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Example sentences for "counters"

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  1. Words, the counters for ideals, are, however, easily taken for ideas.

  2. Children escaped from their mothers and ran chirping behind the counters to touch and meddle in places forbidden.

  3. In that place were many tables, and the flat clicking and rattle of ivory counters sounded pleasantly through the music.

  4. The counters are in two lengths, and are adjusted by wedges at the points where they intersect the braces.

  5. Some Irish arch├Žologists, however, have suggested the idea of their being rather draughtsmen, or counters for a game; and English antiquarians have pronounced a similar opinion with regard to ivory discs discovered in that country.

  6. Each player is provided with three counters (small black and white pebbles or shells) which are simply deposited on the board in turn; the game is won by getting these three counters in a straight line.

  7. A game played with counters on a board divided into compartments, in some of which a goose was depicted.

  8. These were placed in the centre of the table and the forfeited counters paid into them.

  9. If the Four is turned up as trump, it is called "Tiddy," and each player pays four counters to the dealer.

  10. The cards were brought in, and various coloured counters handed round, and I sat down putting thirty ducats before me.

  11. Everybody had won from me except the abbe; the poor devil had lost counters to the extent of twenty sequins.

  12. This was a very large sum for a company who only played for amusement's sake; fifteen counters were valued only at a sequin.

  13. The counters and sticks seemed to exercise great influence over the congregation, for it was only round them that they gathered.

  14. Thus counters are made of two kinds, one is a dozen points and the other single points.

  15. Again and again Cranley chucked out the counters he had lost, which the others gathered in, or pushed three or four bank-notes with his little rake in the direction of a more venturesome winner.

  16. He and I sat side by side at the front of the stove, while nervous little Paul Beemer, when not pacing back and forth between the counters behind us, sat astride a small chair, resting his arms on its back, and listening with close attention.

  17. After all have played in turn, the first player shoots his other three counters and so on till all have played again.

  18. Each player has six counters which he plays by three's, thus one person begins by shoving off three of his counters toward the board on the end, trying to make them fall on the places that count the highest.

  19. The counters may be checkers (or any round pieces of wood) or twenty-five cent pieces, or large flat buttons, although discs of lead are the best because the heaviest.

  20. The counters of each player may be distinguished from the others by any distinctive sign marked on them.

  21. Mark a line at the other end of the board about four inches from the edge, put your counters on the line and you are ready to play.

  22. Counters which rest on, or touch a line do not count.

  23. Honest red hands, used to milking at five o'clock in the morning, and hands not so red that measured dry goods over rural counters for insistent female customers fingered in some dismay what seemed an inexplicable array of table furniture.

  24. The excitement approached that of a presidential election, and became the dominant topic at quick-lunch counters and in street-cars.

  25. Finger to lip, a tall Spanish girl in a large black hat was sizing her remaining counters with a faint frown.

  26. Idiotically I began to arrange the counters in little piles.

  27. In exchange for these, with the peculiar delicacy of his kind, the croupier upon my right selected, arrayed and offered me counters of the value of forty English pounds.

  28. Broad low counters occupy most of the floor, with a narrow passage leading between from the street to the back part of the shop, and counters and shelves are covered with tempting fruits and nuts.

  29. Such was the rush of customers that at noon the young men were exhausted by the labor of selling; the counters were a mere litter of tumbled dry-goods; and the shop had to be closed for a while for rest and putting things in order.

  30. He lost, won, and then lost again until he could reckon his counters by units.

  31. Jeffard's soul was Berserk in the fierce battle with chance, and he began placing the counters upon certain of the inlaid cards before him, stopping only when he had staked his last dollar.

  32. The run of luck was against the bank, and the piles of counters under the hands of the haggard ones girdling the table grew and multiplied with every turn of the cards.

  33. Jeffard nodded, he pushed the requisite number of blue, red, and white counters across the table.

  34. In the last half of the third square there was a screened doorway, and the click of celluloid counters came to his ears from the brilliantly lighted room beyond.

  35. And all for an empty-headed little thing who could have been found in her dozens behind twenty shop counters not a quarter of a mile away!

  36. The game is continued until all the counters belong to one or other of the two players.

  37. A small number of beans or other counters are held in the hand, and the question is, Odd or Even?

  38. Before he could make up his mind, however, exactly twenty white counters were meted out to him.

  39. Ten minutes later, he was worth eighteen hundred dollars; in another ten, he had before him counters calling for five thousand or thereabouts.

  40. Sybarite pushed back the little army of white chips--"you may give me twenty dark-brown counters for these.

  41. There was no standard coinage, for metals were almost unknown; but more as counters than as money were used the cocoa bean, tiny bells, and rattles of copper and stone beads.

  42. At the last drawing each player proceeds as heretofore directed, but the drawing concludes when no more counters are left on the table.

  43. This variation may be altered again by agreeing that an unlimited number of coins or counters may be used, and that the player who first succeeds in getting rid of his cards shall be the winner of the pool.

  44. The game continues until all but one of the players have exhausted their three counters, when the player who remains with the last counter or counters takes the amount left in the pool.

  45. Each player, in turn, looks at his card, and stakes on it whatever amount he chooses--which he usually does by placing coins or counters in front of him.

  46. Each player should stake a certain sum, which should be reserved for the winner; and a certain number of counters of no value, but merely to be used for covering the numbers as called, should be placed in the pool.

  47. Counters are desirable for play in all cases; they are in every way more convenient, and avoid the constant trouble of giving change.

  48. Consider the acres of rubbish specially designed for children and spread out over the counters of countless toy-shops.

  49. You can do this with a square board painted red, and counters laid on it.

  50. Card counters are useful, and so is silver paper.

  51. John was looking behind the counters with wistful eye, for the time ceasing his investigation of the piles of bright new moccasins.

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