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Example sentences for "bearish"

Lexicographically close words:
beares; bearest; beareth; bearing; bearings; bearlike; bears; bearskin; bearskins; bearward
  1. No; I enjoy my brisk walk to school in the morning; the children are neither so dull nor so bearish as you seem to imagine.

  2. Then, with a sudden contraction of her brow, she added: "I am not so bearish as they give me credit for?

  3. He did this after a bearish fashion, putting his finger upon little flaws with an intelligence for which Mrs. Carbuncle had not hitherto given him credit.

  4. That the man was a bear was a matter of course, and bears probably do not themselves know how bearish they are.

  5. With all respect, I shall appeal my case To some sweet beauty of the bearish race.

  6. Many a bear-pelt have I pulled Over many a bearish head, Though, 'tis true, I sometimes got Damage from their bearish paws.

  7. Strange it is--this bearish speech Hath a most familiar ring!

  8. The moon came out and shone on his bearish eyes, and I saw him licking his jaws in anticipation of his expected repast.

  9. But nothing more of a bearish nature occurs, and the early gloaming finds me at Tacoma, a village near the Utah boundary line.

  10. Do the bright spokes glistening in the sunlight as they revolve make an impression on their bearish intellects that influences their decision in favor of a retreat.

  11. I cannot boast of having seen anything but this bearish manner in him, although to others he is harmless and good natured, even to stupidity.

  12. But I always said that in every one of these Germans lay hidden something of the bearish nature, and this seems now to have broken out all at once, among the whole people.

  13. Your amiable Herr Frederic thinks it no longer necessary to place the least rein upon his bearish nature, and seems every day to develope a greater appetite for devouring me at breakfast.

  14. Miss Dundas tried to laugh at his reverie, though she knew that such a flagrant instance of inattention was death to her hopes; but Pembroke, not inclined to partake in the jest, coolly asked his bearish companion what he wanted?

  15. Well, you have replied to my last question first; but I will not let you off about my sometimes bearish countrymen.

  16. For the poet's bearish manners the Tennyson family are to blame, in making him think himself a demigod.

  17. He has an abrupt, bearish manner, and seems thoroughly hard and unpoetical: one would think of him as a man in whom the direst prose of life was absolutely ingrained.

  18. He turned with her suddenly off the main road into a by-path, helping her along, watching her stealthily, but going on with his disjointed, bearish growls.

  19. She looked over at his bearish figure, snuff-drabbled waistcoat, and shock of black hair.

  20. He was now a bachelor past fifty, bearish and uncouth in his appearance, and ungracious in his deportment.

  21. Preparable Crowd bearish and short, any bull news will start buying.

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