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  1. The conservative English churchman limited his Protestantism to the rejection of the pope's authority, and to certain moderate reforms in church government and ritual.

  2. As an earnest preacher, an unwearied pastor, and upright churchman he was universally admired, and was canonized by Hadrian VI.

  3. But when he formally stated them in a letter to his friend Lanfranc of Bec, this churchman became Berengar’s accuser at the Synod of Rome in A.

  4. As a churchman he courageously defended the independence of the church according to the principles of Hildebrand (§ 96, 12).

  5. Come in, Sirs, you may venture; For here is entertainment good For Churchman or Dissenter.

  6. Again on the Knight look'd the Churchman old, And again he sighed heavily; For he had himself been a warrior bold.

  7. Under the regency of the Earl of Arran, however, the influence of the Churchman prevailed; and the Treasurer was set aside to make room for John Hamilton, abbot of Paisley.

  8. He is as staunch a churchman as there is at Oxford.

  9. Though a High Churchman himself within moderate limits, Dr Gwynne felt no sympathy with men who could not satisfy their faiths with the Thirty-nine Articles.

  10. His Bishop at this moment chanced To pass, and found the road encumbered; He noticed how the Churchman danced, And how his congregation slumbered.

  11. Tell your father I would rather As a churchman rank you.

  12. I will cite only one witness, a churchman and a Tory.

  13. The zealous churchman exclaimed against the favour which had been shown both to the Papist and to the Puritan.

  14. Cavalier and Roundhead, Churchman and Puritan, were for once allied.

  15. He sneered impartially at the bigotry of the Churchman and at the bigotry of the Puritan.

  16. Then on he would go again, more set than ever on making a good Churchman out of me.

  17. But you are a Churchman and the son of a Churchman.

  18. He even made his chief adviser Cardinal Wolsey, the most conspicuous churchman in the kingdom.

  19. Those in the East gradually adopted the regulations which St. Basil, a leading churchman of the fourth century, drew up for the guidance of the monks under his direction.

  20. This monarchical arrangement helps to explain why for two hundred years the abbot of Cluny was, next to the pope, the most important churchman in western Europe.

  21. At this point, the philosopher and the churchman reach the parting of the ways, and this is the exception, in the conclusion of the two, noted a few pages back.

  22. The Archbishop of Glasgow professed himself a moderate Churchman by the plainness of his dress, and Laud accepted it as a defiance.

  23. The Norman duke was subtle, but the Italian churchman was subtler still.

  24. Two men, themselves of virtuous life, a rigid churchman and a layman of unusual religious strictness, do not scruple to throw temptation in the way of a fellow man in the hope that he will yield to that temptation.

  25. The prophets were little inclined to discriminate between different forms of idolatry, just as the average churchman is quite indifferent to the distinctions of the various Nonconformist bodies, which are to him simply "dissenters.

  26. I desired to make for a hill or mountain called Mount Churchman by Augustus Churchman Gregory in 1846.

  27. I had no written record of water existing there, but my chart showed that Mount Churchman had been visited by two or three other travellers since that date, and it was presumable that water did permanently exist there.

  28. Mount Churchman was now not much more than 150 miles away.

  29. The far horizon to the west being all scrub, Mount Churchman should have been visible, but it was not.

  30. The country between the cliff and Mount Churchman was filled to overflowing with the densest of scrubs; Nature seemed to have tried how much of it she could possibly jam into this region.

  31. Every gate is held by stout fellows of my own following, moreover I have good hope yon churchman may leave us yet uncursed.

  32. Be you our tongue, good Reeve, and speak this churchman as thy bold heart dictateth.

  33. The foresaid John Churchman new-built the custom-house, near to the Tower of London, and did many other works for the commodity of this city.

  34. John Churchman then built the Customhouse upon Wool key, to serve for the said tronage, as is before showed in Tower street ward.

  35. A churchman and a layman were usually sent out together, probably because they were to have jurisdiction over both the clergy and the laity, and also that they might restrain each other from injustice or other misconduct.

  36. Gregory, bishop of Nazianzus (in Cappadocia), was a noted churchman of the fourth century.

  37. Bembo was, it is true, a Churchman of the old school of Leo X.

  38. But from this time forward, the vantage–ground in the long battle between the woman and the churchman was no longer, as it had hitherto been, on the side of the former.

  39. The great churchman raised this tower as the architect of Windsor Castle, working under the commands of his patron Edward III.

  40. When Cardinal Viviani, after conversing with Henry, declared that he had never known his equal in lying, we can only conclude that the churchman found himself no match in diplomatic subtlety and stratagem for the king.

  41. It is rather proof of his inherent honesty, as well as of his force of character, that he would not seem to be what he was not, that he would not become a churchman in name without becoming one in reality.

  42. When his patron unexpectedly succeeded to a goodly inheritance, it is difficult to decide whether to the churchman or the commander, this fortunate event caused the greater satisfaction.

  43. The churchman had departed for the continent two hours before the steward quitted Clifford Park, and, as it was fated, neither re-entered the domain gates after they had passed them.

  44. The other churchman formed a singular contrast to the burly priest.

  45. Nothing to cause alarm was visible--and the churchman returned to the table, observing, that the night froze keenly.

  46. Mary Halligan, and much against her own inclination, was inducted by the churchman into my father's presence.

  47. I am a Churchman in part, because I was educated as one; and because I can hear the gospel preached by her clergy.

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