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Example sentences for "hollyhocks"

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  1. The house of Nestor Gomez to which Ramon took her was prettily set in a grove of cottonwoods, with white hollyhocks blooming on either side of the door, and strings of red chile hanging from the rafter-ends to dry.

  2. Bees humming about the hollyhocks bathed the scene in sleepy sound.

  3. She dared do nothing but remain perfectly still--as still as one of the tall hollyhocks behind her which were crowded with white and yellow rosettes of bloom.

  4. The lilies were gone, but there was still a strong breath of sweetness, a bouquet, as it were, of mignonette and verbena and sweet thyme and other fragrant blossoms, and the hollyhocks still bloomed.

  5. He in reality looked so like a statue that the girl standing in the enclosure of box with the background of hollyhocks had for a moment imagined that he might be one of his own statues.

  6. All that she considered was a simple question of endurance; but all at once her head swam, and she sank down at the feet of the hollyhocks like a broken flower herself.

  7. Hollyhocks would not do for this, since their foliage is too scanty.

  8. The two white jaw-bones now served the purpose of gate-posts, and stood some six feet high beside the front gate that opened into a garden where red hollyhocks rose higher than the humbled jaw-bones.

  9. Some of the old vertebrae had now sunk below the original level of the walk, so that the path by which a person went to the old adobe house beyond the red hollyhocks was somewhat uneven as to surface.

  10. The grass and the orchard, however, seemed to grow greener every moment under the refreshing rain, and the clumps of pink hollyhocks that crowded about the doorstep lifted their heads gratefully.

  11. The rustling voice of the oak tree above seemed to be bidding them welcome, and a tall clump of hollyhocks by the door-stone, shell pink and white, seemed to have come into bloom that very day just for their home-coming.

  12. We will leave an open space through the center," he said, "a lane that will lead straight up toward the house, so that when Ralph and I come home we can look up to the open door and the hollyhocks around the step.

  13. It would laugh and sing and sigh, while Barbara pressed closer and closer to his knee while the stars came out and the evening breeze stirred the hollyhocks and the great branches of the oak tree.

  14. Ralph had often said that the hollyhocks were growing too many and should be uprooted, but Barbara's begging for their lives somehow always saved them in the end.

  15. And the hollyhocks are just red enough to go in the basket.

  16. Behind the manse box-hedges mark the bound And close the garden in, or nearly close, For on beyond the hollyhocks an olden orchard grows.

  17. The hollyhocks air jest ez pink, they 're double ones at that, An' I wuz prouder of 'em than a baby of a cat.

  18. There were hollyhocks in front of the house and among them I stood waiting for the old man to open the door.

  19. With the door open and with a cool breeze blowing, with the sweetness of ripening fruit in the air, with the hollyhocks nodding at us, we sat in that modest room, at home in a strange place.

  20. Quiet and wakeful stood the fruit trees in the patches of turf, and the hollyhocks in the flowerbeds, and the moonlight laid a festive touch on the silent garden.

  21. Then, as an experiment, we moved scores of tiny hollyhocks from the crowded seed beds into their permanent position as a screen between the south kitchen windows and the sundial lawn, and as a border on the west side of the same lawn.

  22. In our ignorance we neglected to watch the hollyhocks for red rust till suddenly whole plants began to die, and we had to spray madly with Bordeaux and pull off a great heap of infected leaves, to save any blooms at all.

  23. It is, however, easy to grow and flower Hollyhocks without the aid of artificial heat.

  24. Some gardeners are successful in flowering Hollyhocks as annuals.

  25. Seedling Hollyhocks now give double flowers of the finest quality; and the seedling plants are less liable to disease.

  26. In gardens and nurseries, where years ago Hollyhocks were one of the chief ornaments of the place, it became impossible to grow a single plant.

  27. Formerly, the universal mode of perpetuating named Hollyhocks was by the troublesome process of cuttings, or by grafting buds on roots of seedlings in houses heated to tropical temperature.

  28. In the southern counties, and on light land, it will generally be safe to winter Hollyhocks in the open, with merely a shelter of dry fern or litter.

  29. The Crocus season opens in early March; Daffodils follow a little later; late Tulips and German Iris come near May 1; Sweet William and Peonies about May 20; and soon after the Delphiniums and Hollyhocks appear.

  30. The Sweet William and its contemporaries follow by late June; the Delphinium period is early July; Hollyhocks come about July 20.

  31. Roses and Sweet William appear in early May; Delphinium in late May; Hollyhocks in early June; Phlox, July 1.

  32. Every summer I come here and see that the hollyhocks grow and flourish as we wish them to; and, at her request, I gather and send to her some of the blooms.

  33. Then she turned toward the graveyard and the tall red hollyhocks standing out so vividly in the sunset glow, and said quietly: "It is my mother's grave.

  34. In the back part of the garden were some tall hollyhocks growing.

  35. Henry stood ready to clap the stone on, as soon as he was in, and then they came back to the hollyhocks again.

  36. The fireplaces were filled with black-eyed Susans from the fields and hollyhocks from an old self-seeded colony at Opal Farm, and every available vase, bowl, and pitcher had something in it.

  37. He could see the tall hollyhocks by the gate--the hollyhocks she loved.

  38. The hollyhocks had opened flares of color under the living-room window.

  39. The tallest hollyhocks scarcely moved, so quiet was the night.

  40. In the courtyard there is a border of hollyhocks and snapdragon and asters.

  41. There was nothing picturesque except the marigolds and hollyhocks in pots and the doves and singing-birds in wicker cages.

  42. I saw her blue gown through the hollyhocks as the lodge gates swung to behind me.

  43. There was a jolly old-fashioned garden, with grass paths, and no end of hollyhocks and sunflowers, and big lilies.

  44. I saw such beautiful hollyhocks around Lake Minnetonka and I have never been able to make them winter.

  45. I have in mind a gentleman who raises splendid hollyhocks in the neighborhood of the lakes.

  46. Away to the west is a spruce hedge and inside the hedge red hollyhocks and phlox with a great row of crimson poppies.

  47. Mrs. Gould: I wish simply to say that the trouble with winter grown hollyhocks and canterbury bells is that they will head so tall and must be kept dry.

  48. I always cover the hollyhocks and if I had the others I think I would cover them.

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