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  1. Both Popular Gardening and The American Garden resulted from the union or absorption of several other horticultural periodicals.

  2. Before its union with Popular Gardening in 1892, the publication was known as The American Garden.

  3. The Journal of Horticulture: Began as The Cottage Gardener; or Amateur's and Cottager's Guide to out-door gardening and spade cultivation.

  4. Hervey has published some of the results of his studies in a work called Investigations on Agriculture and Gardening among the Chinese.

  5. From the commencement of the sixteenth century the improvements in gardening began to take the form of a system.

  6. As the arts and arms of the Romans went together, no doubt a very wide circulation of all that was known of gardening in Italy, was transferred thence.

  7. The accession of William and Mary to the British throne very naturally introduced Dutch gardening and architecture.

  8. In the gardening books of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries it is mentioned under the name of the haute bonté.

  9. The improvement of ornamental gardening kept pace with that of the more useful.

  10. The Kitchen Garden is much too frequently seen in a disreputable state, even in pretentious places, and where flower-gardening is done very well.

  11. Even an enthusiast cannot but consider digging as the most laborious of all gardening work, and will take especial care to shirk it whenever possible.

  12. I am at the Mail office while the girls are in school, you know, and we have laid out an enormous lot of gardening for afternoons.

  13. Ornamental Gardening for Americans= By ELIAS A.

  14. WAUGH, professor of horticulture and landscape gardening in the Massachusetts agricultural college, formerly of the university of Vermont.

  15. The reasons for teaching such things to the city bred child are the same as those for teaching the country child the elements of gardening and the possibilities of the local soil.

  16. The botany is taught in connection with the gardening classes, chemistry for the girls is given in the form of the elements of food chemistry.

  17. Many of the schools have school gardens where all the children get an opportunity to do real gardening, these gardens being used as the basis for the nature study work, and the children getting instruction in scientific gardening besides.

  18. In Indianapolis, gardening is a regular department in the seventh and eighth grades and the high school.

  19. The cooking includes work in the school lunch room, and training in marketing, kitchen gardening and general housekeeping.

  20. But the same unfortunate peculiarity of taste which we formerly noticed in the painting and in the gardening of the French, extends to their opera dancing; indeed it may be said to be the worst feature of their general taste.

  21. The Winnebagos looked on the gardening as a grand lark and pitched in with a will to help Migwan make her fortune from the ground.

  22. They made a hasty search with lanterns, but as far as they could see, none of the gardening tools were missing.

  23. Having horticulture as an avocation, Meade wrote a witty yet sarcastic book on gardening called "Adam's Profession and Its Conquest by Eve" and a novel on gardening called "Bouquets and Bitters.

  24. This is quite as indispensable to good farming and gardening as any other tool.

  25. In White's Gardening for the South, it is stated that the common Morello of that region does better, by far, for seedling stocks for budding, than the Mazzard.

  26. White, in his Gardening for the South, says, some of the best varieties are not in the books, or so imperfectly described that they can not be recognised.

  27. Methods of gardening at the South and the North vary but little in the main articles.

  28. There was a garden indeed, but a garden whose ragged, ugly, degraded desolation looked as if the devil had taken to gardening in it.

  29. He grew fond of the spot, almost forsaking for it his formerly favoured stone, and in the pauses of his gardening would sit with his back against this wall, dreaming of the days to come.

  30. I have kept out of doors the whole morning, gardening and in the woods.

  31. The occasion of the story was a passage in a letter from London written by a friend, which described in a very graphic and touching way the yearly exhibition of the Society for the Promotion of Window Gardening among the Poor.

  32. No very notable events took place for many years; the gardening industry flourished, the town retained its importance as an agricultural trading centre, but progress was slow, and life free from incident.

  33. Lately the market-gardening industry, originating possibly in monastic times, has increased enormously, and the appearance of the country for many miles round Evesham has been transformed.

  34. In a well-regulated monastery idleness was impossible; the limited time permitted for leisure was usually occupied by recreation, gardening and bowls both being favourite pastimes.

  35. Finally I made the acquaintance of an old fellow who used to do a day's gardening at Brookbend occasionally.

  36. A few weeks ago Creake told him that he would not require him again as he was going to do his own gardening in future.

  37. Natural causes often determine this division of localities, as in the case of the riverside industries, brick-making and market-gardening in the outer suburbs.

  38. The analogy of gardening adduced by Ruskin is a sound one.

  39. He was a man of polite reading and of culture, and as was the high fashion for gentlemen of his day, had a taste for gardening and botany.

  40. The landscape gardening was a reproduction of the best in England.

  41. Among Pennsylvanians the art of gardening reached the highest point.

  42. Most of these dealt with problems people faced while gardening at home.

  43. He also released a book titled, Green Aid III-Total Gardening that the Green Heritage had published.

  44. Gardening in this country, however, must be greatly impeded by the swarms of mosquitoes, while agriculture on a considerable scale would be retarded by the wet and mossy character of the soil.

  45. At Fort Selkirk gardening has produced some results that are very pleasing both in size and variety.

  46. This style of gardening was introduced from France; where the celebrated Le Notre had displayed his skill in laying out the gardens of the palace of Versailles; the most important specimens of their class.

  47. Wilton Garden was the third garden after these two of the Italian mode; but in the time of King Charles the Second gardening was much improved and became common.

  48. Landscape gardening has, as yet, been developed little in Canada.

  49. Gardening is one of the oldest of the home maker's employments.

  50. The gardening club is one of the many ways in which a club of girls can raise money to help in benevolent and other objects.

  51. The gardening and the school were quite too much.

  52. You must let gardening alone for the next six weeks.

  53. I think I could make gardening pay, if I had a fair chance.

  54. It is not advisable to do much at gardening until you are reasonably sure that warm weather has come to stay.

  55. I am often asked why writers on gardening matters never advise the use of home-grown seed.

  56. I do this because so many beginners in gardening prefer to depend on the advice of some one who has familiarized himself with the merits of the various vegetables adapted to ordinary gardening.

  57. The general impression seems to be that gardening is essentially man's work, and that women and children are not equal to it.

  58. There is really no drudgery in gardening as it is done to-day.

  59. As a general thing not much can be done in gardening at the North before the first of May.

  60. Happily those days are over, and with the gardening facilities of the present it is an easy matter to accomplish more in an hour than could be done then in a day.

  61. This hardly seems the place in which to say much about the culture of the apple, plum, pear, and cherry, for that is a phase of gardening quite distinct from that which this little book aims to interest the homemaker in.

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