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Example sentences for "hoax"

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hoarsely; hoarseness; hoarser; hoary; hoast; hoaxed; hoaxes; hoaxing; hob; hobbies
  1. You remember Southey's attempt to hoax Theodore Hook regarding the authorship of The Doctor.

  2. To Fenwick he appeared stunned by the events of the day, by his inability to find a hoax in connection with the communicator crystals.

  3. He was running in panicky fear from his failure to pin down the hoax in the crystals.

  4. Might it not be a hoax purposely put in his way to delude him?

  5. Was it a friend or an enemy; and if the latter, might it not just as likely be a hoax as not?

  6. Plainly the “bear” movement had been based on a cruel hoax of some kind.

  7. If there’s nothing but a hoax in it I’ll be willing to admit that I snapped at it.

  8. Then the hoax was, to create a persuasion in the mind of the unfortunate hoaxee that something else was coming.

  9. In the attempt to hoax Barnacles, allowance had not been made for his gastronomic powers, and previous privations.

  10. The object of the hoax at Capsicum's was an individual of a particular class.

  11. The game was now fairly opened; a hoax had already commenced, and Barnacles was the destined victim.

  12. From the top of this structure a stout cable was stretched to the foot of the bridge at the maze, affording sufficient evidence that no hoax was intended.

  13. That thirteen men could have been found to meditate such a ridiculous atrocity is so incredible, that one is inclined to suspect a hoax in this epistle.

  14. The displeasure of Villars' dupes, on the discovery of the benevolent hoax played upon them, reminds us of a good story.

  15. Sube was feeling his way carefully, fearing a hoax of some sort.

  16. When the astronomer Herschel was observing the southern sky from the Cape of Good Hope, the most clever hoax was perpetrated that ever was palmed upon a credulous public.

  17. The extent of the hoax will be perceived when it is stated that no telescope that we are now able to make reveals the moon more clearly than it would appear to the naked eye if it was one hundred or one hundred and fifty miles away.

  18. Did you hoax the noble Lord as well as the Horse Guards, Harry?

  19. In like manner, in the Lunar Hoax we are told that the plate-glass required for the optical arrangement devised by Sir J.

  20. The account of this experiment I defer for a moment till I have shown how closely in several respects this portion of the Australian hoax resembles the corresponding part of the American story.

  21. The first news that the bat and hedgehog pass into the state of complete hibernation, would probably have bean received as either a daring hoax or a very gross blunder.

  22. In the Lunar Hoax there is a passage resembling in tone the lively account of the lamb's behaviour when released.

  23. For a full account of this clever hoax the reader is referred to my "Myths and Marvels of Astronomy.

  24. On another occasion he spent his odd time for weeks in preparing a humorous hoax upon the critics of Chicago.

  25. He'd rather play a hoax on the parson that would embarrass him in the face of his congregation than eat.

  26. I didn't think we could carry out the joke so far, I wonder if this will be hoax the last for Mr. Verdant Green?

  27. But I'll give you full liberty to hoax me again - if you can.

  28. Excellent summary of the effect of this hoax may be found in L.

  29. The elfs and sprites of this desolate region had been playing a hoax on the former party.

  30. A party was sent out under his guidance to examine the locality, but, needless to say, failed in the endeavour, the perpetrator of the hoax confessing to it in the end, and suffering the punishment common at that period.

  31. Then, having secured the confidence of your audience, you may venture to play a hoax upon them.

  32. We thought there must be some hoax in the matter, and so kept a strict eye upon his movements.

  33. When this badinage had been going on for some time, our friend Nix played quite a pretty hoax on the ladies.

  34. The moon-hoax had its day, and some of its glory still survives.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hoax" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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