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  1. He told Carroll that Lawrence had been in Nashville and that he had checked out of the Hermitage hotel in time to catch the four o'clock train on the afternoon preceding the murder.

  2. It strikes me as exceedingly peculiar that he checked out from the Hermitage Hotel at four o'clock in the afternoon when he intended taking a two a.

  3. On the other hand we know that you checked out of the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville at four o'clock.

  4. She painted several pictures of three of her sisters on one canvas; one is in the National Museum of Berlin, and a second, formerly in the Leuchtenberg Gallery, is in the Hermitage at Petersburg.

  5. Bhishma said, 'Formerly, on one occasion, while out ahunting, I arrived at the hermitage of Markandeya.

  6. Indeed he came to that very hermitage for the object of slaying the Rishi's lion.

  7. The Rishi's lion began to dwell in that hermitage within the forest.

  8. I heard it in the hermitage of Rama, the son of Jamadagni, recited by many foremost of Rishis.

  9. Some time after, there came into the hermitage a fierce and hungry tiger with open mouth.

  10. The people of that district drew the stone coffer out of the water, and built a hermitage and a chapel for the Saint's convenience.

  11. St Ronan was an Irish bishop who came to Leon, where he retired into a hermitage in the forest of Nevet.

  12. On another occasion Hasan Basri arrived at Habib's hermitage just as the latter was commencing his evening prayers.

  13. He built a hermitage on the banks of the Euphrates, where he gave himself up to a devotional life, spending whole nights in prayer.

  14. At this time Habib was in the habit of going every day to his hermitage on the banks of the river, and spending the day in devotional exercises.

  15. At the same period Royston was the scene of yet another ecclesiastical development, by the establishment of a famous hermitage in its still celebrated cave.

  16. On the road the cousin proposed they should go up to the hermitage to drink a sup.

  17. Close to the hermitage he has a small house which he built at his own cost, but though small it is large enough for the reception of guests.

  18. Van Cleverskirke and L'Hermitage of the same date.

  19. L'Hermitage mentions the paragraph reflecting on the Princess, and the submission of the libeller.

  20. Footnote 717: On the 7th of August L'Hermitage remarked for the first time that money seemed to be more abundant.

  21. From Van Citters and L'Hermitage we learn less than might have been expected on a subject which must have been interesting to Dutch statesmen.

  22. I think it clear from Grey's Debates that a speech which L'Hermitage attributes to a nameless "quelq'un" was made by Sir Thomas Littleton.

  23. L'Hermitage says, "Charnock a fait des grandes instances pour avoir sa grace, et a offert de tout declarer: mais elle lui a este refusee.

  24. L'Hermitage expected that the bill would pas;, and that the royal assent would not be withheld.

  25. Brother Harry bespoke a second room, for he would want a place to stay all night when out hunting with his friends, and my hermitage began to grow into a hotel.

  26. My hermitage would be greatly improved by such neighbors only one mile distant, and as the captain had lately killed two large bears between his house and the site of mine, there would soon be no more bears.

  27. The distance betwixt Hermitage and Jedburgh, by the way of Hawick, is nearly twenty-four English miles.

  28. Such is the cross at Milholm, on the banks of the Liddel, said to have been erected in memory of the chief of the Armstrongs, murdered treacherously by Lord Soulis, while feasting in Hermitage castle.

  29. Footnote 19: He was lord of Liddesdale, and keeper of the Hermitage castle.

  30. Ride by the gate at Priesthaughswire, And warn the Currors o' the Lee; As ye cum down the Hermitage Slack, Warn doughty Willie o' Gorrinberry.

  31. There are two other passes from Jedburgh to Hermitage castle; the one by the Note of the Gate, the other over the mountain, called Winburgh.

  32. I know my gossip will be offended; but I will get me into Liddisdale, and remain in my castle of the Hermitage till his anger be abated.

  33. Had she really ridden from Borthwick to the Hermitage and back again to Jedburgh in one day, she would have performed a journey of nearly seventy miles, which she could not have done even though she had wished it.

  34. No one, unacquainted with Buchanan's character, would read the statement without supposing that Mary proceeded direct from Borthwick to Hermitage Castle, scarcely stopping an hour by the way.

  35. Bothwell was not at Jedburgh when the Queen was taken ill, nor did he show any greater haste to proceed thither when he heard of her sickness than she had done to visit him, it being the 24th of October before he left Hermitage Castle.

  36. Truly railway companies and all such things seemed impossibly remote as we sat in this lonely hermitage listening to the hopes and fears of the ascetic visionary.

  37. It makes the hermitage possible in this otherwise waterless spot, and flows off underground to hew its way silently through the rock.

  38. Their hermitage shall change its name, and henceforth shall be called Mount Olivet, in memory of the ascension of my divine Son, the which took place upon the Mount of Olives.

  39. Church and hermitage alike are scooped, with slight expenditure of mason's skill, from solid mountain.

  40. He informed the count that he resided in this hermitage in company with two other monks—Arsenio and Silvano.

  41. His own sepulchre, according to ancient promise, was prepared at the chapel and hermitage of San Pedro at Arlanza, where he had first communed with the holy Friar Pelayo.

  42. When the spoil was divided and the troops were refreshed, Don Fernan Gonzalez went with his cavaliers in pious procession to the hermitage of San Pedro.

  43. It has been believed by many that this was the veritable tomb of the monarch, and that in this hermitage he had finished his days in solitary penance.

  44. Here was the hermitage of one of those holy men who had accompanied the Archbishop Urbano in his flight from Toledo, and had established a sanctuary among these mountains.

  45. He drew off, therefore, to a securer place, called Tablada, the same where at present is situated the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de el Balme.

  46. Of the Moorish Host that came up from Cordova, and how the Count repaired to the Hermitage of San Pedro, and prayed for Success against them, and received Assurance of Victory in a Vision.

  47. There is something in the fact of a hermitage that cannot fail to touch the imagination; the recluses are a sad kindred, but they are never commonplace.

  48. So speaking, from the sight Of Damayanti, at that instant, passed Hermits, with hermitage and holy fires, Evanishing.

  49. But tell me now how it was that, between the time of my leaving her in the hermitage and my subsequent rejection of her, you never breathed her name to me!

  50. The Neighborhood of the Hermitage Enter one of Kanwa's pupils, just arisen from his couch at the dawn of day.

  51. Here on the banks of the Máliní you may perceive the hermitage of the great sage Kanwa.

  52. Yesterday, while we were lagging behind, my royal friend entered yonder hermitage after a deer; and there, as ill-luck would have it?

  53. Know you not that we cherish them in this hermitage as if they were our own children?

  54. The inhabitants of the hermitage having heard of your Majesty's sojourn in our neighborhood, make this humble petition.

  55. Here, at the small hermitage in the ilex wood, he passed the last few years of his life in building a Franciscan church and convent, aided by the citizens who gave the ground for the site.

  56. Those religious who desire to sojourn in a hermitage are to be at the most three or four.

  57. No wonder he turned his steps more willingly up the mountain paths to the hermitage of the Carceri than towards the crowded cities.

  58. Perceval, that never was without sore toil and travail so long as he lived, departed from the hermitage and went with great diligence right through the midst of the forest, and met a knight that came a great gallop over against him.

  59. I made baptize me before you and all those of my kingdom, and turn to the New Law, and thereafter I went to a hermitage by the sea, far from folk, where I have been of a long space.

  60. He entered into a forest in this waste country, and found a hermitage in the combe of a mountain.

  61. Herewithal the story is silent of Messire Gawain, and saith that Lancelot seeketh Perceval in like manner as did Messire Gawain, and rideth until that he cometh to the hermitage where he hanged the thieves.

  62. She was good lady and well believed in God, and so holy life led she thereafter that in a hermitage she died.

  63. The Damsel of the Car commendeth him to God, and Perceval departeth full speed and rideth so far on his journeys that he cometh to his uncle's hermitage and entereth in, thinking to find Lancelot.

  64. The hermits went their way each to his hermitage when they had done the service.

  65. Perceval hath rowed until that he is come nigh a castle that was burning fiercely with a great flame, and seeth a hermitage upon the sea hard by.

  66. He marvelleth how it came that this house and hermitage were solitary, and what had become of the hermit that dwelt therein.

  67. He goeth his way toward the land that was the land of King Fisherman, and findeth a hermit that was issued forth of his hermitage and was going at a great pace through the forest.

  68. He rideth on until he cometh to a hermitage in the forest where he alighteth and hath his horses stabled, and the Hermit giveth them of the best he hath.

  69. Perceval rideth one day, all heavy in thought, and taketh his way as fast as he may toward the hermitage of his uncle King Hermit.

  70. In that Hermitage of yours, you are up to any Esotericobuddhistotelepathic dodge!

  71. The hermitage consists of one room with a bed in the corner, screened by a slight partition; a lattice-window admitted a peep into the rich and lovely vale below, and the pure air of the mountain was not obstructed by glass.

  72. On the death of his abbot Benedict became his successor, and built a little hermitage on the bank of the river Aniane.

  73. A summer-house peered above the mulberry tops at the lower end of the garden, and a hermitage of Our Lady of Solitude about a mile distant hung upon a rocky height which rose like an isle out of the sea of forest.

  74. Some hermitages had cells to accommodate more than one, as the hermitage at Wetheral, near Carlisle, cut out of the face of a rock one hundred feet high, nearly midway.

  75. In his bed he may lie, like Pompey and his sons, in all quarters of the earth; may speculate the universe, and enjoy the whole world in the hermitage of himself.

  76. Douglas threw Ramsay into Hermitage Castle in Liddesdale and starved him to death.

  77. Besides, we had a glass of Hermitage last night; the glow still suffuses my memory.

  78. His generous incredulity failed him for this once; a child must have perceived that the Hermitage had completed what the absinthe had begun.

  79. It is a ruin in a gorge," continued Desprez, adopting his expository voice; "the ruin of a hermitage and chapel.

  80. By a manifest providence the Hermitage was nearly at an end.

  81. He will notice among the ferns and trees a door in the mossy bank, like the entrance to a hermitage in the wilderness.

  82. This was known as St. Herbert's Island, after a holy hermit who lived there in the sixth century, the ruins of whose hermitage could still be traced.

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