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Example sentences for "converses"

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conversazione; converse; conversed; conversely; converser; conversing; conversion; conversions; convert; converted
  1. In the story of Mary Wood, a kind-hearted clergyman converses with the poor girl who has ruined herself by lying.

  2. In the absence of the active and intelligent, the coroner converses with Mr. Tulkinghorn.

  3. He never converses when not professionaly consulted.

  4. Agnes sits on the other side of this table, and, while she converses with her hostess, her attention is drawn to a small book lying near her.

  5. She converses well, often says something profound, and is always interesting.

  6. She converses for the interchange of thought and feeling, no matter how, so she gets at your mind, and lets you into hers.

  7. One who converses much, or who excels in conversation.

  8. One who converses with another; a convenser.

  9. He performs the journey of a day in an hour, and converses in minutes around the globe.

  10. Behind them is seated an elderly lady, who seems to have charge of her, and with whom she occasionally converses in writing.

  11. He converses much in fragments and Desunt multa's, and if he piece it up with two lines, he is more proud of that book than the author.

  12. It is Count Golm, who is presented and converses with them about Italy and Paris.

  13. He comes to her relief and converses with her about the light, which she cannot see, and about the world, which she can only feel and hear.

  14. Philip comes upon Reinhold at the exhibition and converses with him in a friendly way, mentioning Bismarck as his great hero, much to Reinhold's delight.

  15. And now he converses with Sattelstaedt--not a line too little, not one too much!

  16. Here, as we have already seen, he meets and converses with his ancestor, Cacciaguida.

  17. Here are punished the various groups of sinners, whom Dante sees, whose suffering he describes, and with whom he converses as he makes his way downward from circle to circle.

  18. It will only flourish in places where man converses peacefully with himself in his cottage, and with the whole race when he issues from it.

  19. He measures out his bow to the degree of the person he converses with.

  20. Ulysses converses with Penelope, and is recognised by Euryclea.

  21. The rest of those whom ├ćneas sees or converses with in Hades are all men.

  22. Ulysses converses with Penelope, and is recognised by Euryclea Book xx.

  23. It is the first principle of the Gospel to know for a certainty the character of God; and to know that we may converse with him as one man converses with another.

  24. The opinions he hears upon these questions may be as various as the persons he converses with.

  25. He looks at all the people along his line of road, and converses with a few individuals from among them.

  26. He seems in close intellectual fellowship with them as individuals, and converses of them in the style of a friend, whose accurate knowledge is equalled by his intense affection.

  27. Yes, he is ugly, certainly--but he has a good countenance; and when he converses he is better looking than I thought him.

  28. Henry converses with the emperor concerning government and the empire; obscure hints of America and the Indies.

  29. The gardener, who converses with Henry, is the same old man who had formerly entertained Ofterdingen's father.

  30. After reading the description, Henry takes the road to a mountain, and meets on the way the stranger who first told him and his parents concerning the blue flower; he converses with him about Revelation.

  31. He converses with a Grecian about morality.

  32. The other self of the dreamer meets and converses with the other selves of his dead brethren, joins with them in the hunt, or sits down with them to the wild cannibal banquet.

  33. Achilleus sees and converses with Athene; Aphrodite is wounded by Diomedes, and Sleep and Death bear away the lifeless Sarpedon on their noiseless wings to the far-off land of light.

  34. The person who screams, or uses the superlative degree, or converses with heat, puts whole drawing-rooms to flight.

  35. Whoever has not the command of a language, and does not speak it with facility, will always appear below himself when he converses in that language; the want of words and phrases will cramp and lame his thoughts.

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