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Example sentences for "forthright"

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forthcoming; forthe; forther; forthi; forthinketh; forthwith; forthwithal; forthy; forti; fortia
  1. For her forthright would I find, how far soever I fare, Lest I wend like a fool in the world, and rejoice with my feet in the snare.

  2. Should Eisenhower falter, there was always his 1952 campaign ally, Congressman Powell, to remind him of his "forthright stand on segregation when federal funds are expended.

  3. He was equally forthright in his rejection of the quota, which he found impractical because it deprived the Army of many qualified Negroes who would be unable to enlist when the quota was full.

  4. Peculiarly memorable is his forthright dictum that the statue which advertises its modesty with a fig-leaf brings its modesty under suspicion.

  5. That trenchant and forthright style which imparts such an air of heightened verisimilitude to his plays, Bernard Shaw acquired in the ranks of the new journalism.

  6. Montell, however, was quite insistent, and as I had no forthright reason for being churlish I ended by going with him.

  7. His diffidence, verging upon forthright embarrassment, precipitated him into abruptness.

  8. He wanted her, craved her presence; not the pleasant memory of her, but the forthright physical nearness of her he desired with an intensity that was like a fever.

  9. Recalling them, he had no more in common with them now than any forthright man of action has in common with narrow visionaries.

  10. It was less a case of adapting himself by painful degrees to a hostile primitive environment than a forthright competitive struggle to make himself a master in this sort of environment.

  11. But what widened the Worm's faint smile into a forthright grin, square and huge on the table, towering over the pansies, was a newly opened five-pound box of sweets.

  12. It was a forthright eye-to-eye gaze, of the sort that rarely occurs, even between friends, and that is not soon forgotten.

  13. She was chatting with him now, nearly in the old, easy, forthright way.

  14. Linda was dark, narrow, rawboned, overgrown in height, and forthright of disposition.

  15. She arose forthright and unbound it and gave it to me, whereupon I bled her of the hymeneal blood[FN#63] and going to the young man gave him the jewel.

  16. Then he whose life-term was short died forthright and he whose life-term was long survived; and some bestrode planks and others butts and others again bulks of timber whereby all were separated each from other.

  17. The other arose forthright and kissing ground cried, "Pardon, O King of the Age, before whom I have sinned.

  18. This was at the time when the sun was disappearing, and as soon as he spake the word the Bird took a somewhat of dust and scattered it upon the head of the youth, who forthright became a stone.

  19. Philomelet took up somewhat of dust beside his cage and scattered it upon him, when forthright he became a stone lying beside his brother.

  20. Accordingly they forthright went forth, and the next day early the two men came to the divan of the Wazir who set before them a she-mouse he had provided and called for a sack which he filled with earth.

  21. So the bride was fitted out and the espousals took place forthright and that same night the Kazi's father-in-law came to him and led him in to his bride saying in his heart, "I am now connected with the Kazi.

  22. Then the old lady went her ways forthright and the girl's mother sought her daughter and said to her after kindly fashion, 'O my child, as for thee thy disorder is a secret and not a bodily disease.

  23. He rose without stay or delay, and taking horse made for the presence, and ceased not riding until he had reached the palace and had gone in to the King, who forthright bade throw him into gaol.

  24. And when the Ruler heard these words, he returned thanks to the Sovran for the grace of his goodness, and returned forthright to his own land.

  25. Hearkening and obedience," said the Judge and forthright he began to relate the adventure of The Tailor and the Lady and the Captain.

  26. On the next night he slept with his spouse who by leave of Almighty Allah forthright conceived.

  27. But as no one would return him a reply he repeated his words without any answer and he, when he saw that, arose forthright and doffed what he had upon him of dress, all save his shirt only.

  28. The man hearing these words repaired forthright and reported them to the Sovran who waxed madly wroth and bade summon his two Ministers and when they stood between his hands asked them, "What was't ye did in the ship?

  29. So saying he bade his handmaidens and eunuchs make ready forthright a viaticum sufficing for a full-told year himself and his following of pages and eunuchs, and they did his bidding.

  30. He is near Degas among the Frenchmen and Zuloaga among the new Spaniards; near them in a certain forthright quality of depicting life, though unlike them in technical and individual methods.

  31. His significance for us does not alone reside in his consummate mastery of form and colour, but in his forthright expression of the life that hummed about him.

  32. Liked by his friends and colleagues for his frankness, there was a salt savour in his forthright speech--he never learned to play the courtier.

  33. Thereupon the Wazir rubbed the ring and behold forthright appeared the Jinni and said, "Adsum, at thy service, O my lord!

  34. In nervous energy of style and in forthright dramatic movement, the play is an improvement upon its predecessors; and as a satirical drama of political purpose, it should have had a numerous progeny.

  35. His forthright utterances in the Three Ladies and his easy and witty prose in the sequel mark him for a model likely to have influenced the younger dramatists of the day.

  36. So he rose forthright and going in to her, said, 'Where is the letter thou hast received?

  37. I brought her to my lodging, feeling as I were lord of the whole world, for stress of delight in her; then rode forthright to El Mamoun.

  38. Jaafer accordingly wrote a letter to that effect and despatched it by Mesrour, who set out forthright for Bassora and went in to the governor, who rejoiced in him and entreated him with the utmost honour.

  39. So she rose forthright and going to a chest, arrayed herself in what was richest and dearest to her of her trinkets of gold and jewels of price.

  40. Then he gave them leave to go forth the city, that they might set out on their journey at nightfall; whereupon they took leave of him forthright and departing the city, flew off through the air to their several abodes.

  41. So he mounted it forthright and struck its belly with the stirrup-irons; but it stirred not and the King said to the sage, 'Go and show him its movement, that he also may help thee to thy wish.

  42. So he called the eunuch and bade him go forthright to his Vizier and bid him assemble the whole of the troops and cause them don their arms and mount their horses.

  43. And now do thou forthright make ready, by the side of the Cathedral-mosque, a wooden cage with iron bars and lock the Queen therein as one would confine a ferocious wild beast.

  44. At last the Prince of True Believers cast his glance upon Ja'afar, but forthright turned away his head and sat motionless as before.

  45. Do thou forthright apply thy magical craft and tell me only this:--Is he yet alive or is he dead?

  46. Let the Sworder forthright make sharp his sword; for the ground thirsteth for their blood.

  47. So she went out to fetch her needful from the Bazar and Alaeddin retired to his chamber and taking the Lamp rubbed it, when forthright appeared to him its Slave and said, "Ask, O my lord, whatso thou wantest.

  48. I will forthright send for it and give it thee.

  49. Thereupon the twain drew near to the place and the Prince forthright tried a key upon the lock of the dungeon but it did not fit; then he made essay of another wherewith they opened the wicket.

  50. I may not tell thee more of my tale than this; for I came only to ease thy mind on my account, and now I pray thee deign grant me thy supreme permission that I return forthright to my home of delights.

  51. The Romans had a straight, forthright way of going about anything.

  52. And as for the herd of scarecrow oxen, it broke into a forthright gallop.

  53. I said forthright that I would not trust him.

  54. You must bow, and stand humbly, and cast down your eyes, not look forthright into the eyes of your questioner when you answer him.

  55. Thereupon the pillar of smoke rose up till all of it was fully out; then it thickened and once more became an Ifrit of hideous presence, who forthright administered a kick to the bottle and sent it flying into the sea.

  56. Then the sage Duban knew that the drugs had penetrated his person and bade him return to the palace and enter the Hammam without stay or delay; so King Yunan forthright returned and ordered them to clear for him the bath.

  57. Lose no time, O youth, but tell me forthright thy whole tale.

  58. So the Wazir was forthright made Sultan, and he became King regnant, a true ruler of men.

  59. For the moment at least she seemed an appropriate colleague of the forthright crusader, Susan B.

  60. Financial backing, however, did not put The Revolution on its feet, although its forthright editorials and articles were replaced by spicy and brilliant observations on pleasant topics which offended no one.

  61. Then he arose forthright and laid hands on the youth and clapped him in prison.

  62. Then I sent away the slave-girl and drew not nigh unto her, but arose forthright and betaking myself to my wife, lay with her and did away her maidenhead.

  63. So I said to him, 'Carry her out forthright [to burial], so we may pray over her.

  64. So he arose forthright and drawing his sword, stationed himself at the door of the king's pavilion.

  65. Lo, I am clean distraught for one, whom when I saw, Fate in my breast forthright the love of her did raise.

  66. So he departed forthright and marched all that day and the next night, till he neared the Muslims.

  67. So, of his eagerness to find the son of his lord, the Chamberlain set out forthright and happened by the way upon Ibrahim, as he stood on the rug of blood.

  68. Said she, "Here am I sitting in my chamber; so go thou to him forthright and knock at the door and contrive to go in to him quickly.

  69. Our sire's name was Fazil and he was so named because his mother bare two sons at one birth, one of whom died forthright and the other twin remained alive, wherefore his sire named him Fazil--the Remainder.

  70. He wept for pity of me and gave me fifty dinars, saying, ‘Take my advice and hie thee from Baghdad forthright and let this provide thee till thy heart be diverted from the love of her and thou forget her.

  71. So he betook himself to Shimas and said to him, "The King calleth for thee forthright because he hath awoke from his sleep in fright and hath sent me to bring thee to him in haste.

  72. So with the flames of hate blazing in heart they turned their backs forthright and addressed themselves to flight.

  73. Forthright he drove into the crowd like a reaper into standing grain.

  74. So he stopped that too and strode forthright into the wash.

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