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  1. Copra and fresh coconuts are the major export earners.

  2. The upturn in economic growth came from an increase in copra production and a good fish catch.

  3. Copra and fish now represent the bulk of production and exports.

  4. Agriculture provides the economic base with major exports made up of copra and citrus fruit.

  5. Such land as the firm was unable to find labour to work was "mortgaged" to natives, who were compelled, under a penalty of imprisonment, to sell their copra to no one except to the mortgagee.

  6. Cocoa-nuts also form an important food factor, and groves are found everywhere; while copra and palm-oil are the principal articles of trade.

  7. The business section of the town consists of a half mile straggle of galvanized iron stores following the line of the beach road, with numerous copra warehouses and several stubby piers breaking the sweep of the foreshore.

  8. Practically all of the copra goes to London or San Francisco to be elaborated into a great variety of products, ranging from railroad grease to high class toilet soap and confectionery.

  9. The copra of the South Pacific islands is incomparably finer than that of the South American, West Indian or African tropics, and the plantations of Samoa, Fiji and Tahiti are the largest and most productive in the world.

  10. To even the laziest native an occasional short spurt of energy is pleasant, and his copra having provided him with a change of clothes, a tin of biscuits, and a gallon of lamp oil, he can lie on his back for the rest of the year.

  11. Out of this copra the trader sucks his profit.

  12. In 1899, however, the export of copra reached the unusual figure of seven hundred tons, and the island was passing rich.

  13. The cliff was so sheer that shoots had been built by which the bags of copra could be dropped to its base, and the little schooners that ship the copra have to watch the weather before they venture from the safer anchorage of Alofi.

  14. Every ton of copra contains over one hundred gallons of oil besides other combustible matters, and it burns with a fierce heat.

  15. It is possible that a new use may be found for copra as fuel for warships.

  16. In view of the enormous tracts of land throughout the tropic zone that have lately been planted with cocoanuts, it is remarkable that copra has maintained its price.

  17. Ten years ago most of the copra went direct to Europe on German sailing ships, which came out to Australia with a general cargo and loaded copra in the islands.

  18. From both coasts of Africa and from the West Indies the export has been steadily increasing, and yet, though the world seems to be easily sated with every other kind of tropical product, of copra it never seems to have enough.

  19. We always thought that the twenty tons of copra saved our lives, for it stiffened the ship in the dreadful little hurricane that almost capsized us.

  20. The yam season being over, and the copra trade at a standstill, we gave up the cutter and settled for a while on shore.

  21. Try to obtain oil and copra to the amount of L500 for the vessel.

  22. Try to obtain oil or copra to the amount of L500 for her.

  23. A man might have been made by copra or by pearls--or by blackbirding.

  24. Our copra was of the best; there were pearls to be had in certain waters if you could bribe or fight your way to them; and large groups of natives occasionally disappeared over night from one of the surrounding islands.

  25. What's he know about copra and native talk?

  26. All at once he recollected the fact that McClintock's copra plantation was down that way, somewhere in the South Seas; had an island of his own.

  27. How would you like a job on a copra plantation?

  28. Everything goes--the copra for oil, the fibre of the husk for rope, and the shell for carbon.

  29. The odour of coconut prevailed, delicately but abidingly; for, save for the occasioned pleasure junket, The Tigress was a copra carrier, shell and fibre.

  30. There was a trader--a man who bought copra and pearls.

  31. He took care that they should not cheat the natives; he saw that they got a fair reward for their work and their copra and that the traders made no extravagant profit on the wares they sold them.

  32. It was one of those knives, made in imitation of the sailor knives brought to the islands a hundred years before by the first white men, used to divide the coconuts in two so that the copra might be dried.

  33. It is for you, so that you can walk in comfort and carry your copra in comfort.

  34. Whereas in the old days it had been impossible to get the produce of the land, copra chiefly, down to the coast where it could be put on schooners or motor launches and so taken to Apia, now transport was easy and simple.

  35. It smelt strongly of paraffin and of the copra which was its usual cargo.

  36. It seemed to me absurd that the copra should be taken away from here in sacks and the oil extracted in America.

  37. With copra at the price it is, they ought to be willing to bear their share of the loss; and so I've told them again and again.

  38. Carthew related his privations in the Domain, and his toils as a navvy; Hadden gave his experience as an amateur copra merchant in the South Seas, and drew a humorous picture of life in a coral island.

  39. If you've any copra on board, cap'n, here's your chance.

  40. The schooner was full of cargo, copra and pearl-shell and pearls, and was due to return to Papeete to discharge.

  41. Hallman had kept a store there then for more than ten years, and had a good part of the business of buying and shipping copra and selling supplies to the natives and a few whites.

  42. We had eight tons of copra in the hold, filling it up within a foot of the hatch.

  43. The mate wanted to throw the copra overboard.

  44. The ship was down to leave at three-thirty o'clock, but it was four when the last bag of copra was aboard.

  45. He was long and meager, as dry as a cocoanut from the copra oven, as if all the juices of his body and soul had been expressed in his years of cooking the sea-centipedes for which he was celebrated.

  46. Mats are also employed throughout the provinces for drying paddy and copra in the sun, in the same manner in which trays are used for sun-curing fruit in temperate regions.

  47. While it is probable that any roller with sufficient weight could be used, that employed in the pandan districts of Laguna is the primitive "iluhan" by which sugar-cane and copra are also crushed.

  48. He is young and brisk; life at home in his beautiful island is one lazy, long holiday to him; or if he wants to work he can turn out a couple of bags of copra per week and sell it for four or five shillings a bag.

  49. The boots have to take their chance, if they do not happen to fit the copra trader.

  50. The solid white kernel contains thirty-six per cent of oil known as copra oil, from which, by pressure, the solid stearine used for candles is separated from the liquid lamp-oil.

  51. The MacArthurs claimed the copra of Fasitotai on a district mortgage of three hundred dollars.

  52. Looking far before, and with a wisdom beyond that of many merchants, he had condemned the single dependence placed on copra for the national livelihood.

  53. The German firm accepted a mortgage of the whole province of Aana, claimed the copra of Fasitotai as that of a part of Aana, and were supported by the government.

  54. Since every man had a piece of land that yielded copra enough for his simple needs, and breadfruit and fish were his for the taking, he could not be forced to work except for the government in payment for taxes.

  55. No doubt they would die soon, as so many do when exiled, but Grelet's copra crop would profit first.

  56. I must know more people, and not people like priests and these copra dealers.

  57. His fourth, a woman of twenty years, sat in the shelter of a copra shed nursing a six-months' infant.

  58. Now they were come, bringing back the copra dried and sacked.

  59. There was little copra being made in the rainy weather, and they lay about the veranda or squatted on the paepae of the laborers' cookhouse, making a fire of cocoanut-husks twice a day to roast their breadfruit.

  60. Now he was old and had retired up the valley to the home he had long established there beside his copra furnace and his shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  61. As it rains much in the Marquesas, the drying is often done in ovens, though sun-dried copra commands a higher price.

  62. I could load the ships with copra and cotton and coffee.

  63. Here in the islands, where work is offered to unwilling natives, the employers curse their lack of power to drive them to the copra forests, the kilns and boats.

  64. To get this "Cause of Wonder Sleep," of more delight than kava, the Marquesan was taught to hoe and garner cotton, to gather copra and even to become the servant of the white man.

  65. A heavily laden breeze identified unmistakably several long buildings as copra warehouses.

  66. Yet there was a fortune there, as its present German owners know, for the great chain of islands is covered with coco-nut trees which yield many thousands of pounds' worth of copra annually.

  67. She was an American vessel, and had come to buy copra from, and land goods for, the local trader.

  68. Then, as the smell of the copra and the heat of the cabin were not conducive to the enjoyment of supper, we first had a bathe alongside the ship, got into clean pyjamas and came on shore to have a chat with old Kala-hoi.

  69. I was then engaged in making a trip along the north coast, visiting almost every village, and making arrangements for the purchase of the coming crop of copra (dried coco-nut).

  70. There was a rather heavy sea running on the reef at the time, and the work of shipping the copra and landing the stores proved so difficult and tedious that I lent my boat and crew to help.

  71. Then they cut out the copra and put it into sacks, and the women would carry it down to the trader at the village by the lagoon, and he would give in exchange for it rice and soap and tinned meat and a little money.

  72. She has a bit of property down by Taravao, just before you come to the peninsula, and with copra at the price it is now you could live quite comfortably.

  73. For some minutes there was an exchange of courtesies and some local gossip about the island, the prospects of copra and the vanilla crop; then we came to the object of my visit.

  74. For instance, the amount of copra that might be exported was not regulated by what could be produced and sold, but by a decision of the King's partners; and they had no wish to bring the great soap-making firms down on Faloo.

  75. He calculated the number of bags of copra that would be ready for his next schooner.

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