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Example sentences for "endorsements"

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  1. No more endorsements were given, and the paper bearing his name was by this time nearly all paid.

  2. Let no more endorsements be given from this day forth.

  3. The endorsements of Judge Bigelow, on paper brought to him by Dewey, and of which he took no memorandums, covered, no doubt, from a hundred to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars!

  4. There is an English system widely advertised, called "Pelmanism," of which I have personally made no test, but it has won endorsements of a great many people who do not give their endorsements lightly.

  5. It was charged by the New York papers that the endorsements of the name of Keyser & Co.

  6. Keyser is to be believed, the Ring did not hesitate to forge the endorsements of living and well-known men.

  7. Adopting a safer plan, Peter now procured endorsements from leading abolitionists and made a soliciting tour of New York and New England by which he raised funds enough to buy his family's freedom.

  8. Apropos of this point, the recent “literature” contains what purports to be endorsements of the nostrum by medical journals.

  9. It is a little peculiar that nearly all the endorsements come from small towns in sparsely settled districts; practically none from the centers of population.

  10. Anedemin has been on the market for less than three years; the circulars emphasize that testimonials and endorsements are not solicited.

  11. The Anasarcin Company solicits endorsements and they seem to do the larger business.

  12. They take Cognisance of fraudulent Endorsements of Exchequer Bills.

  13. The following are a few endorsements among many others of like high character that have been given after a critical inspection of the engraving, viz: John.

  14. The report on official endorsements of conventions showed the usual large number, political, religious, agricultural, labor, etc.

  15. Some of the States have carried on a very active propaganda in this direction, securing endorsements from hundreds of local organizations representing labor unions, educational and religious societies, Farmers' Institutes, etc.

  16. It then states that the “usual references and endorsements are omitted from this booklet.

  17. With the exception of these qualified endorsements the remaining (fifteen) replies characterized the statement as incorrect and misleading.

  18. Given by all ages with equal success as following endorsements will show.

  19. Aramaic endorsements on business documents repeating in Aramaic transliteration the names of parties mentioned in the texts have also been of service in fixing the phonetic readings of names.

  20. He traveled over the state considerably, and through his connection with this organization he was enabled to make the acquaintance of several prominent men, whose endorsements later secured for him the government position.

  21. After he found that Cleveland had been successful, he at once became a good democrat once more, and at once set out to secure endorsements for the position which he was afterward lucky enough to secure.

  22. It is certain he was the first to invent the sewerage system idea; and the patents were applied for before the final endorsements had been secured.

  23. When the vouchers were hawked about town for endorsements they received the "high ball," and the victims found it necessary to "make good" from their personal rainy day deposits.

  24. All of these endorsements were secured at conventions held in Southern California and the Northern women pursued the same policy.

  25. The official endorsements of the Democratic, Progressive and Socialist parties were obtained.

  26. Three others whose endorsements have materially assisted in the accomplishment of the work are President Villamor of our University, Director Francisco Benitez of its School of Education, and Director J.

  27. Letters and endorsements from prominent Americans seem to have no weight with these Germans.

  28. Mark you: Here's a man who claims to come from Sangoa, a place no one has ever heard of; and the other has endorsements purporting to come from the highest officials in America.

  29. Witness did not recollect that he stated the precise time, but that he said the endorsements were made some time before.

  30. When witness called Crandall's attention to the endorsements on the tracts, Crandall said they had been on some time.

  31. Crandall stated, as witness distinctly recollects, that the endorsements were made some time before.

  32. Mr. Key here admitted that he recollected hearing the prisoner say, at the examination in the jail, that the endorsements were written two years before.

  33. When Crandall said the endorsements were written some time ago, witness called his attention to the date of one which was not two years ago.

  34. Navy, and glues that on behind the other sixty-seven endorsements and gloats over it, and for a few minutes feels like a bureau chief himself.

  35. A wonderful thing it was by now, with its sixty-seven endorsements winged out on the back of it.

  36. A department document had come into the office that day with seventeen endorsements on it, and it had him bluffed.

  37. Yes; the signatures as endorsements on these several checks show what might be described as an exaggerated freedom and carelessness in the execution of this signature.

  38. There are a few endorsements in that group which show a greatly exaggerated freedom or a carelessness in execution.

  39. Yes, sir; the signatures and endorsements of the checks in Exhibit 776 show some variation with respect to the care and formation of letters.

  40. In your capacity as questioned document examiner of the Treasury Department, do you receive for examination checks, the endorsements on which have been forged?

  41. Read it through--the endorsements last, in their order--and then tell me what you think of it.

  42. Our merchants would, in my opinion, do well to write their endorsements on bills at length, and in their own hand writing.

  43. There is reason to believe that the enemy often turn blank endorsements to good account.

  44. It is not impossible, judging from the many and authoritative endorsements of the plan, that it may be pushed rapidly toward realization.

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