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Example sentences for "confidants"

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confest; confetti; confiance; confidant; confidante; confide; confided; confidence; confidences; confident
  1. The "royal law" of love is violated by discrimination against the poor (ii.

  2. Confidants in general are like crazy firelocks, which are no sooner charged and cocked than the spring gives way, and the report immediately follows.

  3. He and his confidants were already in secret communication with the Scots, and spoke all the more boldly, because they knew that they could call down the Covenanting host on London, if the king should dare to withstand them.

  4. Richard was sent to Pontefract Castle, and never seen again; undoubtedly he was murdered, but no one save Henry and his confidants knew how the deed was done.

  5. They had spoken of current events, of the future of France, of the royal family, and one of the confidants had asked the prince what would be the reward of the first consul if he re-established the Bourbons!

  6. It was only after Bonaparte, with his small suite of five confidants and the Mameluke Roustan, had embarked at Alexandria, that Pauline learned that he had deserted--that he had abandoned her.

  7. The wondrous brilliancy of his eyes betrayed only to a few friends and confidants the important resolves and thoughts which moved the soul of the young general.

  8. He gave the signal by inviting on the 18th Brumaire, to a dejeuner in his house, all his confidants and friends, all the generals and superior officers, and also the commanding general of the National Guards.

  9. The secret was indeed faithfully kept, and the few confidants intrusted with it took great care to divulge nothing, for fear he might punish them by leaving them in Egypt.

  10. So great is the haste of those who wish to burn themselves first, that it is something wonderful, and many men, confidants of the king, burn themselves with him.

  11. He also left out altogether the divinities and allegorical personages, which were somewhat prominent in the French text; and of three confidants he retained only Arbace.

  12. Nobody knew of my undertaking; I had no confidants and no accomplices.

  13. The emperor, too, followed by his confidants Lacy and Rosenberg, had retired to his cabinet.

  14. No sooner had Victor Amadeus put his royal signature to the treaty made by him with Austria, than he turned to his confidants and said (loud enough for us to hear him in Vienna): 'Lombardy is mine.

  15. The two confidants introduced him there in coloured clothes; for they had made up a hasty peace, to which Madame de Guemenee nearly fell a sacrifice.

  16. In addition to Mithridates, Monima, and the two sons, the only persons are two confidants and a servant.

  17. Dozitheus and Glebo, together with the other accomplices of these idle and superstitious intrigues, were put to the torture, as were likewise the confidants of the czarowitz's flight.

  18. So far as the child's own life is concerned, it now seems clear that parents or other adult confidants must instruct individuals, or possibly small uniformly selected groups.

  19. The Confidants ascend the higher seats, erected after the form of the Roman exedras, the Ladies, with petitions in their hands, standing at the bar.

  20. Nor did she even deny it, but when she was brought to bed of a son, called him in public Leotychides, but, amongst her confidants and attendants, would whisper that his name was Alcibiades.

  21. But the resolution taken by the king spread with the rapidity of lightning among those immediately around him; and, when the soldiers saw the confidants of the king packing in all haste, they too were seized with a panic.

  22. But the fate of the Bourbon monarchy was in fact decided when Artois and his confidants became its representatives.

  23. Our friends and confidants are in these three battalions.

  24. The young nobleman had made confidants of his two friends, Dr.

  25. It will be sufficient to make confidants of them to-morrow.

  26. Their husbands and fathers make confidants of them--they are allowed to take a part in politics, even in conspiracies; but we poor German women are always oppressed and kept in the background.

  27. Happily, all my confidants have become my accessories; they cannot betray me without exposing themselves.

  28. That Byron was in the habit of intrusting to different confidants articles of various kinds to be shown to different circles as they could bear them, we have already shown.

  29. Of all strange confidants it was Bubb whom Pitt, on leaving Newcastle, proceeded to take into his inmost counsels.

  30. It is almost certain at any rate that he was one of the few confidants of that remarkable secret.

  31. The archduke signed to his two confidants to come to him, and pointed to the paper.

  32. Nevertheless, he did not complain, and never did he confess even to his confidants that he was suffering.

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