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Example sentences for "complexly"

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  1. Therefore, we must study society also in its onward movement--the equilibrium ever disturbed, only to be readjusted on a higher plane with more and more complexly inter-related parts.

  2. In selecting the toad and the crayfish as the first animals to study and to compare with each other, we have chosen representatives of the two great groups into which the complexly organized animals are divided, viz.

  3. The adult is not formed from the egg directly, but {46} the egg gives rise to a creature which swims freely about, feeds, and is even somewhat complexly organized.

  4. This is so much the more true because nearly all complexly folded or faulted rock masses are to be found in mountainous, or at least in hilly regions.

  5. In the case of many open folds the axis is practically horizontal, but in more complexly folded regions this is seldom true.

  6. But he possesses the vivid activities founded on the exercise of his senses and appetites, and he is able to reason with a relentless severity from which the traditionalized and complexly emotional adult shrinks back with horror.

  7. It is a revelation of supreme importance, and with it comes not only the complexly emotional and intellectual realization of personality, but the aptitude to enter into and assimilate the traditions of the race.

  8. The whole population of a country such as our own is permeated by a vast and complexly interwoven, or rather tangled, skein of the bonds of voluntary associations.

  9. As with other faculties, Sex-differentiations become ever further intensified and more complexly defined as development rises in the scale.

  10. Thus Nature works with the eternal justice of eternal reciprocity between the sexes; making them all the while more complexly diverse, but nevertheless more closely interdependent.

  11. Undoubtedly, (all things complexly considered) the providence of God to man is just, inasmuch as it has the divine approbation.

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