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  1. Besides, at the first, Whitefield strongly objected to such conversions as his friend Wesley was witnessing; and plainly told him that, though he doubted not that God was in the work, yet he equally believed the devil was interposing.

  2. In Bristol and its neighbourhood, Wesley was daily witnessing the most remarkable conversions,--conversions accompanied by those mysterious convulsions that have perplexed all his biographers.

  3. Edwards calculated that three hundred were converted in Northampton only; and the conversions in other towns were proportionately numerous.

  4. In words truly weighty, and worthy of so great a pontiff, he charged this province and its superiors with the zeal that they ought to have in attending to the conversions in their care.

  5. Nevertheless, there are some conversions all the time; and at least the children will be good Christians.

  6. Noteworthy conversions followed at this juncture, the noise of arms.

  7. This is a summary of the information from here, concerning the conversions as well as the state of these islands.

  8. There have been many notable conversions of Brahmins, so that these efforts cannot be said to have been wholly without result.

  9. If the creed of Calvinistic Methodism is really more productive of conversions than the religion of Christianity, let them openly and at once say so.

  10. They always hold 'themselves' up to the multitude as the instruments producing all those marvellous conversions which they relate.

  11. Such, then, is the case of national conversions to which we have already alluded.

  12. These generally contain instances of conversions made on the judgment, definite, deliberate, independent, isolated, of the parties converted.

  13. Did the thousands baptized in national conversions exercise their private judgment or not?

  14. A second class of conversions on private judgment consists of those which take place upon the sight or the strong testimony of miracles.

  15. Lescarbot's fervid description of Father Fléché's conversions did not succeed in keeping the Jesuits from New France.

  16. Nevertheless, it is an extraordinary fact that during the half-century after the destruction of the Jewish State, there were everywhere conversions of heathens to Judaism, both in the East and in Asia Minor, but especially in Rome.

  17. But Judaism celebrated its independent triumphs over Paganism, which appear the more brilliant when it is remembered that it lacked all the means and advantages which facilitated the conversions from Paganism to Christianity.

  18. The author of this volume has given us a pleasant story, interesting both to Catholics and Protestants, as tales of conversions to the true faith cannot fail to be when founded, as this appears to be, on fact.

  19. They look like the offspring of a union between inconsiderate haste and the latitudinarian hankering after conversions made by compromise.

  20. Metric Interrelationships Conversions from a multiple or submultiple to the basic units of meters, liters, or grams can be done using the table.

  21. All abide by the signification of water, or are conversions of elements or earths by oxydation into an hydroid condition.

  22. All other salts are to be regarded only as metamorphoses of it, as well as the acids only conversions of the acid of common salt, and the alkalies of soda.

  23. Conversions of earth into ore by chemical arts are labours bestowed in vain.

  24. Conversions from Mohammedanism were few and far between, and for the number of Mohammedans turned Christian in the course of a year there were as many Christians turned Mohammedan.

  25. Each number will be of type real, but since the READ procedure makes any necessary type conversions this is unimportant.

  26. In my address I had liberty and power to hold the people, and we had some conversions that evening, and the following one also.

  27. I don't wish to hear another word about your conversions after that!

  28. In the afternoon we had a still larger number, and in the evening a crowded congregation; in this way the work continued, with three services a day throughout the week, accompanied with remarkable conversions every day.

  29. There are many reasons for considering the religious conversions not supernatural.

  30. If these observations were untrue, we might expect to find conversions occur as frequently among one sort of society as among another; but that is not the case.

  31. At once the difficulties melted away, and numerous conversions were made.

  32. The great number of conversions worked by the example and fame of his austerity, awakened a homicidal envy against him.

  33. These six conversions then were what the world would have forced upon him: the Church as an alternative to a continually worsening civilisation.

  34. If these Six Conversions are read without the balancing of something deeper they have the superficial look that belongs of necessity to Apologetics.

  35. There was no occasion for him to reckon up and publish the number of conversions at Thessalonica.

  36. It is truly refreshing to dwell upon conversions of this type.

  37. These forced conversions in Gothia were the first fruits of the change of religion of the Wisigoths from Arianism to Catholicism.

  38. In Aragon the total number of conversions was reckoned at a hundred thousand and in Castile as certainly not less and this is probably no great exaggeration.

  39. The enforced conversions thus obtained were regarded naturally with suspicion and the converts were the subjects of perpetual animadversion.

  40. In the methods commonly employed to procure conversions the result was inevitable and incurable.

  41. Toleration was changed into persecution; conversions obtained by force, or by its equivalent, irresistible pressure, were recognized as fictitious, and the unfortunate converts were held guilty of the unpardonable crime of apostasy.

  42. The chiefs of the synagogues were included among the converts and we can believe the statement, current at the time, that in Valencia alone the conversions amounted to eleven thousand.

  43. Of the numerous conversions from Protestantism to Catholicism and from Catholicism to Protestantism, we can here mention only such as have excited public interest in some special way.

  44. There followed numerous conversions to Rome, especially from the aristocratic ranks of the upper ten thousand.

  45. Conversions in noble families were particularly numerous in the later decades.

  46. Conversions of the last kind have followed frequently on striking physical phenomena, perceived in many cases only by the convert himself, such as a sudden bright light or a noise like a clap of thunder.

  47. Much more is this true if most grave inconveniences would result (as they would) to the conversions of those realms, which inconveniences our most reverend father by no means desired to bring about.

  48. All this was done because of the contention that this province, being much occupied with the conversions of Indians which it has undertaken in these Philippinas Islands, could not attend to the conversions of the said heathen regions.

  49. The Christian faith extended, and some remarkable conversions of persecutors took place.

  50. He placed before them the opportunity of being taken directly to Japon and to Great China, a most efficacious bait for the fervor with which the new religious set out from Espana to the conversions of those regions.

  51. The idea of there being conversions there!

  52. One of the men belonging to the cathedral was showing him around, when he inquired: "Do you have may conversions here?

  53. Do not allow yourselves to be persuaded that the ecclesiastical power is increasing, because you hear of numerous conversions to the Romish creed in individual German States!

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