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Example sentences for "confetti"

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  1. It certainly did look like a "colored snowstorm," for the confetti was everywhere, on the table, on their heads and over their clothing.

  2. Then came a tiny flash, a strange clicking, and off flew the top of the cannon cracker, sending a shower of confetti of various colors in all directions.

  3. After that, the confetti on the table was cleared away and they ate their lunch amid a constant cracking of jokes and bright sayings.

  4. These were really confetti petals obligingly scattered by the nimble little waitresses perched in the branches above.

  5. A shower of snowy white confetti from the balcony still further emphasized the popcorn idea.

  6. Eleanor's confetti proved a drawing card, and young people and old wandered about, bestowing handfuls of it upon their friends whenever a good opportunity presented itself.

  7. There were little bags of home-made confetti that were sure to be popular and various other attractive features truly Italian that Eleanor had spent much time and trouble in procuring and arranging.

  8. Corydon is seated on the ground, tossing the confetti up into the air and catching it.

  9. Corydon, in going back to where he has been sitting, stumbles over bowl, of colored confetti and colored paper ribbons.

  10. Each covered the beer with the little saucer, to protect it from the occasional gust of confetti that even found its way to the extreme rear of the half a hundred sidewalk sitters.

  11. The rain of confetti was getting to be a deluge.

  12. She had just caught a young man with his mouth open, by a trick of the elbow; and as he mutely sputtered confetti her petite blonde companion caught her long skirt aside and kicked his hat off.

  13. As fast as Jean picked out the confetti from his neck Mlle.

  14. The confetti lay three or four inches deep on the walks, where street gamins slyly scraped it into private receptacles for second use.

  15. A sharp shower of confetti and the laughter of young girls roused the young man from his revery and brought his thoughts down to date.

  16. He turned to receive a handful of confetti dashed smartly in his face and to look into a pair of bold black eyes.

  17. Fouchette, who shook the confetti out of her blonde hair at every pose.

  18. Except for the sunshine, the scene was much the same as I have already described; perhaps fewer confetti and more bouquets.

  19. There is no rudeness, except the authorized pelting with confetti or blows of harlequins' swords, which, moreover, are within a law of their own.

  20. My sole grief was when my supply of confetti had given out, and I had no money to buy more.

  21. The thick carpet of confetti rustled to the tread; girls ran screaming before those who pursued them armed with handfuls of the tiny paper disks.

  22. He recognised the trio for the same that had pelted Cairn and himself with confetti earlier in the evening.

  23. He turned to pursue again, when a second puff of wind, stronger than the first, set waving the palm fronds and showered dry leaves upon the confetti carpet of the garden.

  24. The betrothal reception with flying confetti was a satisfying piece of Spanish splendor.

  25. There is no more natural place for the scattering of confetti than this state, except the moving picture scene itself.

  26. Even after the confetti had sprinkled her black hair until it reminded me of Skeet's blossom wreath, infinitely multiplied, I still saw the glances through the eye-holes of masks follow us wonderingly.

  27. He tore himself loose, streaming with paper strips, bent and filled his fists from the confetti at his feet.

  28. Yelling and capering, the masked dancers milled around and around him, winding the gay ribbons, while others with confetti and the Spanish cascarones, tried to snow him under.

  29. Standish swung into the Mendelssohn Wedding March, and through a haze of rose-leaf confetti and paper streamers, the two Devereuxs were forced down to the orchestra-pit.

  30. Harlequin, with a shower of confetti flung at the girl's averted face.

  31. Three little Pierrettes scampered through the crowd, pelting right and left with confetti and balloons, and two stalwart monks and a thin Hamlet pursued them, keeping up the bombardment amid a great combustion of balloons.

  32. A spangled Harlequin snatched his hands full of confetti and darted behind a palm.

  33. Red and gold and green and blue flecks of confetti were glimmering like fishscales over her black wrap and were even entangled drolly in the absurd lengths of her eye-lashes.

  34. At three the girls who were throwing confetti would be too drunk to sit in their chairs.

  35. Hundreds of pretty girls, flushed with wine, were throwing confetti and thrusting feathers into the faces of passing men.

  36. She popped her head out of the doorway, and flung a big handful of confetti right at Eric, but he dodged, and Norman Mann caught it in his face.

  37. She tossed back little sprays of flowers, or quiet bonbons, or now and then mischievously let drop a sprinkling of confetti balls through her half-closed fingers.

  38. A wide space of the ground in front of the church was strewed with leaves, and they showered such quantities of rose petals and confetti upon us that we were beautiful sights by the time we reached the door.

  39. Now it is the custom in Brazil upon festal occasions to strew the meeting place with oleander and cinnamon leaves and to throw rose petals and confetti upon those they wish to honor.

  40. He rose in his turn, and seizing handfuls of confetti and sweetmeats, with which the carriage was filled, cast them with all the force and skill he was master of.

  41. And again instinctively silent about my own presence at the wedding, I murmured: "I thought I saw some confetti in that farmyard as I came up the lane.

  42. When she came out she was pelted with them, and with that miserable confetti without which not even the simplest souls can pass to bliss, it seems.

  43. Our party bought packages of paper confetti and joined the gay crowd of merrymakers in casting handfuls of the colored squares of paper at each passer-by.

  44. We slink behind our masks, we pull the handles of our confetti scoops--then the battle begins and waxes fierce.

  45. Four merry masqueraders, cloaked and hooded in hue to match, have a bushel of confetti between them, and are piled with nosegays.

  46. Also for each a little tin scoop fastened on a flexible handle, which you are to fill with confetti but on no account to pull--at least, not yet.

  47. It was the night of a confetti fĂȘte at Shephard's Hotel.

  48. Your confetti is not deadly and your tactics are mediocre, but your eyes use lyddite.

  49. Her box of confetti was empty and Benton also was without ordnance supplies.

  50. Then the bridal carriage began to move, the bride began to smile, and rice and flowers and confetti and good wishes and slippers filled the air.

  51. Winthrop and Patty sat in the front seat of the throbbing touring car, while hysterical bridesmaids and vengeful groomsmen showered the requisite quantities of rice, confetti and old slippers upon them.

  52. Here once again she appeared to be searching for something through the yellow sunshine and the falling blossom-petals--confetti from Spring's wedding.

  53. I turned to see who was shouting, a handful of confetti was thrown straight in my face.

  54. Then the light blazed again, flowers and confetti were thrown, and club servants in livery carried round trays of champagne.

  55. Flags and confetti were everywhere, and every motor, as it, pushed slowly through the crowd, carried on roof and running board and engine hood crowds of self-invited passengers.

  56. The garcons de cafe, compelled to stand amid the continuous cross-fire that swept across the streets, had all assumed masks, and the roads and pavements soon became an inch deep in confetti trodden to dust.

  57. Liane, with a mischievous laugh, threw a handful of confetti straight at the crier, much to the urchin's discouragement.

  58. Everyone here wore the wire mask and domino, even the vendors of confetti being compelled to assume grilles to protect their sun-tanned faces from their own wares.

  59. But Liane's well-directed confetti must have struck her sharply upon the chin, which remained uncovered, for it caused her to wince.

  60. All the paper confetti conflicts, pretty and vigorous as they had been, were but preliminary scrimmages to the genuine battle fought with pellets of grey chalk, veritable bullets.

  61. Suddenly a woman, looking tall in a domino of dark rose and wearing a half-mask of black velvet which completely disguised her features, flung, in passing, a large handful of confetti which struck Liane full upon the mask.

  62. In the side streets, in the open squares, in the cafes, on every side confetti was thrown.

  63. But the pair were decidedly getting the worst of it, when suddenly a lithe little man in clown's dress of cheap lustrine joined Liane in the defence, and next instant received a handful of confetti full in his face.

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