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  1. Wilkinson says that tanning was in Egypt a subdivision of dyeing, and it is mentioned that copperas with galls dyed leather black; and there can be little doubt that galls were used for a similar purpose in ordinary dyeing.

  2. The Tyrian ladies dyed rings and stars upon their persons.

  3. While waiting for their masters, young slaves strewed over the pavement saw-dust dyed with saffron and vermilion, mixed with a brilliant powder made from the lapis specularis, or talc.

  4. The Lord Jesus replied: "I will change the color of every cloth to what color thou desirest," and then He presently began to take the cloths out of the furnace; and they were all dyed of those same colors which the dyer desired.

  5. The conscientiousness of their work cries out for recognition when the threads they dyed are almost unaltered in colour after five hundred years of exposure to their enemies, light and air.

  6. But fancy the texture of the lovely flesh copied in the medium of woven threads, no matter how delicately dyed and skilfully wrought.

  7. Dye stuffs were precious in those days, and so costly that even threads of gold and silver (which in general were supplied by the client ordering the tapestry) hardly exceeded in value certain dyed wools and silk.

  8. The outer seam of the leggins, as among all the other tribes, has an embroidered stripe of coloured porcupine quills, and trimmed in the same manner with human or dyed horsehair.

  9. Their shoes are neatly ornamented with various figures made of dyed porcupine quills.

  10. It fell upon Bahadur who awoke and sat up and opened his eyes, when he saw Amjad standing by him and in his hand the sword dyed with blood, and the damsel lying dead.

  11. We had no meeting But tears have, it seems, brought out a bright blossom Upon the dyed tree of love.

  12. Among the orchids and chrysanthemum flowers The hiding fox is now lord of that love-cave, Nishidzuka, That is dyed like the maple's leaf.

  13. The second, however, was conclusive: it was not in the least like Mr Bloomfield to display a banner on his floating residence; and if he ever did, it would certainly be dyed in hues of emblematical propriety.

  14. Poor Morris turned as pale as death, and then a flush of wrath against the injustice of man's destiny dyed his very temples.

  15. O, that was a mistake,' said Morris, and a deep tide of colour dyed his face and neck.

  16. But William of Hatfield dyed without an Heire Yorke.

  17. Now by the death of him that dyed for all, These Counties were the Keyes of Normandie: But wherefore weepes Warwicke, my valiant sonne?

  18. If the dead man is old and grey-haired the hair after death is dyed with henna.

  19. One pregnant woman only escaped by hiding in a field of kusum or safflower, [488] and on this account the Khangars still venerate the kusum and will not wear cloths dyed with saffron.

  20. The movements of the feet are accompanied by a continual opening and closing of henna-dyed hands; and at intervals the girl kneels at the feet of one or other of the audience.

  21. Say, have these hands really been dyed in the blood of one of my fellow-men during the lapse of some passing insanity?

  22. Take the advice of a brother sinner, more deeply dyed in iniquity than any of yourselves, and repent ere it be too late!

  23. Haven't you heard yet how he dyed his hair black in order not to be recognised?

  24. Since that time women of the Motati and Pedakanti sections have substituted a cotton string dyed with turmeric for the bottu.

  25. A cotton thread, dyed with turmeric, is tied round her neck by a married woman, and, if she herself is married, she puts on glass bangles.

  26. Seven married women are selected, and presented with white ravikes (bodices) dyed with turmeric.

  27. Information concerning the use of a turmeric-dyed string came from only one source, namely, Hosur in the Salem district, and it was necessary even here for the string to be furnished with a round bottu, which might be a bead.

  28. A barber comes with a cup of water, and a tray containing rice dyed with turmeric is placed on the floor.

  29. The three women were arrayed in wonderful costumes of cheap fabrics dyed in gaudy hues and adorned with jewelry of gilt or silvered bronze set with bits of colored glass.

  30. He wore senators' boots and a tunic of pure silk, dyed a very brilliant green and embroidered all over with a flowering vine in a darker, glossier green.

  31. The count became pale as death, the blood rushed to his heart, and then again rising, dyed his cheeks with crimson; his eyes swam like those of a man suddenly dazzled.

  32. This must be very flattering to the feelings of the rabbits into whose heads he has thrust pins, to the fowls whose bones he has dyed red, and to the dogs whose spinal marrow he has punched out?

  33. Over these dark and sombre chairs were thrown splendid stuffs, dyed beneath Persia's sun, or woven by the fingers of the women of Calcutta or of Chandernagor.

  34. Do you remember when poor Judy turned up with her hair dyed a blue black?

  35. I shall never forget when she dyed her hair purple-black.

  36. Your name, Senor Spy, is one to be linked in infamy with that of your double-dyed traitor, General Wilkinson, who for twenty years and more has been in the regular pay of His Most Catholic Majesty.

  37. Those who base their plans on the leadership of wild schemers and double-dyed traitors should be grateful if the outcome finds them unsmirched by the company they have kept.

  38. A cotton cloth originally made at Nankin, China, from a yellow variety of cotton and afterwards made at Manchester and elsewhere of ordinary cotton and dyed yellow.

  39. On Thursday last Dyed at Boston, James Gray, That used to go up and down the Country selling of Books, who left a considerable Estate behind him.

  40. That worn by women was simply dyed and pressed, and was called pressed cloth.

  41. The shade of red with which this cloth was usually dyed was called stammel color.

  42. Plymouth who landed in winter dyed of the Scirvy, as did our poorer sort whose howses and bedding kept them not sufficiently warm, nor their dyet sufficient in heart.

  43. And at first meeting lou'd, Continew'd so, vntill we thought he dyed Corn.

  44. He is wearing loose violet trousers, an orange hunting costume, so lightly coloured that one can hardly tell whether it has been dyed or not, a white robe of stiff silk, and a scarlet robe of glossy, beaten silk.

  45. The first European silk is said to have been in the form of transparent gauze, dyed lovely tones for women of the Greek islands, a form of costume later condemned by Greek philosophers.

  46. They are often bought in the red and dyed to get this shade of brown.

  47. You have doubtless seen the dyed whole skin used on a library table, but have you ever seen leather applique?

  48. If, however, you are not fortunate enough to get cream, the white can be dyed at home to be as light or deep as you desire.

  49. Smiling cordially, she held out her hand, but he took no notice of it, and for a moment his eyes rested on the sea, where a freshening wind crimped the long swells of water dyed by the after-glow into the gold of a daffodil.

  50. She hugs to her heart the conviction that I am utterly vile, because she wants to believe the worst, and furiously rejects any attempt to prove that I am not a doubly dyed hypocrite and villain.

  51. Blood dripped from the right shoulder, and behind one ear a red stream dyed her golden braids, but the blue eyes were open, and her limp hands lay in the crimson pool deepening in her lap, where the waterproof cloak held it.

  52. The sheets of bark-cloth are frequently dyed this colour by immersing them for a short time in springs of the same water.

  53. There was dark blue trimmed with red facings; pure white with red facings, for high days and holidays; scarlet flannel suits complete; and a strong cotton suit dyed brown for travelling and rough wear.

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