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Example sentences for "anniversaries"

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  1. My friend, the Poet, tells me he has to leave town whenever the anniversaries come round.

  2. Dates and anniversaries also perform the same office as music and perfumes.

  3. Sidenote: Festivals] From the time of the English occupation, feast days and anniversaries had been observed with more or less spirit and display, which increased as the population of the city increased.

  4. By common consent the taverns on Broadway, fronting on the Common or Fields, near the Liberty Pole, were the places selected for celebrating the anniversaries of the important events connected with the stamp act period.

  5. The aldermen seem to have been ever ready to celebrate any of the usual anniversaries by eating a good dinner and drinking good wine.

  6. We may be sure that on these anniversaries no more delightful subjects for stories for the children arose, than their mother's accounts of her early perils and escapes.

  7. He marks the anniversaries of the graces he has received; his resolutions in his monthly retreats; in his ordinations; the circumstances in which he has been most vividly touched by the love of God.

  8. In sending out invitations for the various anniversaries that pleasantly diversify the years of a long wedded life, the simplest form will always be found in the best taste.

  9. The wedding anniversaries are numerous, but only a few of these are habitually observed.

  10. At Silver and Golden Weddings presentation speeches are frequently made by some friend, and at golden anniversaries a regular program is oftentimes carried out.

  11. Usually on birthdays and anniversaries of various kinds it is a custom at court to stand up and clink glasses together before drinking, but this is not often done when the Emperor is present.

  12. As one advances in life these painful anniversaries which mark progress with bitter memories become more frequent.

  13. Dates and anniversaries inspire terror, and I feel that we are standing upon ground that is undermined.

  14. That is one of the few literary anniversaries that will always be connected with political history.

  15. The anniversaries of the principal religious and benevolent societies were celebrated as usual in New York in the early part of May.

  16. The anniversaries of those noble charities the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the New York Institution for the Blind were, as usual, of the utmost interest, and attracted large and delighted audiences.

  17. On the tenth and thirtieth days after death, and on monthly anniversaries for the first year, and subsequently on annual anniversaries, ceremonies in honour of the dead are performed.

  18. Another sign of the times was, that white and colored children might be seen walking in procession without distinction, on the anniversaries of the charity schools.

  19. I returned to New York on the 10th, for the purpose of being in the city at the time when the religious and benevolent anniversaries are held, and of meeting parties who attend them.

  20. On such a foundation of sand they base their applications, participations, sodalities, anniversaries and numberless other money-making schemes.

  21. The year 1895 was to be crowded with festivals celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversaries of the victories of the Franco-Prussian War, and there resulted a consequent impetus to what might be called nascent imperialism.

  22. It will be noticed that the Emperor is always careful to observe the anniversaries that commemorate the military prowess, the birthdays, and the achievements of the members of his house.

  23. And, on holidays and anniversaries the emperor never failed to drink from the old silver goblet which his grandmother had used.

  24. The colleges had a courtly memory for all anniversaries in the imperial family.

  25. On seven different anniversaries and festivals, sums of money, with bread and wine, were distributed to the brethren of the college in due proportions, according to their official dignity and social rank.

  26. The college, as a matter of course, paid due honour to the emperor's birthday and all important anniversaries in his family.

  27. Hart spoke as follows: “The recurring anniversaries of the towns of our ancient State are bringing before us, as in a series of living pictures, the history of the whole commonwealth and of all its parts.

  28. In course of time the agapæ lost in great measure their religious character, and were employed for the anniversaries of the martyrs, and for marriage and funeral occasions.

  29. These memorials were frequently read in the religious assemblies of the primitive church, especially on the anniversaries of the martyrs' death.

  30. At each of these anniversaries it is customary to have the marriage ceremony re-performed, and all arrangements for the celebration are made in about the same manner as for the first marriage.

  31. In order to stamp them indelibly on the memory of future generations, their anniversaries were to be kept like the days of the consecration of the Temple.

  32. Applying the anniversaries inculcated in the worship of God Sol to his imaginary incarnations, the founders of the ancient Astrolatry made them refer to the several stages of human existence from infancy to mature age.

  33. At Hardby a chantry was founded, and another at Elynton; and on the first and second anniversaries of the queen’s death we find mention of various religious services and of large distributions of alms.

  34. On the anniversaries of his consort’s death, we often remark the occurrence of large distributions of alms.

  35. These days of mourning heralded the people's awakening; they were signs of repentance, and the first institution of national anniversaries after the captivity.

  36. On this platform the public recitations also took place; and here on some of the anniversaries a drama by Milman or Hannah Moore was enacted.

  37. Only two relics of evil and ignorant days remain amongst us, stirring bad blood twice a year, on anniversaries consecrated, or otherwise, to the object.

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