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flailing; flails; flair; flak; flake; flakes; flaking; flaky; flambe; flambeau
  1. Danish kitchen-middens; this knife has a broad, sharp cutting edge flaked on one side; second (Fig.

  2. Culmination of the Mousterian 'point' finely flaked and chipped on one side, the best examples approaching the Solutrean perfection of technique.

  3. Hache of flint, roughly flaked into shape, from Olendon, Calvados.

  4. The Chellean flint workers also developed especially a number of small, pointed forms from the accidentally shaped fragments of flint, showing both short and long points carefully flaked and chipped.

  5. Long pointed 'coups de poing,' in most cases flaked on both sides, with little of the crust of the nodule adhering and the edges still unsymmetrical.

  6. Very primitive palaeoliths from Piltdown, Sussex, consisting chiefly of tools and points of triangular and oval form, fashioned out of flint nodules split in two and flaked on one side only, with very coarse marginal retouch.

  7. The reverse shows a retouch on the flaked surface which suggests the double-face Solutrean retouch.

  8. Finely flaked point from the large cave of Ofnet.

  9. Simmer for an hour, and add the carrot flaked or chopped small.

  10. The lentils may be left out, and chopped tomato or carrot flaked (on one of those threesome graters is best) and fried along with the onion, may be used instead.

  11. Take 1 part of the flaked wheat or barley to 2 parts water.

  12. Small grooved axe of schistose rock, much flaked off at each end.

  13. Large flakes were often removed in forming the basal concavity and several short narrow flakes were removed to form a steeply flaked basal edge.

  14. Usually one third to two thirds of the total length from the distal end is flaked to median ridge, and broader shallower flakes were removed from the hafting area.

  15. The basal edge of the stem was flaked to form a concavity and then thinned.

  16. These were flaked alternately from opposite faces, making the short serration projections rather sharp.

  17. The hafting area is expanded pointed, with deeply incurvate, steeply flaked basal edge.

  18. Retouch (L)--a term applied to the secondary removal by pressure of small flakes from the edge of a flaked stone artifact to produce sharpness.

  19. Bifaced (L)--a term applied to flaked stone artifacts that have been worked on both faces.

  20. For multiple fluting, two short primary flutes were removed down each side of the median ridge after the basal edge had been flaked to the proper degree of pitch to form a striking platform.

  21. The hafting area is parallel-pointed with deeply incurvate, steeply flaked basal edge.

  22. The sides of the hafting area are usually steeply flaked to form an expanded stem.

  23. Large flakes were often removed in forming the basal concavity, and several short narrow flakes were removed to form a steeply flaked basal edge.

  24. Other mucronate distal ends were simply flaked out.

  25. The hafting area is parallel pointed, with deeply incurvate, steeply flaked basal edge.

  26. A string is tied round the peg, and two other boys pull it to and fro, till through the rapid motion of the point of the peg a hole is burnt in the flaked board, to which tow or dry moss is then applied as a tinder.

  27. A boy places a board against his breast, takes a peg pointed at both ends, and, setting one end of the peg against the board on his breast, presses the other end firmly against a second board, the surface of which has been flaked into a nap.

  28. Add salt, pepper, and minced parsley to season, and a can of flaked salmon.

  29. Season with salt, red pepper, and minced parsley, take from the fire, add the juice of a lemon and a can of flaked salmon.

  30. Butter a baking-dish, put in a layer of cold cooked turbot flaked fine, cover with sauce, and repeat until the dish is full, having sauce on top.

  31. CRAB SALAD Use the meat of boiled crabs flaked into pieces of uniform size.

  32. Bring to the boil, add salt and pepper to season, a can of flaked salmon, and two eggs well-beaten.

  33. The "finds" at Abbeville were followed by others in many places in England, and in fact in every country where siliceous stones which are capable of being flaked and fashioned into implements are to be found.

  34. Man has reached the stage of culture when he could socket a stone into a wooden handle, and fix a flaked flint as a handled dagger or knife.

  35. Flint from its mode of fracture is the only kind of stone which can be chipped or flaked into almost any shape, and thus forms the principal material of these earliest weapons.

  36. While Marta was doing this, she herself flaked the cold fish quite fine and called Marta’s attention to the fact that she used the remaining sauce to moisten it.

  37. To a cup of flaked fish and sauce, of which there were two good table-spoonfuls, she put one beaten egg; this made it into a stiff batter or mush that would not run, but drop from a spoon.

  38. And the assemblage of wrought stones demonstrates not merely that the Seri are practically without flaked or chipped implements, but that they eschew and discard stones edged by fracture whether naturally or through accident of use.

  39. The constant search for chipped or flaked tools which was extended over nearly all Seriland seldom met the slightest reward; but the specimen shown in plate L was deemed of some interest in connection with the search.

  40. An unfired rissole made from grated carrot and flaked peanuts cost at most a penny, and if followed by dates or figs would be a sufficient meal, and 2d.

  41. Beans or lentils can be eaten sparingly in a raw state if first soaked, then flaked in a Dana machine, and afterwards flavoured with herbs or parsley.

  42. This can be combined with curd cheese, raw or lightly cooked eggs, flaked nuts or Brusson Jeune bread as the proteid part of the diet.

  43. Or salad with grated cheese or cream cheese, or flaked pine nuts; followed by a piece of the excellent wholemeal cake supplied at the restaurant this correspondent frequents.

  44. Potato baked in skin, with fresh butter, a little cheese, or flaked nuts, and a few plain rusks, or a saucer of P.

  45. You will find that some people get quite angry with you for growing tall ones or dwarf ones, according to the kind they themselves prefer, while other people will forbid you to look at a flaked or bizarre Snapdragon.

  46. The beautifully flaked lance-heads and the smoothed bone daggers give place to small flints, "microliths," less fitted for attacking large and dangerous animals.

  47. Longer implements in the form of chisels or picks were also roughly flaked with skilfully retouched edges, often with one end narrowed or bluntly pointed.

  48. On the other hand in Primula Sinensis there are well-known flaked varieties which ordinarily at least breed true.

  49. It would be important to ascertain whether self-fertilised seed from the occasional flowers in which the colour has run together to join a large patch gives more self-coloured plants than the intimately flaked flowers do.

  50. McMicken Moisten one cup flaked salmon with butter sauce, pinch minced parsley; one hard boiled egg, chopped fine.

  51. Mix flaked fish and fresh bread or crumbs, place in greased baking dish, pour over the beaten eggs and milk; the seasoning should be added to the fish and bread crumbs before placing in dish.

  52. The making of the flaked cocoa is peculiarly interesting, and is, we were informed, peculiar to this establishment.

  53. But the implements of the drift, which are the earliest relics of human workmanship as yet recognized, are most of them multi-flaked tools, such as the implements figured on Plate XII, Nos.

  54. It appears therefore evident that in the natural course of events the drift period must have been preceded by an earlier period of considerable extent characterized by the use of single-flaked tools.

  55. Excellent salads may be made of hard eggs, or the remains of salt fish flaked nicely from the bone, by pouring over a little of the above mixture when hot, and allowing it to cool.

  56. Overhead there was no ceiling but the sky itself, flaked with little clouds of April whitely wandering over it.

  57. I could see all the inland valleys ribbon'd with broad waters; and in every winding crook, the banks of snow that fed them; while on my right the turbid sea was flaked with April showers.

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