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Example sentences for "hermits"

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hermeneutics; hermetically; hermit; hermitage; hermitages; hermosas; hermoso; hermosura; hern; hernia
  1. For in those days it was not the guise of hermits as is now adays.

  2. For there were none hermits in those days but that they had been men of worship and of prowess, and those hermits held great household, and refreshed people that were in distress.

  3. And at last he and the five hermits fell fast asleep under the cedar-shades, and there they sleep unto this day.

  4. Illustration] And when St. Brandan and the hermits came to that fairy isle they found it overgrown with cedars and full of beautiful birds; and he sat down under the cedars and preached to all the birds in the air.

  5. John left his hermitage to fill the office of abbot in the monastery of Mount Sinai, and superior-general of all the monks and hermits of the deserts around.

  6. Fires were never lighted in the cells, and the hermits slept on rush mats.

  7. A story is told of Humbert at Marolles which resembles many recorded in the lives of other saints, and which shows that the old hermits and monks were the protectors of wild animals.

  8. Antony, but the patriarch of hermits refused to admit him, thinking him too old to adopt the monastic life.

  9. About 1500 a great attempt at a reform of this kind was set on foot among the Augustinian Hermits of northern Germany, and they were formed into a separate congregation independent of the general.

  10. In the first half of the 13th century there were in central Italy various small congregations of hermits living according to different rules.

  11. In time, hermits came and built their cells on both the rocks and gradually a small community was formed under the Merovingian Abbey of Mandane.

  12. Replacing the hermits of Mandane with twelve canons, the establishment grew and became prosperous.

  13. All through the summer night, Those blossoms red and bright Spread their soft breasts, unheeding, to the breeze, Like hermits watching still Around the sacred hill, Where erst our Saviour watched upon His knees.

  14. It was not money that the simple Norman thought of; it was excitement, adventure, vague possibilities, limitless solitudes where hermits and hunters might live and dream.

  15. The lion is typical of solitude and the wilderness, and is often found represented beside the hermits of the desert.

  16. I vow, cavaliere, if the mountains were built for hermits and ascetics, then the plain was made level for dancing, banqueting and the pleasures of the villeggiatura.

  17. According to tradition, the disciples of St Ansanus fled to these woods when the Roman persecutors discovered their hiding-places in the city; St Augustine found hermits here in the fourth century, and gave them a rule of life.

  18. Augustinian hermits into one order, and Lecceto became the head house of Tuscany.

  19. Pope (Rinaldo Conti), unites the Augustinian hermits into one order, 305.

  20. One of the original hermits is said to have been buried in this field, and our pious historian even discovers some hidden mystery of divine things in the colours of the stones that lie around.

  21. They are greatly damaged, obliterated in parts, completely restored in others; we get a vague general impression of hermits doing works of mercy and seeing visions, of St Augustine giving his rule, of holy deaths in convents and hermitages.

  22. Such is the tone which diffuses its terrors and its glories in Pietro Martyre over the martyred hermits of the mountain forest, and taught the painter's eye to "glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven.

  23. The hermits meet at chapel every morning to hear mass and receive the sacrament from the hands of a secular priest; for none of them are admitted to orders.

  24. Though the number of Hermits is not considerable in Spain, we are not without some establishments on the plan of the Lauras described by Gibbon.

  25. He became abbot and began reforms; and though threatened with assassination, he introduced a system of rigorous self-denial and asceticism worthy of the hermits of the Thebaid.

  26. The fame of the ravens and the saint became published, and pilgrims and hermits flocked to the spot where the saint had lived, and a Benedictine community built an abbey and church there.

  27. All the other hermits praised this last act as one of transcendent humility enhancing his glory.

  28. The great idea of the hermit life was to live entirely alone, though some hermits lived in small communities in one district in close neighbourhood.

  29. Hermits occasionally visited their fellow-men, but those called recluses abstained from any such visits.

  30. The community at first consisted of hermits and coenobites.

  31. The origin of the monasteries is lost in the early ages, and for at least a thousand years the hermits have been known to occupy these places.

  32. Ruffinus, in his Lives of the Fathers, relates that there were two ancient hermits who dwelt together and never quarrelled.

  33. She was a great friend of the monasteries, and also of the hermits who lived in cells, and whom she often visited and begged to remember her in their prayers.

  34. The King also sent for hermits and other holy men, in the hope that their intercessions for his life might prevail.

  35. The fame of these hermits filled the whole earth wherever a knowledge of Christianity had spread.

  36. He drew together a society of hermits and coenobites.

  37. Carmel, though inhabited by hermits and individual recluses long before, was not the seat of a regularly organized society of Monks until nearly twelve centuries after the Christian era.

  38. We walked all over the building with the hermits afterward, and then sat on the lofty battlements and smoked while we enjoyed the cool air, the wild scenery and the sunset.

  39. King John or King Arthur was entirely indifferent to a man who announced to his nurse-tenders, the good hermits of Chalus before mentioned, that he was the Marquis of Jericho, and about to marry Rebecca the Queen of Sheba.

  40. Narad wished him joy and gladness, blessed the loving youth and maid, Forest hermits on their wedding every fervent blessing laid.

  41. Those that to earth return no more, the sense-subdued, the hermits wise, Priests their sage masters that adore, to their eternal seats arise.

  42. The islands were harried, Lambay being perhaps the first to suffer; everything of value was taken, and the hermits and anchorites were killed or carried away.

  43. The Augustinian hermits and the Carmelites had many houses, but were much less important than the other two orders.

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