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Example sentences for "cesspool"

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  1. A Cesspool vext with leprous stench And oils--A sign that spells a curse!

  2. And then there is the media - the wastebasket of post communist societies, the cesspool of influence peddling and calumny.

  3. I may be burned, but I cannot be melted; so if secesh succeeds, I throw in a cesspool my document of naturalization, and shall return to Europe, even if working my passage.

  4. That cesspool of all infamies, the New York Herald, became the mouthpiece of all the like hypocrites.

  5. Suppose an unfortunate cesspool has failed to meet its obligations to the vice lords.

  6. Because it exists, Chicago is a cesspool of the world's mingled corruptions.

  7. Such a substance, for example, may be thrown into the kitchen sink, not at all for the purpose of killing bacteria, but for disguising the smell from the cesspool into which the sink-wastes discharge.

  8. It shows at any rate that her heart is in the subject; and it shows moreover that she is removed, wide as the poles asunder, from the cesspool of abomination in which it was once suspected that she would wallow and grovel.

  9. No privy vault or cesspool for sewage, shall be constructed in any part of the city where a sewer is at all accessible.

  10. A cesspool or outhouse must not be allowed on the premises with a well, otherwise the well will be contaminated and unfit for domestic use.

  11. The brick soon became foul and the trap would be better termed a small cesspool than a trap.

  12. An illegitimate child, abandoned by its mother, was left at the bottom of a cesspool vault; she claimed that ten hours before Booth's visit it had been accidentally dropped during an attempt to micturate.

  13. But that was when the cesspool under the window was discharging its contents into the yard.

  14. It is still the cesspool for all things bad.

  15. Once again I told her of my fear, my anxiety for her safety among those rough men in that cesspool of iniquity.

  16. I had rescued him from one of his periodical plunges into the cesspool of debauch, and he was peaked, pallid, penitent.

  17. This cesspool is emptied once a week or once a fortnight into an open cart, which then proceeds to our garden to be emptied.

  18. Even on the next day the air is most unpleasant, and if there is any rain the cesspool in the garden overflows, and the narrow path is turned into a stream of sewage.

  19. In the very centre of the terrace, hard up against the path, is a large cesspool covered over with two very badly fitting iron lids.

  20. Nor should one assume that by locating the well on the uphill side of the house, and the outhouses or cesspool on the downhill side, safety is assured.

  21. Impure water from cesspool moves through porous layer to bottom of well.

  22. A well drilled into the solid rock for safety on the uphill side of a house might derive its water from this very same porous layer, whose water has been contaminated from a cesspool or other source down the side of the hill.

  23. If oxidation is not brought about in the cesspool or septic tank, sewage, which is fresh, should be run onto the surface of the ground where the air and bacteria for oxidation can be found.

  24. In this cesspool is a strong and dangerous community life.

  25. The cesspool in the yard which was in bad condition was used by two families.

  26. This general well and cesspool once baled clean out to-day, will begin before night to fill itself anew.

  27. Towards the same sad cesspool will these waste currents of human ruin ooze and gravitate as heretofore; except in draining the universal quagmire itself there is no remedy.

  28. It was known, then, that most houses had a cesspool under them, and that a large number had two, three, or four under them.

  29. The noting of such an injury as a fracture inflicted by some sharp instrument on a skull found in a cesspool was sufficient, with other evidence of a general character, to convict a prisoner tried at the Derby Lent Assizes in 1847.

  30. Submersion in a cesspool also retards it, and the conditions are such as to favor the formation of adipocere.

  31. A permanent cesspool of poisons is this, where all forms of poisonous germs are propagated, and infect the system by absorption.

  32. Man is the only creature that has formed the habit of making a fecal cesspool of his large intestine; hence his diseases of many varieties.

  33. Thus naturally even the conditions in this cesspool were intensely exaggerated.

  34. In France, as is well known, every farmhouse has a cesspool in which all manner of refuse is distilled by means of a pump and straw, and used to fertilize the soil.

  35. When the mule stuck his nose into the hot peelings he jerked backwards into the door of the cookhouse, the driver's back struck the wall over the entrance and he was shot clean off the mule's back head-foremost into the cesspool 10 feet away.

  36. There was an open cesspool within a stone's throw of the barracks, the stench from which, during the heat of the summer, may be better imagined than described.

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