  19. That bishop had been speaking of an African primate who had professed that he was subject to the Apostolic See.

  20. And as if these seemed to you minor offences, in the boldness of your pride you assaulted the truth itself of apostolic doctrine.

  21. The longer Latin text of the acts also says that the emperor had commanded the Pope's name to be erased from the diptychs, without prejudice, however, to communion with the Apostolic See, which the council accepted.

  22. The allusion is evidently to the famous Union Generale, on which the Pope bestowed his apostolic benediction, and with which M.

  23. Apostolic and Roman Catholicism as created by a long succession of generations!

  24. There is but one religion in the world, our Holy Catholic Apostolic and Roman Religion, apart from which there can be but darkness and damnation.

  25. The origin of the pope's claim to apostolic authority for giving away kingdoms is closely connected with the fictitious "Donation of Constantine," an edict probably fabricated in Rome about the middle of the eighth century.

  26. The notorious Rodrigo Borgia, who had lately been placed in the apostolic chair as Alexander VI.

  27. He added, with his apostolic air: "We are here to demonstrate a grand philanthropic idea.

  28. This makes all the clauses of the apostolic blessing intelligible and living.

  29. The imperial British state, Stephen answered, his colour rising, and the holy Roman catholic and apostolic church.

  30. It is a mystical estate, an apostolic succession, from only begetter to only begotten.

  31. He could not find that any ancestor of his had sat at table with an elector; and, perhaps, he could not scrape together sufficient money to induce his sacred apostolic majesty to overlook this defect.

  32. According to his own account, he was a bishop quite on the Apostolic model, and worked very hard to bring his diocese into order.

  33. According to the duty of the apostolic office, and to maintain the purity of Christian faith.

  34. Several of them at this time returned to the ancient practice of apostolic times.

  35. Likewise we excommunicate and curse all who falsify our bulls, and our apostolic letters.

  36. His friends beholding his courage, felt in his presence as if a man of apostolic times had reappeared.

  37. We do indeed want to know more of those wonderful but hidden days which intervene between the great Advent, with its subsequent Apostolic age, and the days when the Church appears fully constituted and recognised.

  38. Though I hold, as you remark, a process of development in Apostolic truth as time goes on, such development does not supersede the Fathers, but explains and completes them.

  39. They have promised him almost apostolic glory in converting people whom he believes to be heretics.

  40. The Apostolic Epistles prove the antecedent existence of the Churches to which they were addressed.

  41. It is, of course, opposed to the Apostolic declaration that godliness hath the promise of the life that now is (1 Tim.

  42. It is doubtless founded on some tradition of the Apostolic age.

  43. In this sense the Church of England may be called Protestant; but we must never give up our claim of being a true and pure branch of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, of which Jesus Christ is the Head.

  44. And Paul chose Silas" to accompany him on his Second Apostolic Journey, "and departed, being recommended by the brethren unto the grace of God.

  45. Second Apostolic Journey, which had occupied about four years.

  46. This ended St. Paul's first Apostolic Journey, which had occupied rather more than one year.

  47. Remove these two or three clauses, and doubtless the substance of the remainder must have been little short of the Apostolic age.

  48. For by this title was this great prophecy known among the Christians of the Apostolic age.

  49. The Apostolic canon in such cases is, 'Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they be of God'.

  50. But for our blessed and truly Apostolic and Scriptural Liturgy, our churches' pews would long ago have been filled by Arians and Socinians, as too many of their desks and pulpits already are.

  51. The result of my own meditations is, that the evidence of the Gospel, taken as a total, is as great for the Christians of the nineteenth century, as for those of the Apostolic age.

  52. And yet it is notorious that very soon after the Apostolic age, liberties precisely of this kind were freely taken with the text of the New Testament.

  53. Reference is certainly made to the final departure of the Apostolic body out of the city of Jerusalem.

  54. He says that this passage “was placed as a completion of the Gospel soon after the Apostolic period,—the Gospel itself having been, for some reason unknown to us, left incomplete.

  55. Mark’s Gospel having suffered mutilation in respect of their Twelve concluding Verses in the post-Apostolic age, Cod.

  56. It is plain from internal considerations that the improbability of the hypothesis is excessive; “the contents of these Verses being such as to preclude the supposition that they were the work of a post-Apostolic period.

  57. This Old Latin, which is of African origin and of almost Apostolic antiquity, (supposed of the iind century,) conspires with the Vulgate in the testimony which it bears to the genuineness of the end of S.

  58. The late Bishop is the author of a collection of poems known as the Songs of the Wilderness, many of the subjects therein having been furnished in the course of his apostolic labours in the Red River settlement.

  59. Neither the day of Christ's birth, death, resurrection or ascension appear to have been regarded as holy time, or any way distinguished from the other days of the year, during the apostolic age.

  60. One of the chief articles in the prosecution, which for ever deprived him of favour from his virtuous and apostolic mistress, and for which alone he was condemned to the Spielberg, was, that he had ravished the daughter of a miller in Silesia.

  61. A major of the apostolic Maria Theresa, writing thus in a town swarming with friars, and in a tone so undaunted, was unexampled.

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