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  1. Henceforward, till the fifth century, Spain and {23}Gaul were simply outlying provinces of the empire, without anything in literature or calligraphy to distinguish their people from the Romanised Italians.

  2. It was not till the sixth century, when the Gothic kingdom had become a stable institution, that anything like a local fashion of calligraphy began to develop itself in Spain.

  3. At the beginning of the fourteenth century, the English, as has been said above, began to relinquish the lead in calligraphy and ornamentation, which they had held since the twelfth.

  4. Plate 12 shows the style of illustration used at Venice in the first half of the fourteenth century, in which there is a curious combination of French-like calligraphy with the painty miniatures of the home school of art.

  5. A greater school of calligraphy was in the Abbey of St. Martin at Tours, directed by the famous Alcuin, under the Emperor's patronage.

  6. The distinct neatness of her beautiful calligraphy appealed to his love for missals and the lost art, as he feared, of the true scribe.

  7. Those images of the God of Calligraphy and Scholarship which are always presented as gifts to boys on the Boys' Festival are given, when broken, to Tenjin himself, not to Kojin; at least such is the custom in Matsue.

  8. In the earlier part of his career, Thackeray wrote a running hand very different to the upright calligraphy of his later life.

  9. In these cases there is no sort of resemblance in the calligraphy of the two persons.

  10. The collector must, of course, bear in mind the striking differences in the calligraphy of the great Admiral before and after the loss of his right arm in July, 1797.

  11. Not only was the imitation of the calligraphy of Napoleon III.

  12. The forger apparently finds the upright hand Thackeray adopted later in life more to his taste than the less angular calligraphy of his youth.

  13. They are not artists, but are known as Confucius' scholars (JU SHA), and being professional or trained writers in the difficult art of Chinese calligraphy they have a manner of painting strictly sui generis.

  14. Much that is written about Japanese painting and its calligraphy is but the repetition by one author of what he has taken on trust from another, an effective way sometimes of spreading misinformation.

  15. At one time or another well-known artists, especially at the beginning of the Meiji era, have affected this BUN JIN calligraphy style simply as a passing fashion.

  16. It should be plain then that Japanese painting is not calligraphic; as well apply the term calligraphy to one of Turner's water colors.

  17. His Zen-style calligraphy allowed for no hesitation, no retouching.

  18. A small calligraphy scroll hung in the tokonoma alcove.

  19. The early Middle Ages, beginning with the wonderful calligraphy of the Irish MSS.

  20. The two notes looked harmless enough, and the calligraphy of one was vaguely familiar.

  21. As for the languages of Japan and China, they have remained essentially different throughout some twenty centuries in spite of the fact that Japan adopted Chinese calligraphy and assimilated Chinese literature.

  22. At the one institution--opened in 828--where youths in general might receive instruction, the course embraced only calligraphy and the precepts of Buddhism and Confucianism.

  23. And though calligraphy is a means to many ends, a fine MS.

  24. One of the finest effects in calligraphy can be obtained by the simple contrast of gold capitals with black writing (see p.

  25. Papers on [p386] Calligraphy and Illumination: Edward Johnston and Graily Hewitt.

  26. Calligraphy might be reproduced with very fine effect, retaining its natural delicacy and on a plane surface, if a process of etching writing in facsimile were possible.

  27. On the wall above her head a hand unused to calligraphy had traced in clumsy characters the words: "Liberte!

  28. If I only knew why that satane Englishman throws so much calligraphy about," he said, "I would be easier in my mind.

  29. Tufts of hair flew about, whines and groans resounded; the General who had been a teacher of calligraphy bit off his adversary's Order, and immediately swallowed it.

  30. Probably if this were so calligraphy of the present day would be much better than it generally is.

  31. A few centuries ago, before printing was used for the production of books, illumination as a part of calligraphy was an important craft.

  32. Illustration: calligraphy flourish 1] THE GRACE WE SAY TO GOD.

  33. Mr Trump resumed possession of the document; his sight was not deficient, nor the light too bad for him, or the calligraphy beyond his comprehension.

  34. The most important of the miniatures in the famous Codex Vigilano are also reproduced in "El Museo EspaƱol de antiguedades," most interesting respecting the calligraphy and miniature art of the eleventh century.

  35. The progress had been from mere "cheirography" to calligraphy; now it was from calligraphy to chrysography and arguriography.

  36. Barcellos affords an example of the calligraphy (for which Spain and Portugal have always been famous) and illumination which is precious for the student.

  37. Nevertheless, the calligraphy and borderwork are the best parts of his performance.

  38. There is natural sequence, therefore, in the facts that these same priests excelled in calligraphy and introduced Japan to the pictorial art of the immortal Sung painters.

  39. Fine art also was cultivated, and it is significant that calligraphy and painting were coupled together in the current expression (shogwa) for products of pictorial art.

  40. And the tests of social standing and the means of gaining fame at Court were skill in verse-writing, in music and dancing, in calligraphy and other forms of drawing, and in taste in landscape gardening.

  41. The writing materials used by Heian courtiers and the calligraphy they set down became important tools for the Zen arts.

  42. The eccentric monks who invented koan paradoxes also seem to have been fond of calligraphy and monochrome painting.

  43. Since this new script was less angular and geometrically formal than Chinese writing, it lent itself to a sensuous, free style of calligraphy whose rules later spilled over into Zen aesthetics.

  44. Finally, there is a vast body of his own poetry and prose, as well as a collection of calligraphy now widely admired for its spontaneity and power.

  45. Then one day Ikkyu came by carrying some fans decorated with his own famous calligraphy and asked the man to take them on commission.

  46. In the first year of his reign he founded the Academy of Calligraphy and Painting.

  47. The exclusive use of Chinese ink necessitated special studies since thus calligraphy was directly approached.

  48. The foundation of the Academy of Calligraphy and Painting had results quite other than those hoped for by its founder.

  49. Calligraphy and the literary style were not overlooked, but they were carried to a point of abstraction that is beyond the province of art.

  50. I agree in assigning such masterpieces to the realm of calligraphy but refuse to admit them to the domain of painting.

  51. It was so closely allied to painting that the Emperor Hui Tsung, who ascended the throne in 1100, founded the Imperial Academy of Calligraphy and Painting in the first year of his reign.

  52. Noted for his calligraphy as well as for his painting.

  53. In China, the arts of poetry and calligraphy are united in the ideographs which form the written language.

  54. Calligraphy and poetry are mixed up together in the Chinese mind.

  55. In some of them her hand has evidently trembled, so as to render her calligraphy almost illegible, and this is notably the case in a document which settled her business to her own satisfaction and most certainly to that of her greedy brother.

  56. This is the "Gospels of MacDurnan," in Irish calligraphy of the ninth century, and it contains some valuable Anglo-Saxon entries.

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