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Example sentences for "churchwarden"

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  1. But all were gone save my churchwarden Claus Bulken, who stood under the lime-tree whistling to himself.

  2. At last the churchwarden brought his brass plate, which the squire gravely took and held out to his neighbour, who swept the five sovereigns on to it in a very grand manner.

  3. When he had done, the churchwarden told him he was either mad, or was labouring under some gross mistake.

  4. The churchwarden came, just as John Brown had managed to unroll the bandage from his arm himself, and was taking pen in hand to have another try at writing.

  5. A perfect holocaust followed, which extending through that shocking time known as the Churchwarden Period has not yet spent itself in the present day.

  6. The John Hamerton, churchwarden in 1675, was born Jan.

  7. He stirred up and mayntained many shutes (suits) and much trouble in the neighbourhood, hath sided and counselled with the old churchwarden to the detayning of goods and money due to the church, and threatned aney that durst question it.

  8. It appears from another entry that the ancient custom was "for the minister, together with the consent of the parishioners, to choose the low churchwarden to be head churchwarden for the year.

  9. In the year 1702 it was agreed in vestry meeting "that only one churchwarden should be elected year by year, and to continue in his office two years, viz.

  10. So it may be supposed, with what sweet contempt her sparkling eyes regarded Churchwarden Tarrant's rattle-trap, and his old cob Punch anteceding it.

  11. One churchwarden with each party, and the overseers divided, and the constables, and so on.

  12. But the Churchwarden gripped him by the collar.

  13. Thus they received it; and the senior Churchwarden coming in to see the rights of the matter, told every one (when he recovered his wits) that he had never felt so proud of the parish minister before.

  14. The Churchwarden took the ancient clerk aside, and the blacksmith beginning to be in better heart, renewed his faith in human nature upon bread and bacon.

  15. But, so far, the churchwarden and the shag remain in the future.

  16. It has struck him several times lately that he will have to give up good cigars, and take to a churchwarden pipe and shag instead.

  17. What I did say," said Westbury, "was that the poor churchwarden who did not at one time believe in the personality of the devil returned to the true orthodox Christian faith when he received his attorney's bill.

  18. If a Churchwarden duly elected ceases in the course of the year to reside in the parish he does not ipso facto vacate the office, though it is a good reason for resignation and the appointment of another in his place.

  19. A Churchwarden must be resident in the parish for which he is elected to serve.

  20. The Churchwarden had to discharge various duties which required knowledge of the parish and parishioners.

  21. In the fulfilment of these duties it is, in my opinion, difficult to exaggerate the influence for good which a Churchwarden may exercise in the parish in which his lot is cast.

  22. Until this declaration is made the Churchwarden is not legally qualified to act, and could not enforce his authority as Churchwarden if objected to.

  23. No Churchwarden should ever allow a parishioner to repair the pew which he may temporarily occupy.

  24. The Vestry even is powerless to clothe one Churchwarden with authority to act against the will of his colleague in office.

  25. The Incumbent's Churchwarden is not elected to look after the Incumbent's interests only, nor the parishioners' Churchwarden to look after the parishioners' interests only.

  26. For the election of a disqualified person as Churchwarden is not absolutely ineffective, but the person so elected, when once admitted, can do all lawful acts belonging to the office until he has been displaced.

  27. In the absence of the Incumbent the Curate has the same right to nominate one Churchwarden as the Incumbent if present would have.

  28. The churchwarden supposed that Biles and Willis knew of nothing wrong, and then the other, who had been talking to the old woman, explained what she meant by calling them strange people.

  29. The old vicar and his churchwarden entered, and, coming up to see what was being done, seemed surprised to discover that a young woman was assisting.

  30. He was a Dutchman by birth and, like Garrett Godfrey, was a friend of Erasmus and a churchwarden of Great St Mary's.

  31. William Copeland, churchwarden of Bow, gave a new bell to the church, or had the old one re-cast.

  32. The panelled wainscoting (in the old churchwarden taste) was separated into compartments by fluted Corinthian pilasters.

  33. Still, it was a respite, disgraceful as it seemed, and she felt her spirits rise as the churchwarden wrote away as busily as a commercial traveller who has just solicited what he calls a "line.

  34. The churchwarden left the schoolroom, his hat still upon his head, and Hazel was left face to face with her friends from the Vicarage.

  35. I have all this churchwarden work to do, and don't get nothing by it, and it puts me wrong when things go contrary like, and I can't get in the accounts.

  36. There soon began to meet here, once or twice a month, a congenial group, smoking churchwarden pipes.

  37. The confession seems to have been safely made, and doubtless churchwarden Hough was proud of it.

  38. This transaction is probably the origin of the right of the family to nominate one churchwarden and two sidesmen, and to appoint the parish clerk of Manchester.

  39. Well, I do believe, Churchwarden Eggins, as how you have been leading us a wild goose chase!

  40. At the same instant the people's churchwarden rose, and both advanced upon Joe Gander from opposite sides of the church.

  41. The parish churchwarden was walking along the road on his way to his farmhouse, and the road passed under the churchyard wall.

  42. He was made churchwarden for Grasmere, and with his colleague, William Wilson, set to work in 1857 upon the unrestricted allotment of seats countenanced by the authorities.

  43. Ambleside churchwarden produced, on behalf of his district, 19s.

  44. In the true conception of religion many a rogue has gone to heaven, because by faith he gave it existence, while many a well-living churchwarden haunts another region, possibly because it was the only one that he could conceive.

  45. Johnson evidently saw Falstaff as a mere man, perhaps as one whose ghost he would willingly have taught to smoke a churchwarden at the 'Cheshire Cheese.

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