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Example sentences for "hoaxed"

Lexicographically close words:
hoarseness; hoarser; hoary; hoast; hoax; hoaxes; hoaxing; hob; hobbies; hobble
  1. It was evident that I had been everywhere hoaxed upon the declining state of England, and that envy alone had excited the report spread to her disadvantage.

  2. With this slap the invisibility of Poinsinet disappeared, the gnomes and genii left him, and he settled down into common life again, and was hoaxed only by vulgar means.

  3. Whoever is simple enough to be hoaxed by such professions, should never be trusted in the streets without somebody to take care of him.

  4. That last Delphic utterance stamped the whole affair as a clever piece of mind-reading, guesswork and acting, and, somewhat annoyed that he should have been hoaxed even for a moment, Jack withdrew.

  5. He leaned back in his chair and gave way to unseemly mirth as he recalled some occasion on which he had evidently hoaxed some trusting reporter.

  6. The Reviewer has the kindness repeatedly to inform me that I have been hoaxed by the Americans, and, most unfortunately for himself, he has brought forward the "Original Draft of the Declaration of Independence" as a proof of it.

  7. That the Americans did hoax Miss Martineau, and that they would have hoaxed me if they could, I admit, but even the Reviewer must acknowledge that they would not hoax themselves.

  8. Now at this time and for long afterwards Lockhart was one of the closest of Hogg's literary allies; and Hogg, while admitting that the author of Peter's Letters hoaxed him as he hoaxed everybody, is warm in his praise.

  9. I have never hoaxed a mythical achievement.

  10. Cook has hoaxed the world as so many have charged him with having done, this is more than a private matter.

  11. I was not to be hoaxed in this manner, so I persisted in having either my emblem of office returned, or its full value paid to me.

  12. This, my first victory, established that I was neither a coward nor to be hoaxed with impunity.

  13. As a matter of fact, I have been hoaxed in the most shameless manner possible.

  14. In a way he has been hoaxed with the rest.

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