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Example sentences for "feeblest"

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feeard; feeble; feebleminded; feebleness; feebler; feebly; feed; feedback; feede; feeder
  1. Give me the feeblest chance of that, and I will live.

  2. From the highest type of human speech to the feeblest hint of expression there is a gradual descent, and at no point between these two extremes can there be drawn a line at which it may be said "here one begins, and here another ends.

  3. Her diligence in studying the Bible, without in the least degree neglecting her domestic duties, (and even in the days of her feeblest health,) was truly wonderful.

  4. So that the feeblest of his dying children may confidently say, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.

  5. The word well spoken, the deed fitly done, even by the feeblest or humblest, cannot help but have their effect.

  6. When we dare to depend entirely upon God and without doubt, the humblest and feeblest agencies will become “mighty through God, to the pulling down of strongholds.

  7. And the feeblest of His children, All His glorious life may share; He has healing balm in Gilead, He’s the Great Physician there.

  8. And so the feeblest faith joins the soul, in the measure of its strength, to Jesus Christ.

  9. If a man is false to his feeblest conviction, he makes himself a worse man all through.

  10. The awful, reticent words, which shadow forth and yet hide the fate of those who cause the feeblest disciple to stumble, are not for us to dilate upon.

  11. He believes that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for him upon the Cross, and yet his heart has but the feeblest tick of pulsating love in answer.

  12. The least and feeblest there may bide, Uninjured and unawed; While thousands fall on every side, He rests secure in God.

  13. Though sharp may be our trouble, The joys are more than double, The brave surpass the cowards and the leal are like a wall To guard their dearest ever, To fail the feeblest never; And somehow this old earth remains a bright world after all.

  14. He'll not forget the feeblest service, humblest love; He only asks that of our stores we give to him the best we have.

  15. Because, He hears the feeblest wail of want, though it comes not from a dove or even from a harmless sparrow, but a young raven.

  16. I know the feeblest that have e'er Entered those precincts blest, Find everlasting safety there, Freedom and life and rest.

  17. He was, if we are to give any credit to his own account or to the united testimony of all who knew him, a man of the meanest and feeblest intellect.

  18. They are among his baldest paradoxes, are conveyed in his heaviest style, and are supported by his feeblest sophistry.

  19. Carbonic oxide gas burns with the feeblest light next to hydrogen, because it deposits no carbon in the act of burning.

  20. If we divide the product into thirds, the first yields the feeblest acid, and the third the strongest.

  21. In both cases the feeblest activities become ultimately apparent to our inspection.

  22. His was the error of the Middle Ages; the feeblest of his modern successors would have killed the Pope if he could, rather than have disgraced himself by such an ignominy.

  23. Were Palestine really needed by Europe, it could be wrested from the Turks with less effort than was made by the feeblest of the crusaders.

  24. Why has century-long contact with other civilizations never enkindled the feeblest flame?

  25. It is this historico-cultural argument that has been advanced to the forefront; and against it, where is there found, in the preceding hostile summary of anatomical facts, even the feeblest countervail?

  26. It did not choose another captain, for each private soldier wished himself to be chief, and the feeblest and most timid of the band alone recognised any other genius outside his own.

  27. Ibsen’s works, an idea which cannot escape even the feeblest attention, as something appertaining to modern science and Darwinism.

  28. We rejoice that it takes so little to be a Christian that the feeblest and simplest act of faith knits the soul to the all-forgiving Christ.

  29. The first essential was, to limit the interference of these physical phenomena; and that was most likely to be accomplished where the phenomena were feeblest and least imposing.

  30. As sun reflected in a sea-- So, Mary, feeblest eyes the face Of Him thou lovest discern in thee.

  31. He may prowl around the sheepfold of Christ, but the guard is too strong for him; and if he seize, or attempt the feeblest of the flock, Omnipotence will ultimately rescue the prey from the hand of the terrible.

  32. The weakest lamb shall not be left to perish in the wilderness: the feeblest child shall not be missing when the muster-roll is brought out at the last day.

  33. The weakest and feeblest shall not be left behind.

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