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Example sentences for "dotting"

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doting; dots; dotted; dotter; dotterel; dottle; dou; douaniers; douar; douard
  1. But it is not, even then, transparent in the common sense of that word; nor is its appearance to be obtained by dotting or cross hatching, but by touches so tender as to look like mist.

  2. After running about twenty miles, keeping well in line with the towns and settlements dotting the landscape beneath and ahead of them, Hiram descended at the edge of a little village.

  3. It was one of half a score dotting the landscape, and the location of large iron plants.

  4. But Tsingtao, with its forty thousand Chinese, and Kiaochow across the bay, with its one hundred and twenty thousand more, and other villages dotting the narrow plains, maintain a very great demand for such growth on the hill lands.

  5. Surrounded by forests, I could see wide plains dotting the country as far as the eye could reach; but nowhere was a sign of a small Galu she--the beloved she whom I would have given my right hand to see.

  6. There was ample cover, what with solitary trees and dotting bushes so that I found no difficulty in stalking up wind to within fifty feet of my quarry--a large, sleek doe unaccompanied by a fawn.

  7. There were the prints of some half a dozen little unshod hoofs dotting the sandy hollows in the low ground near the stream, and easily traceable among the clumps of buffalo grass beyond.

  8. Polishing a pattern makes it shine, while roughing or dotting a surface darkens it.

  9. This stamping the grounds is often miscalled diaper carving, but the diaper is, correctly speaking, a small pattern multiplied to make a ground, and not roughly corrugating or dotting with a bodkin, or pricking.

  10. Never was silver jewel dotting the green bosom of nature more beautiful--never one more sweetly nestled away near the very heart of its mountain nurse.

  11. Toward this dusky mountain old Peg Dotting was now making her way.

  12. The wood would then be all golden, all bright with those round stars, dotting with yellow sparks the arching green.

  13. Once within the confines of civilization the journey to Montgomery and beyond was relieved by the cultivated fields of the white man, now in the bloom of young and promising crops, and the homes of refinement dotting the country over.

  14. Collect the fingers and thumb of the right hand nearly to a point, and make a tattooing or dotting motion toward the upper portion of the cheek.

  15. Bring the extended and separated fingers and thumb loosely to a point, flexed at the metacarpal joints; point them toward the left clavicle, and imitate a dotting motion as if tattooing the skin.

  16. She took it and pointed out some of the best words as those which were not well written, and then she asked me the rule for dotting an i, and I acknowledged that I did not know.

  17. Think of causing all this anguish and humiliation to a young girl because she did not know the rule for dotting an i!

  18. These flowers are less stocky and much more delicate than the garden species; and when seen numerously dotting a field carpeted with other flowers, they stand out conspicuously, claiming the attention peculiarly to themselves.

  19. Occasionally the scene is varied by a few yucca palms dotting the prairies at long intervals.

  20. Very few escaped, and the bodies of the killed lay thickly dotting the river-bed with heaps of dirty-white.

  21. Above the heads of the moving masses shells began to burst, dotting the air with smoke-balls and the ground with bodies.

  22. A week later the Boer riders were dotting the country round Phillipolis, Springfontein and Jagersfontein, the latter town being occupied upon October 16th, while the garrison held out upon the nearest kopje.

  23. There was only one way to safety, for Knox's mounted infantrymen and lancers were already dotting the southern skyline.

  24. Its port, he wrote, was a horsepond compared to that of Bordeaux; the number of country houses dotting the hills disappointingly small.

  25. Were his bones dotting the sandy surface of Sephar's arena while Nada, his mother, mourned?

  26. In the dim light Tharn could see the whites of rolling, fear-filled eyes and beads of perspiration dotting the receding forehead.

  27. The windows of the top two floors were shielded only by drapes of soft material, with here and there a balcony dotting the white stone surface.

  28. Ekbar, captain of the guards, stood stiffly by, beads of nervous perspiration dotting his forehead.

  29. There are several forms of it, but the dotting offers the most valuable evidence.

  30. The crossing of a hooked t, like the dotting of an i, is so mechanical an act that it often reveals important evidence.

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