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Example sentences for "hobble"

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hoaxed; hoaxes; hoaxing; hob; hobbies; hobbled; hobbledehoy; hobbledy; hobbles; hobbling
  1. Often heard toffs decorated their tables with rags in hobble rings, but never believed it before.

  2. But the Dandy took a hobble chain to the forge, and breaking the links asunder, welded them into smooth round rings.

  3. Not wishing to strangle the animal now he had caught him, Dan cried to Ralph to come up and help hobble the steed, that he might walk but not run.

  4. Finally a compromise was made with Stiger, who offered to hobble down to the river, although scarcely able to walk.

  5. Alec took the hobble from the horse's feet, having first put on his bridle, which he had brought with him for the purpose, and lightly sprang on to Amber's back.

  6. I wish somebody would tell a story,' said a little lame mouse, who had been obliged to stay in the house all day, because it could not run and jump like the others, but had to hobble along on a crutch made of a lucifer match.

  7. The Kettle called to the Cricket, but he did not find his crutch in time to hobble out (for he was growing infirm) before the butterfly had flitted out into the sunshine again.

  8. But I know that you are weak, and that you're in some sort of a hobble that you ought to be pulled out of.

  9. Miss Maynard doesn't know the hobble we're in--still thinks we're on the point of being rescued.

  10. After the mule has rolled they take him to water; they next hobble him, and let him go out to graze.

  11. It required more patience and dexterity to hobble her.

  12. Wal, I'll shore keep a durn sharp eye on you, an' hobble you too.

  13. But I reckon it'd be better to drive the one we want into the small corral, rope an' hobble him, an' turn him out into the pasture.

  14. I shall be able to hobble to the spring by that time.

  15. By means of these he began to hobble around and Ruth decided that he did not need her further ministrations.

  16. Well, if I can't handle him, I can hobble him, and I will.

  17. Yes, but leaving her out of the question, you ought to hobble Appah or let me hobble him.

  18. In travelling through a country tolerably free from large animals of prey or hostile Indians, it will not be requisite to hobble a large train of mules during the night, as they will not stray far from the hobbled bell mare.

  19. No, a hobble is something we put on horses to keep them from straying away," said the ranchman.

  20. After this, Mun Bun, we'll have to put a hobble on you.

  21. I could hobble along if you fixed the back posts so I could lean on them.

  22. Leaving Graham to hobble after them, Andrew and Carnally plunged through the branches and came out on a short level strip.

  23. It was an insufferable evening, and I saw C├Žsar hobble away upon his crutches with positive relief.

  24. That hobble was the one natural and human thing about him.

  25. The thoughts do not come so quickly as they once did, and the words, too, hobble along like lamesters on crutches.

  26. If the morning is not very thronged, she is able to get out and hobble round the cage of the Palais Royal; but she must hobble quickly, for the coiffeurs turn is come; and a tremendous turn it is!

  27. The army is respectfully requested not to think of settling in the South, but to hobble back to alms-houses in order that Democracy may carry its elections and settle down in custom-houses and other snug retreats.

  28. They sit in the parks with unhealed wounds; they hobble along the streets, many of them weary and worn; poor fellows!

  29. The trapper rode on for about half a mile further, and then the boys saw him dismount, unbuckle the bridle, and hobble his horse so that he would not stray away.

  30. We have the story of one these heroes of hazard to tell, a story the more interesting from the fact that he was a cripple who seemed fit only to hobble about his home.

  31. I put his arm upon my shoulder, and holding him round the waist, endeavoured to hobble across the open to the barrack, in order that he might obtain the attention of the surgeons there.

  32. Help yourselves and hobble out your horses.

  33. Wait till I hobble out Bilbah; he's as hungry as I am, and thirsty too, my word.

  34. We did not need to hobble or picket Apache.

  35. I'll hobble you and he can lead you," said the Ranger.

  36. I must hobble up to that distant spot as quickly as possible; perhaps when she sees me she may pause before she irrevocably commits so wicked an act.

  37. Watkins's back was a good deal bent; he certainly felt the heat of the sun, and was glad to hobble off into the shade.

  38. So they had come out of their way, and run their heads into this perilous hobble when by now they might have been safe and sound at Gandela--and all for this!

  39. If the morning is not very thronged, she is able to get out and hobble around the cage of the Palais Royal; but she must hobble quickly, for the coiffeur's turn is come; and a tremendous turn it is!

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