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  1. This hallway will swarm with waiters and men from all the rooms, and the cops will come on the run.

  2. It says here that the cops are going to question Ernie.

  3. I think those two cops are still at the corner below," he remarked.

  4. The chamber is now immersed in the dye-bath and the hot liquor is drawn through the cops by means of a centrifugal pump and returned continuously to the dye-bath.

  5. The cops are then attached to a perforated disk (which constitutes the lid of a chamber or box) by inserting the protruding ends of the tubes into the perforations.

  6. On his own deal he bet his head off on a pair of deuces, with not one of us three able to draw out on him; and right there he cops that hundred and fifty himself.

  7. Then Sprig cops the money and the cards for evidence, while we all make a get-away.

  8. The cops had taken the glamour out when they won.

  9. In their struggle against the cops two generations ago the Huks had had to learn that fighting wasn't all drama and heroics.

  10. They painstakingly tried to arrange a sub-precinct station on the largest Huk home planet, with Huk cops in charge.

  11. It was routine for the cops to handle the disabled or partly disabled Cerberus.

  12. A squad ship with two cops in it, and a dumpy salvage ship with fifteen more, did not make an impressive force to try to deal with a planetary population which bitterly hated humans.

  13. It's the story of the cops from the early days when they wore helmets, and the days when they rode bicycles, and when they drove ground-cars.

  14. His son Timmy was on the cops because he thought it glamorous.

  15. They were simply cops on assignment to get the semi-freighter Cerberus back in shape to travel on her lawful occasions among the stars, and to see that she and her passengers and crew got to the destination for which they'd started.

  16. It was the job of the cops to take care of whatever dilemma that ship might be in.

  17. The cops handled traffic, naturally, as they handled sanitary-code enforcement and delinks and mercantile offenses and murderers and swindlers and missing persons.

  18. It seemed pathetic to him that young cops like Willis and even Timmy referred so often to Huks.

  19. They considered themselves not only as good as humans--the cops didn't care what they thought--but they insisted on acting as if they were better.

  20. In the end the cops supervised and assisted at the embittered, rebellious emigration of a race.

  21. But the cops operated within a strictly police frame of reference, which was the reverse of military.

  22. De cops seemed like as if they didn't have no use for me in New York.

  23. It's de cops makes de big money in old Manhattan, dat's who it is.

  24. Maybe dey robbed him an' chucked him in here so de cops wouldn't git on to it.

  25. He knows it ain't healthy fer him, 'less he's got a patrol wagon full of cops wid him.

  26. The husky undertone became still huskier: "The cops are looking out for you.

  27. It's what you get for waiting--a lone hand that cops the sweepstakes, and sets you up for keeps like a nabob!

  28. You eat, you sleep, you give-a da cops da laugh.

  29. We've got to hurry--those cops in the house will be through searching soon.

  30. This is the home of Verbeck's fiancee, remember, and Heaven knows what sort of cops might be posted around here.

  31. I got a lead on 'em and whirled around the corner and stopped my car among a bunch of others--got out and was standing on the walk looking innocent and picking my teeth when the cops rushed by.

  32. But I let him trick me--and the cops are here.

  33. But sthyles in cops changes like sthyles in hats, I guess.

  34. You couldn't put the cops on my trail if I had a dog like that with me, oh, no.

  35. Did you ever try to get into a floating crap game when you were being followed by a couple of bruisers who look more like cops than cops do?

  36. Then he mumbled on, "He says the cops have ax-handles and that down by the smelters they are whacking our people right and left--Three in an ambulance?

  37. Fenn grinned at the prisoner as he added: "If you want the boys, all the tin soldiers and fake cops in the State can't stop them.

  38. They're all laid out cold when the cops arrive.

  39. The cops will be along in a couple of minutes now, according to my calculations.

  40. It ain't that I'm afraid the cops will grab it for themselves, understand.

  41. I said, didn't I, that when I saw what blundering fools them jay cops were, I believed there was a heap more chance of Elmer trackin' Dolph Gruber?

  42. To fill this, liquor from the dye-vat passes through the cops and into the chambers, and is in turn drawn through the pump and returned to the dye-vat.

  43. A very rapid circulation of dye-liquor takes place, from 25 to 50 gallons per minute passing through the cops and pump.

  44. The pump forces the dye-liquor through the cops which take up the dye.

  45. In all machines for dyeing cops one principle has been adopted--that of drawing or forcing the dye-liquor through the cop.

  46. The cops and spindles are inserted in holes in a perforated metal plate, and over them is placed a thin metal plate, technically called the antifloater, whose object is to prevent the cops from becoming detached from the plate.

  47. As in most forms of cop-dyeing machines, the cops are placed on perforated metal spindles.

  48. This uneven dyeing of the cops is not satisfactory, and must be avoided if cop dyeing is to be a success.

  49. Another revolution brings the cops back to their first position, they are now removed and a new lot substituted.

  50. A third movement of the cop plates now takes place; this brings the first lot of cops out of the dye-liquor and in contact with the right upper chamber, where the surplus liquor is drawn out of them and returned to the dye-vat.

  51. The cops are placed on perforated spindles as usual, and these on a perforated plate and are kept in place by a plate which is screwed down on them.

  52. Although not quite free from defects the machine gives very good results, the cops being very uniformly dyed through.

  53. By means of a lever the injector is set at work, a vacuum created in the vacuum and receiving chambers, the consequence being that dye-liquor is drawn from the vat through the cops in the dye-chamber into the receiving chamber.

  54. It was lucky I winded the cops on that last job, or I'd have had to leave them.

  55. Why, you can hog that other road in an auto, you can run down the beggars and the kids, you can even shoot up the cops that want to make you keep the speed laws.

  56. At the same time, some workmen and a couple of spaceport cops had appeared, taken out a section of railing and put in a gate.

  57. Ravick's going to stage a riot to give Hallstock's cops an excuse to raid the meeting.

  58. You say Ravick has fifteen to twenty city cops at Hunters' Hall.

  59. That's what'll happen if the cops catch you.

  60. The cops cleared everybody out of Hunters' Hall except the Ravick gang.

  61. A tip came in to the Times that Ravick's boys are going to fake a riot and Hallstock's cops are going to raid the meeting.

  62. There were a couple of spaceport cops at the gate, in olive-green uniforms that looked as though they had been sprayed on, and steel helmets.

  63. GipugĂ  siya pagpatug-an sa mga pulis, The cops forced him to confess.

  64. Mga pulis ang nikuláta sa mangunguut, The cops beat the pickpocket up.

  65. The Stortulian will be duly punished," replied the leader of the Ghrynian cops calmly.

  66. Suppose, I wondered, Gorb had conspired with Heraal to stage the fake suicide, and rung in the cops as well--with contracts for both of them the price of my getting off the hook?

  67. The cops came in and the music stopped and some of the girls sort of screamed and then the cops started looking for booze.

  68. One of the cops was answering a radio call; the other was still ticketing.

  69. Two cops were ticketing a long line of cars and trucks that were pulled off to the side.

  70. Patrick turned and saw Billy put an arm around one of the cops who had been on the mountain, the larger one.

  71. Willow glared at the cops and let Patrick guide her down the road.

  72. One of the cops shoved a galton whistle between his teeth and blew a supersonic blast that registered on every cop's detector within a quarter mile.

  73. By virtue of the unexpected movement one can elude the cops for a time.

  74. Maybe we can make a deal with the cops to fry Hands in place of Uncle Peter!

  75. That is--this guy was running down the street like maybe the cops was after him--I don't know.

  76. I've got Bluevale crammed with cops and plainclothesmen.

  77. People don't usually tell the cops about a bottle of milk missing from their doorsteps.

  78. But now the cops from the squad-cars were at work.

  79. Inside of three minutes we're the storm center of a small mob, and there's two other cops lookin' us over disapprovin'.

  80. At first Old Hickory announces that he ain't goin' to have any cops campin' around in the directors' room.

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