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Example sentences for "gardener"

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gardant; garde; garded; garden; gardened; gardeners; gardenia; gardenias; gardening; gardens
  1. One time, when I was a child, I was going through some splendid greenhouses with the head-gardener who took care of them.

  2. This uncle was a very decent man, who had been gardener for thirty years in Count Gemiani's family.

  3. The gardener had begun to set it to rights, but had evidently been prevented from finishing the work.

  4. As he went on he picked up some stones, which the gardener had dug up out of a newly-made bed.

  5. Norman took it, eyeing it disdainfully, but Fanny, making no remark, led the way to the plot of ground the gardener had laid out for them.

  6. I will go and ask the gardener to lend me a spade or a pickaxe, or a hoe or some tool to dig with, and we will set out at once.

  7. Norman ran off to the gardener and told him what he wanted.

  8. The gardener understanding what they wanted cut a number of boughs, which placed across the cart formed in their opinion a very appropriate hearse.

  9. Just then the gardener came by, and seeing Fanny digging away and making herself very hot, promised her that in the evening he would put the ground to rights.

  10. Still she could not think how to avoid going, and she could only hope that the gardener had put it to rights, as he had promised to do.

  11. But this may be obviated by means of a frame and hot-bed, which every young gardener ought to have, however small it may be.

  12. And now, perhaps, the cabbages will require the earth to be drawn to their stems; and, if the little gardener has room, he may plant three or four rows of early potatoes.

  13. No book can give directions so clear for grafting, as to enable the young gardener to perform it successfully.

  14. A drill resembling a dog's hinder leg, never looks well in a garden, and therefore the little gardener must have recourse to his line.

  15. The young gardener should practise digging, with a view to digging well.

  16. The young gardener must at this period be on the watch for such seeds, both of flowers and garden vegetables, as are ripe.

  17. The best rotation of crops will be found in any gardening book on the subject, and this the young gardener should make a subject of some study.

  18. The young gardener will now find employment in sticking peas and beans, weeding and transplanting.

  19. The chief wish of the little gardener this month is to take advantage of the hard frosts, and during their prevalence, to wheel upon his ground such manure as may be necessary.

  20. It is quite necessary that a young gardener should have proper tools.

  21. At the end of the summer their friendship was still nothing more, and the convict gardener still a convict gardener.

  22. And in no more than a day or two he had the pleasure of calling at the cottage, with a paper for the widow to sign, and of meeting the gardener on the path as he was coming away.

  23. Tell your gardener and the people that do your haying, dear, and your chicken woman.

  24. To do him justice, he cared not a fig for the palace, and he would have been content with the farmhouse under the hill where his gardener lived.

  25. When the gardener hears what we are complaining of, he complains more than we.

  26. At last we find that the gardener has done the deed: we send for him.

  27. The gardener shut the garden gate, And went to weed the onion-bed: The growing plants stood tall and straight; "But what is this?

  28. It was very proper indeed, sir, that my gardener and his wife should take you under the protection of this roof, but as I hear that it is proposed that you should spend the night here, I have come down to speak about it.

  29. The gardener was away attending to his duties; but his wife was there, and when she came forward, with a frank, cheery greeting, I instantly decided that I had had a lesson.

  30. It soon became dark enough for me to walk through the grounds without hurting the sensibilities of their proprietor, and as I arose to go the good wife of the gardener brought me my cap.

  31. Michaelson was from Voss where he was born in 1808; he remained Newberry's gardener for about thirty-five years.

  32. The Newberry, whom Torrison worked for as a gardener was the founder of well-known Newberry Library.

  33. He worked first as a gardener for a Mr. Newberry.

  34. I likewise saw a vast heap of laurel, two hundred feet in circumference, all growing from one root; and the gardener offered to show us another growth of twice that stupendous size.

  35. When we had waited a good while, the old gardener came, telling us that he had heard an excellent prayer at laying the corner-stone of the new kirk.

  36. At the sight of her, down by the other end of the wall, the gardener lifted up his bent form, and with a little pannier of hot-house violets in his hands, hurried towards his lady.

  37. With fine disregard for his help or existence, the Duke said crossly: "Send this damned gardener away.

  38. An old gardener who has been kept on says the servants are all foreign.

  39. Then the gardener on earth carefully covers it, to save it from the elephant of sin.

  40. When the mature fruit of love drops down, the gardener tastes it, and proceeding up the creeper he reaches the wishing-tree.

  41. The black eunuchs arriving soon after, and finding the lodge shut, supposed the gardener to be absent.

  42. It so happened that the gardener of the Grand Seignior, during our residence in Constantinople, was a German.

  43. The gardener and his friend the Swede instantly closed all the shutters and locked the doors.

  44. All very neat and tidy, and showing plainly that more than one gardener was kept.

  45. We had to dig jolly deep to get the posts to stand up, but the gardener helped us.

  46. Jane only let them put flowers in the pots on the visitors' mantelpieces, and then they had to ask the gardener which kind they might pick, because nothing worth gathering happened to be growing in our own gardens just then.

  47. Bill Simpkins is happy as sub-under-gardener to Albert's uncle's lady's mother.

  48. She SAID she only left the Baby five minutes while she went to speak to her sweetheart who was gardener at the Red House.

  49. Father is going to have him for under-gardener when his wounds get well.

  50. He at once agreed; and I have arranged with the gardener that you are both to be there every morning at six o'clock, and are to work until nine.

  51. I went yesterday to Mr. Sarls, and asked him if he would allow me to make an arrangement with his head gardener for you to go there to learn gardening.

  52. Had she wished, she might have made her occupation as gardener at the Hall a sinecure.

  53. It is a noteworthy fact that had the head gardener been plain and middle-aged her unsuitable occupation and unseemly attire would not have worried John Musgrave to the extent that it did.

  54. The head gardener at the Hall had something else to do besides occupying her mind with idle speculations.

  55. A slow smile spread over it and the gardener looked quite different.

  56. The old gardener pushed his cap back on his bald head and stared at her a minute.

  57. In fact every gardener or gardener's lad had been witched away.

  58. The young Rajah turned and looked his servitor over--at least that was what the head gardener felt happened.

  59. I was learned that by a young lady I was gardener to.

  60. And then remembering himself he suddenly touched his hat gardener fashion and said, "Yes, sir!

  61. The gardener may have been anxious to hedge a bit, for fear of a scolding from headquarters, but his cryptic remarks pleased the children greatly, because it showed, they thought, that they knew more than the gardener did.

  62. A huge face that was one-half the governess and the other half the head gardener at home, thrust itself close against his own, and blew upon his eyelids till he opened them.

  63. The gardener found you by the swinging gate and carried you in.

  64. Meanwhile the author of Don Quixote enlisted the sympathies of a Spanish renegade, a Navarrese gardener named Juan.

  65. To all indeed, present and absent, who are descended from the first "gardener Adam and his wife," the benefits of such a society are obvious.

  66. The gardener particularly needs such a provision as this Institution affords.

  67. I hope the day will come when every gardener in England will be a member of the charity.

  68. Surely, then, the gardener who produces shapes and objects so lovely and so comforting, should have some hold upon the world's remembrance when he himself becomes in need of comfort.

  69. He first appears under the name of Blinkhoodie in the character of gardener at Kinross, and afterwards as the old gardener at Dundrennan.

  70. Here is our friend Ben, a market gardener of the finest description.

  71. As one market gardener to three Puddin'-owners, I may say I wouldn't wish to eat the Puddin' of three finer fellers than yourselves.

  72. The gardener goes off to his well-kept beds and brings back a big basket, lined with cabbage leaves, and filled to the brim with fine fresh strawberries.

  73. The gardener lives, moves, and has his being in one world; the milkmaid spends her life in quite another.

  74. A man should be as gentle with himself as a gardener is with his orchids; as a nurse is with her patient; as a mother is with her troublesome child.

  75. A gardener who lost all patience with his delicate plants; a nurse who treated her poor patient peevishly; or a mother who met ill-temper with ill-temper could only expect to fail.

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