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Example sentences for "drivelling"

Lexicographically close words:
driuing; driv; drive; drivel; driveling; driven; driver; drivers; drives; drivest
  1. The story, in order to account for the building of so great a church, goes off into a drivelling account of how Rahere feigned to be a simple idiot.

  2. If the walls of the convent could speak, what tales would they tell of madness and despair and vain rage and drivelling idiocy!

  3. As the result of that drivelling scheme of yours.

  4. In fact, not to put too fine a point upon it, I consider that of all the dashed silly, drivelling ideas I ever heard in my puff this is the most blithering and futile.

  5. And now, if your words have the meaning I read into them, you are mooting precisely the same drivelling scheme.

  6. I will not endure the caprices of a drivelling pedant.

  7. Your Yankee Government is a failure, Honoré, a drivelling failure.

  8. And it is worthy of note in passing, concerning the moral education of one who proposed to make no conscious compromise with any sort of evil, that in this drivelling species of gambling he saw nothing hurtful or improper.

  9. Livette smiles at him, and he, the drivelling idiot, the cripple who drags himself along the ground, laughs back at Livette.

  10. When I was at Ch'ang An, with drivelling mouth, I longed for the ninth day of the ninth moon.

  11. But Chia Lien continued to prattle foolish nonsense in a drivelling and maudlin way.

  12. The drivelling of the Symbolists was not entirely lost in the atmosphere of their café, like the smoke of their pipes and cigarettes.

  13. The magism of a Guaita and a Papus, the Androgyne of a Péladan, the anxiomania of a Rollinat, the idiotic drivelling of a Maeterlinck, may be regarded as its culminating aberrations.

  14. I been drivelling here all this time," exclaimed the dame, "without once spending a thought upon your cattle!

  15. Take pity on a dotard's fears, Who much doth light detest; And let his last few drivelling years Be dark as were the rest.

  16. Yet it is drivelling like this which is listened to and lauded as eloquence by hundreds, and which a Doctor of Divinity can believe that he has his “reward as a saint” for preaching and publishing!

  17. Why do you go on drivelling that like a morning paper.

  18. He sank back into his half-drivelling self.

  19. So I lie, and toady, and write drivelling talks about things I don't understand, for drivelling women to listen to, and I still have the creature comforts of life.

  20. What a drivelling fool you must think me, Lou.

  21. You see how easily I drift into being a drivelling fool?

  22. You must despise me for being a drivelling fool, but I have neither eyes nor ears now.

  23. If I would let myself dwindle down to the level of drivelling fools," he said.

  24. I hate that dull drivelling game as much as anybody, but I could not well refuse.

  25. There is no bearing the drivelling idiotism of the manikin.

  26. Even the cats of the settlement were present, including that celebrated kitten which had been reduced to a state of drivelling imbecility by the furious advent of the Wild Man.

  27. His son publishes none of them in the late biography, and it is safe to say that in all the range of literature there are no other letters filled with such drivelling idiocy as these.

  28. How is it that men of common sense can find delight in the malicious drivelling of a lackwitted knave like that?

  29. Oh dull and drivelling me, who, abandoning my loves to the rapine and plunder of men of war, am here sitting on a sandy shore more pluckless and besotted than the very shells!

  30. The poor old idiot received the imaginary visitors with the old bow, and talked to them in the old strain, till his servant announced their imaginary carriages, and he was put drivelling to bed.

  31. Rather let us throw a veil over all his drivelling wretchedness, and find him at his last gasp, when coat and collar, hat and brim, were all forgotten, when the man who had worn three shirts a day was content to change his linen once a month.

  32. Gallardo reached out a hand until he touched the drivelling muzzle and the animal made no movement whatever.

  33. He strode ahead until near the wild beast, and there he unrolled his muleta, making a few passes more like those of his old times, until he thrust the rag near the drivelling muzzle.

  34. Possibly a drivelling confession, and the more drivelling perhaps the more development I should attempt for it; from which, however, the very difficulty of the case saves me.

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