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desier; design; designate; designated; designates; designation; designations; designd; designe; designed
  1. Footnote 17: A well known term designating the most violent party in France.

  2. In designating the latter as "foreknown" by God, the primary idea is not to ennoble the creature, but rather to bring to light the wisdom and power of God.

  3. In this service Jesus also reckoned the sacrifice of his life, designating it as a [Greek: lutron] which he offered for the redemption of man.

  4. Ringer Symbols] Symbols A or B may be used for designating any ordinary polarized ringer.

  5. When designated as such, plans must be prepared designating the location of the CSH that can best support the forward deployed MTFs.

  6. Designating a single hospital to care for these patients (from a patient care or disease transmission standpoint) may not be necessary.

  7. Copyright Office, "in designating the classes of articles which may be registered in this office do not mention blank forms or blank books.

  8. They soon felt the necessity of distinguishing the individual stars, or groups of stars, and giving them names, that they might understand each other, when referring to and designating them.

  9. Hua, He, the designating personal pronoun of the Most Holy Ancient, 794-m.

  10. A vulgarism designating the extreme of any condition or situation: used indiscriminately of persons or conditions.

  11. A vulgar corruption of “curse,” designating a worthless or disagreeable person, and as such it should be avoided.

  12. A colloquialism designating any person regarded as bringing ill luck, as a “Jonah,” on shipboard, in allusion to the Bible story of the prophet Jonah.

  13. This term, probably of slang origin, is analogous to Munster plums designating Irish potatoes, and Glasgow magistrate, designating a salt herring.

  14. This word designating a sumptuous feast in honor of some person or event should not be used as the synonym of “dinner” or “supper,” which both designate less formal functions.

  15. This title is placed here merely for the purpose of designating a division of the system of pure reason of which I do not intend to treat at present.

  16. The Princes and Dukes of the Empire must pardon me for so often designating them by their Republican names.

  17. The word thus called forth by the common labor had two meanings, designating the sex-act as well as the equivalent labor-activity.

  18. Soon after the capture of the City of Mexico an armistice had been agreed to, designating the limits beyond which troops of the respective armies were not to go during its continuance.

  19. Under these circumstances Scott had to issue his orders designating the troops to be withdrawn from Taylor, without the personal consultation he had expected to hold with his subordinate.

  20. If we ignore the mode of designating cross-cousins’, i.

  21. One of three terms used by a man in designating his son coincides with that applied to a brother’s son, but differs from the word applied to the sister’s son.

  22. In this manner arises the authoritativeness of moral requirements, as designating the latest and highest order of means.

  23. At the end of it, a third of a mile off, I see plain marble grave-stones, designating the places where repose my father and mother, brother and sisters.

  24. Defn: A combining form (also used adjectively), designating any one of a series of double derivatives of the azo and diazo compounds containing four atoms of nitrogen.

  25. Defn: Derived from wood by distillation; -- formerly used in designating crude wood spirit.

  26. Defn: Designating a photomechanical process for making reproductions in natural colors by three printings.

  27. The word is little used in the United States, unless as a title in law proceedings and instruments, designating occupation, and this only in particular States.

  28. Derived from, or containing, sulphur; specifically, designating those compounds in which the element has a lower valence as contrasted with the sulphuric compounds.

  29. A prefix (also used adjectively) designating the group or radical NO, called the nitroso group, or its compounds.

  30. Defn: Pertaining to, or containing, tin; specifically, designating those compounds in which the element has a lower valence as contrasted with stannic compounds.

  31. Defn: Designating an organic acid obtained from oil of ben.

  32. Defn: Designating an internal-combustion engine of a type resembling the Diesel engine in using as fuel heavy oil which is injected in a spray just before the end of the compression stroke and is fired without electrical ignition.

  33. Defn: Pertaining to, resembling, or containing uranium; specifically, designating those compounds in which uranium has a valence relatively higher than in uranous compounds.

  34. A collection of fourteen paintings in oil on canvas, bearing inscriptions designating the name and succession of each monarch.

  35. Two cuirasses, and some of the draperies, are gilded; gold is mingled with the other costumes, in the form of traits, designating the folds.

  36. I went as far as Washington City, when a dispatch was received from General Thomas announcing his readiness at last to move, and designating the time of his movement.

  37. Of or pertaining to verses; designating distinct divisions of a writing.

  38. A glance at the heavens will make it evident that the problem of designating a star in such a way as to distinguish it from all its neighbors must be a difficult one.

  39. This system of naming stars is quite analogous to our system of designating persons by a family name and a Christian name.

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