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butyric; buxom; buy; buye; buyed; buyers; buyeth; buying; buyo; buys
  1. It was found necessary to provide a standard by which the buyer and seller could agree on apple grades.

  2. Drop facing I consider best for the second layer rather than double facing, as it holds the face apple in position better and presents a more solid face to the buyer when opened.

  3. It enables the buyer to look over the load as it is being unloaded.

  4. In buying or selling merchandise they employ the agency of brokers; so that the buyer and seller each employs a separate broker.

  5. There may be a re-sale of goods sold, if the original buyer will not receive them.

  6. The fact which most concerns the buyer of real estate, provided he is otherwise satisfied with a property, is the title.

  7. I am acting as my own agent because I think it is a farm that will sell itself on inspection and I would rather split the commission with the buyer than with a middle-man.

  8. A real estate transaction may be very complicated indeed, and it is wise for a buyer to take precautions to the end of seeing that he purchases a piece of real property rather than a right to a lawsuit.

  9. Otherwise the buyer would have to take title subject to a lien of any judgments or other liens of record and also subject to unpaid taxes.

  10. The prospective buyer must also be careful to specify that the title shall be "free and clear" and that all taxes shall be apportioned to the day of settlement.

  11. There are dangers and pitfalls besetting the buyer of old furniture.

  12. Mr. Gordon subsequently adduces a Preston decree, that "if a buyer should buy any goods in large or small quantities and give earnest, and he who agreed to sell should rue the bargain, he shall pay the double asked.

  13. Twelve standing witnesses were appointed for every hundred, and the buyer had to make it his business to seek out two or three of them so as to secure their presence at the transaction.

  14. But if the buyer fingers the goods, he must either take them or pay the seller 5s.

  15. He often repeated his favourite proverb--'The buyer has need of a hundred eyes; the seller has need but of one.

  16. He always tells me that the buyer has need of a hundred eyes, and if one can blind the whole hundred, so much the better.

  17. From the text we learn that the buyer of the property was a certain Lupad, and the figure is evidently intended to represent him.

  18. In the midst of this emergency work a beef buyer by the name of Wayne Orahood reached the ranch.

  19. The buyer returned to Shepherd's the next morning.

  20. The old ranchero and the buyer rode away early the next morning, and did not return until near the middle of the afternoon, having already agreed on a sale.

  21. I knew the anxiety of my employer to dispose of his matured beeves, and as the buyer was impatient there was nothing to do but get up horses and ride the range with him.

  22. The buyer was working on commission, and the larger the quantity he could contract for, the better he was suited.

  23. The buyer was pleased with them, and when the price came up for discussion Deweese artfully set a high figure on the saddle stock, and, to make his bluff good, offered to reserve them and take them back to the ranch.

  24. After looking at the animals for an hour, from a buckboard, the prospective buyer insisted on looking at the remuda.

  25. In examining the saddle horses, the buyer acted like a cowman; but as regarding the range stock, it was evident to me that his armor was vulnerable, and if he got any the best of our segundo he was welcome to it.

  26. You see," said Deweese, by way of explanation, "the buyer is foreman of a cattle company out on the forks of the Brazos in Young County.

  27. Now, in case the mule-buyer don't show up, how about Sim Oliver?

  28. The others had eaten their supper; but while the buyer and I satisfied the inner man, Uncle Lance sat with us at the table and sparred with Orahood in repartee, or asked regarding mutual friends, artfully avoiding any mention of cattle.

  29. The competition between employer and employee is more intense than that between buyer and seller and has more influence on the constitution of society.

  30. It combines the seller and the buyer into one group.

  31. In a coöperative store, competition between buyer and seller does not exist; and the same is true for borrower and lender in a building and loan association and for employer and employee in a coöperative factory.

  32. Makumpradur dimalapi giyud ka kun makapalit ka niánang kináwat, You’ll be a buyer of stolen goods if you buy that stolen article.

  33. N-r-, maN-ay n whole lot buyer or worker of jobs under agreement.

  34. Nagpílì ang kumpradur sa mga mangga, The wholesale buyer is sorting the mangoes.

  35. Ayaw kuyúga pagdispatsar ang púlus daut, Don’t sell any one buyer all bad ones.

  36. She is going to marry that tramp shell-buyer from Papeete.

  37. He had been a copra buyer through black Melanesia in the open days; had owned his ships and sailed them after labor in the Archipelago with a price on his head and his life in his hand.

  38. Her master sold the diamond for fifteen thousand dollars, and the buyer immediately obtained one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for it.

  39. As Tavernier was well-known as a diamond-buyer who gave good prices, it is probable that he would get many proffers of stones from private persons.

  40. Hence the negotiation is best done through an agent, the buyer having fixed his price, leaving the sensale to make what he can for himself.

  41. Civil Law) Defn: The annulling of a sale, and the return by the buyer of the article sold, on account of some defect.

  42. The lady what I want to see it is buyer for a department store in Duluth, what arrived here this morning," Morris explained.

  43. Miss Schimpfer asst buyer millinary dept Mandleberger Bros & Co says things look very promising and expects to do a big fall business.

  44. I bet yer that assistant millinery buyer eats a good lunch on us, Abe, if she didn't also see it a theayter on us, too.

  45. It was Frank Walsh, and although Morris saw only the features of his competitor it needed no Sherlock Holmes to deduce that Frank's fellow-passenger was none other than James Burke, buyer for the Small Drygoods Company.

  46. I told you I don't know nothing about this here lady-buyer business.

  47. Do you know Simon Kuhner, buyer for their cloak department?

  48. He was riding in a buggy with the lady buyer from Moe Gerschel's cloak department.

  49. If he could only get a lady buyer up against a pianner, Mawruss, he could sell her every time.

  50. A buyer wouldn't touch 'em at all, and that's the way it goes.

  51. Horowitz, what says he used to be a suit-buyer in Indianapolis.

  52. The average buyer is a good deal like the heiress to a million dollars who's been on the market for eight or ten years, not because there's no demand for her, but because there's too much.

  53. A buyer who drinks hates a whisky breath when he hasn't got one himself, and a fellow who doesn't drink never bothers to discover whether he's being talked to by a simple or a compound breath.

  54. So long as you are in such good practise, and can look a customer in the eye and make him believe that he's the only buyer you ever really loved, you'd better not hurry home too fast.

  55. He began work there as general utility boy, was advanced to the position of salesman and later became a buyer and department manager, and while thus engaged he made various trips to New York and abroad for his firm.

  56. She authorized me to find a buyer for that bit of the forest, but it seems to be out of the question.

  57. It appeared that the buyer had sent her to a far-off anchorage, and unknown to the strikers had had fish put into her there.

  58. Our friend, the only buyer at such a time on the coast, had bought her in for eighty dollars.

  59. An American paper stated, some time ago, and among many other remarkable things, that 'a private buyer cannot obtain a book by auction in London at any price.

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