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bluey; bluff; bluffed; bluffer; bluffing; bluffy; bluid; bluidy; bluing; bluish
  1. I do not think that any part of the world can offer a more unspeakably beautiful spectacle to the traveller than what he may witness any fair evening from those rugged old bluffs at Memphis.

  2. The stranger, however, is apt to leave Memphis with one charming recollection of the place--the remembrance of the sunset scene from the bluffs across the river over Arkansas.

  3. While I was engaged at Chickasaw Bayou, Admiral Porter was equally busy in the Yazoo River, threatening the enemy's batteries at Haines's and Snyder's Bluffs above.

  4. General Steele reported that it was physically impossible to reach the bluffs from his position, so I ordered him to leave but a show of force there, and to return to the west side of Chickasaw Bayou in support of General Morgan's left.

  5. The first step was to make a lodgment on the foot-hills and bluffs abreast of our position, while diversions were made by the navy toward Haines's Bluff, and by the first division directly toward Vicksburg.

  6. Morgan's answer to you was that, when the signal was given, he would lead his attack, and with his life he would be on the bluffs in fifteen minutes.

  7. The broken bluffs on the left rose into immense slopes of rolling prairie, and magnified by the night atmosphere into majesty, heavy with deep darkness in their folds, stood massive and vast in the dusk moonlight, like a sea.

  8. So we drove down, and knew the moon was up by the changed heavens, though yet unseen behind the bluffs of the creek upon our left; and far away southward, in the evening light, lay the long valley like a larger river.

  9. I bowed respectfully to my captain standing in the prow of the boat and looking across an expanse of swirling muddy water to the village on the bluffs beyond.

  10. Instantly puffs of white smoke issued from the full battery of the fort, followed by the roar of the cannon rolling across the wide river to the distant bluffs of Cahokia.

  11. But as I glanced back toward the house on the bluffs that had proved my undoing, to my intense relief I saw that the three gentlemen had followed not far behind me and were even now descending the pathway to the creek.

  12. An hour later my captain and I were leaning on the rail in the stern of the boat, looking up at the tree-crowned bluffs standing dark against the moonlight and listening to the soft lapping of the water against the boat's sides.

  13. It was still so early that the low morning sun at our backs had just begun to gild the bluffs before us.

  14. Back of these bluffs before mentioned, roll off the alternate prairie and woodlands of Iowa.

  15. In the canons and along the bluffs we started plenty of jack-rabbits; but the antelope were shy and apparently always on the run, so much so we could never get within shot of them.

  16. We had several fine rides with brother-officers among the canons and bluffs while stopping over to inspect our military posts en route, and a grand gallop one bright September morning over the Plains and far away after antelope.

  17. It varies in breadth from five to ten miles, and is bounded on either side by abrupt bluffs two or three hundred feet high, whence outstretch the Plains proper.

  18. We left the Platte with its bluffs and canons behind us, and out into the boundless Plains we rode, on and on, and only drew rein when we discovered that we had lost our reckoning, and were without a compass.

  19. Generally, beyond these bottoms, on either side, were elevated benches or plateaus, from five to six miles in width, extending back to the outlying bluffs or mountains.

  20. Her anchorage seemed fair; but ashore the land abounded in a congeries of wooded bluffs and ridges, that evidently made a town or farms there difficult, if not impossible.

  21. This whole range down Crow Creek, from Cheyenne to the Platte, affords the best of grasses, and the creek bluffs shelter the stock completely from storms.

  22. What grander river scenery can be conceived, as we gaze upon this enchanting landscape, from the uppermost point of these bluffs upon the valleys below?

  23. The majestic bluffs that overlook the river, along through this region, charm one with the grace and variety of their forms, and the soft beauty of their adornment.

  24. On the hither side, only a thin scattered fringe of bluffs was unsubmerged; and through all the gaps the fog was pouring over, like an ocean, into the blue clear sunny country on the east.

  25. Almost immediately after leaving the lake we come upon a series of bluffs and terraces occasionally communicating with one another, but more often uniting to form smooth-faced walls.

  26. From Lake Auger, in the Gap, the climber ascends at once by a series of precipitous bluffs to an elevation of about 2,000 ft.

  27. Here and there the inner bluffs are more practicable, and from a boat, in very calm weather, a study of the cliffs would probably reveal more than the scrutiny from above, which is usually alone possible.

  28. Henceforth our way ran through the lowlands down to the sea, the hills and river bluffs reaching an altitude of only a few hundred feet.

  29. A dense strip of woodland concealed the river from view and bluffs or marshy thickets interposed between the canal and the country to the north.

  30. The shipments of this firm are to nearly all the markets in the northwest, reaching Council Bluffs and Omaha.

  31. They covered the low ground with warehouses, and the bluffs with stores and residences.

  32. The eastern shore bounded by the lofty plains of Tennessee and Mississippi terminating at times in precipitous bluffs afforded a great contrast to the flat lands of the western bank.

  33. The streets rose from the river with an abrupt difficult ascent and were cut through the bluffs and hills directly to the edge of the levee.

  34. It runs in a direction almost perpendicular to the line of bluffs on the opposite side, or east bank, of the river.

  35. The land along the Mississippi River, from Memphis down, is in all instances highest next to the river, except where the river washes the bluffs which form the boundary of the valley through which it winds.

  36. Having accomplished this they recrossed the Alleghanies to Meadow Bluffs and there awaited further orders.

  37. The river was very high, the banks being overflowed except where the bluffs come to the water's edge.

  38. Morehead was dispatched from Richmond to Lexington, a town located on the south bank of the Missouri on the high bluffs overlooking the river, and only about eight miles south of Richmond.

  39. The word bluff naturally suggests to the mind rugged cliffs rising almost perpendicularly from the bottoms to dizzy heights--but such are not the bluffs of the Missouri.

  40. The Missouri bluffs are sharp, rolling hills that run parallel with the river on either side, and are usually timbered.

  41. Back from these bluffs are stretched out great rolling prairies, the extent of which quite bewilders one.

  42. The bluffs on the north bank of the river are by no means as steep as those on the south, and are covered with a heavier growth of timber.

  43. The town is situated in the river bluffs already described as sharp, rolling hills, many of which at one time were covered with fine growths of timber and even now some of them are partially covered with beautiful groves.

  44. The bluffs on the north bank recede some distance from the stream, so that the river bottom at this point widens out to a small valley.

  45. A ridge or spur runs out from the main line of the bluffs into the river bottom some two or three hundred yards, approaching the stream at the point where the curve is made.

  46. The hills change to bluffs that creep closer to the water.

  47. It is bordered by high bluffs and cliffs so steep that very few cedars can take root," answered Raven Wing.

  48. We will visit on our way," and so they stopped to beach their canoes whenever they saw upon the bluffs the summer houses of poles and leaves which the Sioux erect in place of the winter tepees of dressed buffalo skin.

  49. The next morning the attack upon the bluffs was renewed, without resulting to the advantage of either side, and at night the vessels again withdrew, and retreated down the river.

  50. Pretty islands dot the broadening stream below Detroit, and the varying width, with the bluffs on the Canadian side, and the meadows, fields and forests of Michigan, give lovely views.

  51. Both are admirably located upon the bluffs rising above the Mississippi.

  52. The Mississippi bordering bluffs now rise much higher and become more picturesque, Eagle Point, near Dubuque, being elevated three hundred feet.

  53. The river scenery becomes more and more picturesque as the Mississippi is ascended, the bluffs rising to higher elevations.

  54. The following afternoon we came in sight of the Arabian coast, some forty miles distant, and later the great rocky bluffs that protect Aden from the gulf winds were plainly discernible.

  55. The huge bluffs of the Egyptian coast stood out in bold relief in the clear air of the morning, while from the shores opposite the sands of the great desert stretched away as far as the eye could reach.

  56. From this point a road led off to the town, communicating between it and a pass up the bluffs to the left.

  57. Indeed, the general track of travel that led along the bottom line of the bluffs did not approach within several hundred yards of this point, in consequence of the indentation or bay in which the hut was placed.

  58. Antonio went crouching back in the direction of the valley; while the cibolero, springing to his saddle, rode off toward the frowning bluffs of the Llano.

  59. We kept well out to sea, passing close to the mountainous mass of Besborough Island, plainly riven by some ancient convulsion from the sheer bluffs of the mainland.

  60. Behind us were the bluffs of the Ramparts, already growing faint; afar off on the horizon, to the right, were the dim shapes of the Beaver Mountains.

  61. The river narrows within its jaws, the ragged rocks rise up to the bluffs on either hand, and the blue-streaked ice stretches between.

  62. I was positive that we were told at the mission that we should reach it before the high bluffs were passed, and we had passed them a long way and had now but a shallow shelf to mark the coast-line.

  63. But to our delight we passed between the bluffs on good, firm, smooth ice, and it was not until we emerged on the flat beyond that our difficulty began.

  64. Soon after we started the next day, the river narrowed and swept round a series of mountain bluffs and we began to have the gloomiest expectations of trouble.

  65. If you will go out into the centre of the valley and look west toward the mountains, you will see three bluffs or scarps.

  66. Attracted by the broad harbor of the Connecticut River, he sailed by the rocky bluffs at the entrance and was soon gliding between the green hills which roll back from either side of the sparkling waters of the stream.

  67. It was half-past eight upon a gloriously bright morning, when rifle shots sounded from the bluffs over which the Indian scouts had disappeared.

  68. Indian women and children now covered the bluffs back of the valley, on the north side of the stream, and their shouts and wailing showed that many a redskin warrior had been sent to the Happy Hunting Grounds.

  69. On the left, down the stream, a way to escape lay open through the little gorge up which the command had marched, but Forsyth knew enough of Indian tactics to realize that the savages would line these bluffs with warriors.

  70. Many a badly wounded brave could be seen crawling over the plain to a place of safety, while the wails and shrieks of the women on the bluffs sounded harshly discordant above the rattle of small arms.

  71. Mills' troopers struggled through a bog; raced across a long stretch of prairie, and rushed up the bluffs upon which the Sioux were riding around in a circular motion.

  72. Pendleton, who had continued to obstruct Conception River by holding Victor's Hill, as well as the grand bluffs below.

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