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  1. Nature in puris naturalibus we cannot have in our gardens, but Nature’s laws should not be violated; and few human beings have contravened them more than our flower-gardeners during the past twenty years.

  2. Market gardeners haul in a load of vegetables to market and bring back a load of manure; others may buy and haul home manure in the same way, or make arrangements with a teamster to do it for them.

  3. But the general market gardeners do not make this distinction; they use the earth from between the ridges, which has been manured regularly every year for a couple of hundred years or more.

  4. But as mushroom-growing there is confined to fall, winter and spring, those gardeners who restrict themselves to mushrooms only devote the summer months to making mushroom spawn for their own use, and also for sale.

  5. Failing all of these he can start in August or September and make beds outside, as the London market gardeners do.

  6. It is not a new disease; I have known it for twenty-five years, and it was as common then as it is now, and practical gardeners have always called it Flock.

  7. The manure is obtained from the city stables and hauled home by the gardeners on their return trips from market.

  8. I am in favor of planting these bulbs in the open ground much earlier than most gardeners are in the habit of doing.

  9. We know it is the custom of some gardeners to lay the bushes down in the fall, and cover them with earth and leaves; while in some cases this may preserve them, it cannot be depended on as a rule.

  10. We are aware that we shall not be able to state in this brief chapter what will be new or instructive to experienced gardeners or nurserymen.

  11. There are some general rules however, observed by gardeners in planting flower-beds that it would be well to observe.

  12. Several excellent remedies are used by florists and gardeners for the prevention and cure of mildew.

  13. Gardeners of but a few decades ago had no idea of the possibility of raising a profitable crop of asparagus planted four or five feet apart, and would have looked with derision upon any one advocating so wild a scheme.

  14. Careful gardeners insert stakes for this purpose at the time of planting, before the roots are covered with soil, so as to guard against the danger of injuring any of them.

  15. This truth was fully recognized by the gardeners of former years who practiced most extraordinary methods in order to bring the land into the most favorable condition for asparagus.

  16. With French gardeners it is customary to plunge the frames in warm stable manure and place the roots directly in the manure, packed as closely together as possible.

  17. All practical gardeners know how different soils and climates change the appearance of the same variety.

  18. My own specimen knows well the sound of falling water, and goes beneath the hanging baskets in the conservatory after the gardeners have soaked them, and there enjoys the dripping moisture, drinking from the pools upon the tiled floor.

  19. Next day, gardeners and farm-men were sent out in all directions to look for him.

  20. Wise gardeners and store-keepers know this and it is a good thing to learn.

  21. Some of them may look very much like eyes, and that is what most gardeners and farmers call them, but they are really the potato's seeds.

  22. And sometimes, when there is too little water to use much of it this way, the gardeners do what they call intensive cultivation.

  23. Candace wondered who held the gardeners and kept them safe while they shaved the grass so smoothly in this dangerous spot, but she did not like to ask.

  24. Frederic was wrapping tissue-paper round the picture-frames, Elizabeth counting linen and silver, the gardeners emptying the balcony boxes.

  25. Then the weeds are a signal to farmers and all gardeners to get busy.

  26. Some gardeners say to let the slips wilt before watering.

  27. Some gardeners say to work this into the soil with great care and thoroughness.

  28. So you see you have been landscape gardeners without knowing it.

  29. The subject of colour is not so trying, after all, as many gardeners seem to think.

  30. Of course they all wanted to be market-gardeners at once.

  31. Some of the people they met stared wonderingly at the little pair of market-gardeners in the gay green cart.

  32. A Year's Work in Garden and= Greenhouse: Practical Advice to Amateur Gardeners as to the Management of the Flower, Fruit, and Frame Garden.

  33. But during the nineteenth century it went out of favour, for some reason the “refined and elegant” ceased to admire it and gardeners to cultivate it, other flowers filling the place in popular favour.

  34. Gardeners are more hopeful of raising double flowers from the seeds of single hyacinths than of raising double from the seeds of double.

  35. On the contrary, he compiles his catalogue to what he thinks is their fancy, and grows by the acre whatever they and their gardeners ordain to be beautiful.

  36. They come sometimes from the centre, sometimes from the stem—bursting open the bulb and becoming so like it in form that gardeners have some difficulty in distinguishing the parent bulb from the new.

  37. It is a well-known method with gardeners to cut their bulbs in order to give air and outlet to the young bulbs that are coming.

  38. If the sun is too hot, it will make them “boil,” as the gardeners say, and the sun can kill them as surely as the frost.

  39. The flowers, with the extraordinary variety they show, their somewhat stiff method of growth and great development, are decidedly more typical of the nation of gardeners than of the nation whose name they bear.

  40. Young gardeners should be cautioned against a too great display of these plants, as some varieties contain a powerful narcotic, which often causes people to lose consciousness, while in the very act of admiring their beauty.

  41. Matrimony is a flower much cultivated in June, but it is difficult to raise, and many gardeners refuse to have anything to do with it.

  42. By fastidious gardeners it is considered an undesirable visitor, and though impossible to exclude it altogether, if kept well in check during the winter it will be less troublesome in the summer months.

  43. So fine a place as it had been, as it might again become, if gardeners were once more ordered to restore it to its ancient splendours!

  44. His powers in this respect are hardly surpassed by gardeners in England.

  45. Yet in manipulative labour, especially when superintended by a European, he is, though much slower in execution, almost if not quite equal to gardeners at home.

  46. Gardeners have for a long time made use of this fact in many ways.

  47. Where breeding has reached the perfection which it has attained in England, gardeners and farmers are frequently able to furnish to order the desired result within a definite period, that is, at the end of a number of generations.

  48. To practised gardeners and farmers, you may give distinct commissions, and say, for example, I wish to have this species of plant with this or that colour, and with this or that shape.

  49. The perfection which gardeners and farmers have attained in the art of selection now enables them, in the space of a few years, arbitrarily to create entirely new animal and vegetable forms.

  50. We see this acted on by farmers and gardeners in their frequent exchanges of seed, tubers, &c.

  51. A long list could easily be given of "sporting plants;" by this term gardeners mean a single bud or offset, which suddenly assumes a new and sometimes very different character from that of the rest of the plant.

  52. I have seen it gravely remarked, that it was most fortunate that the strawberry began to vary just when gardeners began to attend closely to this plant.

  53. By this simple plan the willow manages to get protection in winter, on the same principle as when we human gardeners lay down the stems of vines: only the willow remains laid down all the year and always.

  54. In the spring the gardeners begin again, and the little gnomes hold their sides with still laughter to watch the work go on.

  55. And ever since the gardeners have been patiently, or impatiently, tucking in their seeds and plants in the thimblefuls of earth left by the gnomes.

  56. The King was in despair about it, when a wise old man said to him: "Your gardeners do not understand their business: but what can you expect of men whose fathers were cobblers and carpenters?

  57. So the King sent messengers to every town, village, and hamlet in his dominions, to look for a gardener whose forefathers had been gardeners also, and after forty days one was found.

  58. But, though the gardeners were many and the soil was good, this garden yielded neither flowers nor fruits, not even grass or shady trees.

  59. When gardeners wish to kill worms on a lawn, it is necessary first to brush or rake away the castings from the surface, in order that the lime-water may enter the burrows.

  60. Krefft of Sydney, to whom I applied, after making inquiries from gardeners and others, and from his own observations, informs me that their castings abound.

  61. The name is neither Flemish nor Dutch but probably English, and in the inscription on his tomb in Lambeth Churchyard he and his son are described as "both gardeners to the rose and lily queen.

  62. Like most gardeners Gerard was an optimist.

  63. Both John Tradescant and his son were gardeners to Charles I.

  64. Those of us who are gardeners will certainly agree that "unfortraedde" is the right name for knotweed.

  65. The secret of perpetual spring in flowers is well-nigh solved by gardeners in the more favoured portions of Australia.

  66. One was constantly taken to gaze at some double or triple monstrosity, perpetrated by gardeners who were so highly paid that it would compromise them to let Nature have much of her own way.

  67. He has certainly left a very favourable impression behind him.

  68. The plan now arranged was that he was to visit the south of Spain and Lisbon, to return to England in the middle of June, and in July and August to take up his head-quarters in Edinburgh for study.

  69. On the day before, the father wrote, "His departure will be another great trial to us: the second child lost to our family circle in one year.

  70. But before going to the North, the Prince had already made public appearances, and his voice had been heard, in the City of London.

  71. When the Prince and Princess were returning from Osborne, where they spent the honeymoon, on arriving at Portsmouth, en route to Windsor, the Mayor and Corporation presented an address, upon the deck of the Royal yacht Fairy.

  72. The address to the Prince was read by the Master Warden, the Rev.

  73. They bought the freehold of the well-known and large Royal Hotel, which had been closed since the old coaches had been driven off the road by the railway.

  74. When we remember the superb fruit which English gardeners have developed from wild kinds inferior to ours, we can well understand that the true American gooseberries are yet to be developed.

  75. English gardeners are said to have as complete and minute systems of pruning and training currants as the grape; but we do not seem to have patience for such detail.

  76. I suppose that many wealthy persons in the latitudes of New York and Boston have told their gardeners (or more probably were told by them): "We do not wish any of those wild kinds.

  77. You thus insure almost the certainty of good strong plants by autumn; for plants raised as directed are ready to be set out after one season's growth, and by most gardeners are preferred.

  78. On the borders of the Euphrates the shoots are so extraordinarily large and vigorous that Thompson thinks it would be to the advantage of gardeners to import roots from that region.

  79. Foreign gardeners eventually learned, however, that seeds of the Chili and Virginia strawberry produced new varieties which were often much better than their parents.

  80. Gardeners abroad often give more care to one tree than hundreds receive here.

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