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Example sentences for "clammy"

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clambers; clamer; clameur; clammer; clamming; clamor; clamore; clamored; clamoring; clamorous
  1. Something so infernally cold and clammy about it--like the weather.

  2. Who but an egoist could stand with his mind so full of himself and his own concerns as to be oblivious to thunder and lightning, and not know that he is miserably clammy and wet?

  3. Its cold and clammy touch sent an icy thrill to her heart Then she bent her ear to catch even the feeblest breath--but she could distinguish none.

  4. When he arrived at home, the perspiration stood cold and clammy on every part of his body.

  5. The face is pale, and the body bathed in a clammy sweat: the pupils “are at first contracted, and afterwards dilated shortly before death.

  6. From the same cause, the contents of the rectum and bladder are expelled unconsciously, the extremities become violently convulsed, and the patient is bedewed with a cold clammy sweat.

  7. Merle stood at the window, her face grey in the clammy light.

  8. He clenched his hands together; they were clammy with sweat, and his brain was in a whirl.

  9. A vision of cold rolls, clammy omelettes, and tepid tea, succeeds these sublime images, and the traveller completes his toilet.

  10. If all has gone well, your graph ought now to present the appearance of a pale yellow slab, yielding and rather clammy to the touch, and with a peculiarly glossy surface.

  11. It was several hours later, and the men in the bigger tent were fast asleep, when Seaforth and Alton sat swathed in clammy blankets under a little canvas shelter.

  12. He was asleep in another ten minutes, but Seaforth lay awake shivering under his clammy blankets most of the night, and rose aching when he heard his comrade's voice through the patter of the rain in the misty darkness of the early morning.

  13. You hurry to my suffering side, bringing with you five hundred pounds in notes, which you slip into my clammy palm.

  14. It had that clammy look, which one would suppose incapable of imitation, which suggests physical decay.

  15. He had placed himself within the clammy fingers of the River Death.

  16. Reivers thrust his hand above his bowed head and came in contact with cold, clammy rock.

  17. Then she shivered, as if suddenly realizing the clammy cold all about her, and hurried away.

  18. And he never forgave the son,” mused Ursula, with one finger in her little Otto’s clammy clasp.

  19. Where the latter had been pining in its vase, a lovely girl, the image of Iridion, lay along the ground with dishevelled hair, clammy brow, and features slightly distorted by the last struggles of death.

  20. Subduing his repugnance and apprehension by a strong effort, Alexander laid his hand within the spectre's clammy paw.

  21. Slowly our barque was turned on heel, the yards trimmed to her former course, and we moved on, piercing the clammy barrier that lay between us and a landfall.

  22. There was mist on the water when we started to 'clear hawse'--the thick, clammy mist that comes before a warm day.

  23. The stars were as bright, the sky as clear, the sea as smooth; but when the sun had gone, damp vapours came and left the deck chill and clammy to the touch.

  24. Rokoff stood as though petrified, his eyes protruding from their sockets, his mouth agape, and the cold sweat of terror clammy upon his brow.

  25. He shivered as might one upon whose brow death has already laid his clammy finger.

  26. A rising breeze caused the limbs of some trees to knock together; it swept Shultz's clammy cheek and made him shiver.

  27. He put the lamp back on the stand and dropped upon a chair, weak and covered with clammy perspiration.

  28. Something cold and clammy touched my face, just touched it--like the feel of dead fingers.

  29. Helston Varne was conscious that a clammy perspiration had broken out upon his forehead.

  30. When the Cossacks in Galicia were within an easy day's ride of Cracow, and North Poland was shrouded in white, clammy mists which no eye could pierce for more than a few hundred yards, his troops set out from Thorn on the second great venture.

  31. Too much was, perhaps, expected of them: they found themselves waging an entirely new kind of warfare in a cold, clammy land, which numbed their limbs and broke down their stamina.

  32. It was as though when overheated by exertion he had entered a cold and clammy vault.

  33. For a brief instant a clammy chill rippled through Dave.

  34. Dave's whole body felt dry as a chip, yet at the same time sweat poured off his forehead, and the palms of his hands were clammy and cold.

  35. Jeremy seemed to himself to be sinking lower and lower into a damp clammy depth of degradation.

  36. There was a cold clammy sensation about his heart.

  37. More than a dozen times in the memory of living people cold and clammy things, once men and women, have been drawn slowly, laboriously, with dripping clothes, out of these turbid waters.

  38. He handed a wet and clammy five-pound note to be divided as they thought best among themselves.

  39. Even where they were, trails like the ragged edges of a cloud drifted by them, and the coldness of the air held a clammy quality.

  40. Thick darkness met him, the clammy darkness of fog, and the faint, faint rustle of falling snow.

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