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Example sentences for "ailments"

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aileth; ailing; aille; ailleurs; ailment; ails; aim; aimable; aimait; aime
  1. With an Appendix on the Common Ailments of Infancy, with their Hygienic and Curative Treatment.

  2. These were to the effect that several cures of stubborn ailments had been effected by the yellow clay, and the medicines with which it was impregnated.

  3. Rheumatism, swellings, pains, aches and ailments of various sorts yielded to its application, and the names of well-known medical men bore out the claims of the Universal Plaster Company.

  4. It is obvious that the blood-flow rate is an extremely important physiological quantity, and a doctor must know it to treat either heart ailments or circulatory disturbances.

  5. In several very serious ailments there is serious loss of blood protein through the intestines.

  6. At first my opinion was that her "Science" made its way by curing the imaginary ailments of the idle rich.

  7. But read of the work of Janet and Charcot and their followers at the Salpetriere; they have proven that all kinds of seeming-organic ailments may be entirely hysterical in nature, and may be cured by the simplest form of suggestion.

  8. It must be conceded that the monotonous intonation of the medicine-men is not without good results, especially in such ailments as can be benefited by the sleep which such singing induces.

  9. To trifling ailments he was too often brusque.

  10. What, also, if he should desert her himself; withdraw from her his skill and knowledge of her bodily wants and ailments now that he was so necessary to her?

  11. In this way tumors, ulcers and other physical ailments and poor health may be produced.

  12. Gout, vertigo, rheumatism, apoplexy, paralysis and piles are a few of the common physical ailments to be found among men of this age.

  13. There are some married people who have physical ailments that render them permanently unfit for parentage.

  14. A feeling of dejection and despondency and many other ailments associated with this change can be greatly reduced by a strong will.

  15. And your ailments will gradually disappear.

  16. A large portion of our physical ailments result from unused lung cells, and consequent imperfect circulation of the blood.

  17. The conception of man and the treatment of crime and criminals by the courts is not better nor more scientific than was the old-time doctors' treatment of physical ailments by magic, incantations and sorcery.

  18. Mange, or leprosy, is one of the most unpleasant and difficult diseases to manage of all the ailments to which cattle are subject requiring the nicest care and attention to render it easy of cure.

  19. But the Blessed One, mindful and self-possessed, bore his ailments without complaint.

  20. Let us live happily then, free from all ailments among the ailing!

  21. A sick man may be cured by the healing power of medicine and will be rid of all his ailments without beholding the physician.

  22. What to do with a host of others it is often difficult to decide, even when written by "cranks," who imagine themselves subject to strange electrical ailments from which Edison alone can relieve them.

  23. Edison at sixty-three has a fine physique, and being free from serious ailments of any kind, should carry on the traditions of his long-lived ancestors as to a vigorous old age.

  24. The natives are extremely fond of this water, believing that it cures all ailments and endows a man with every physical virtue, and the mountain goats are as fond of it as the men.

  25. You can't find out the jokes of a horse, nor the ailments of a baby" hints that spirited horses have more to set them capering and kicking than the human knows of.

  26. They are not hospitals in the true sense, for ailments are not treated, but simply refuges for halt, maimed, diseased, and blind creatures for whom nobody cares.

  27. These are medicines advertised to cure ailments which generally cannot be cured by drugs.

  28. We have learned how to prevent these ailments among people who will obey the laws of health.

  29. In his Journal for this year there are various entries of mental attacks of short duration and other ailments ascribable to his advanced age.

  30. But he bore these ailments with great patience and threw them off in course of time.

  31. We are hereby given to understand that ailments of the body are frequently due to sin: for which reason, perhaps, first are his sins forgiven, that the cause of the ailment being removed, health may return.

  32. But to heal with so great a power so many defects and ailments and grievances of mortal men, this we read concerning none soever of the men of old.

  33. This section gives the treatment for curing some 60 different ailments with these herbs and by other curious means.

  34. There is no doubt in my mind but that many of our winter diseases and ailments could be avoided, and others easier cured, by the use of these undergarments.

  35. People who are troubled with any of these ailments should not attempt to doctor themselves by taking drugs, but a competent physician should be consulted.

  36. Her warning should be heeded before conditions, getting worse, lead up to the sad ailments from which so many suffer, and which are disastrous to both voice and health.

  37. He then said that, in his medical experience, he found that persons who suffered from their voices generally owed their ailments to bad habits of using the voice, and not to any defect in the larynx or resonance chamber.

  38. The ancient Assyrians seem to have made much use of knotted cords as a remedy for ailments and disease.

  39. In Argyleshire, threads with three knots on them are still used to cure the internal ailments of man and beast.

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