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Example sentences for "admirably"

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administrator; administrators; administred; administring; admirable; admirals; admiration; admirations; admire; admired
  1. He was far from knowing as yet where he would end, but he was admirably definite as to where he wouldn't begin.

  2. But he was putting it now where she had admirably prepared the place.

  3. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, easily digested and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health.

  4. Admirably suited to the needs of a large class of young folks.

  5. Miss Hannah More has admirably described a Blue-stocking Club, in her Bas Bleu[348], a poem in which many of the persons who were most conspicuous there are mentioned.

  6. John Fiske has admirably presented the history of the period immediately following the Revolution.

  7. In fact, it has succeeded admirably where tried by intelligent teachers.

  8. Gheluvelt had been retaken with the bayonet by the 2nd Worcesters, admirably supported by the 42nd Brigade R.

  9. Our Intelligence Service had been admirably organised, and was working most effectively under the able direction of Brigadier-General Macdonogh.

  10. This post was admirably filled first by Brigadier-General Chichester, and later by Brigadier-General Oxley.

  11. She was singularly alive, admirably clear-eyed and strong, and in her fresh propriety there was always a challenge to the open air and the full light of day.

  12. At length I hesitatingly entreated her to honor my banquet by presiding at it-- an office for which her rare endowments pointed her out as admirably fitted.

  13. These paintings have been admirably reproduced in color and outline by the German Archæological Institute,[126] but they have not yet been illustrated from the point of view of the subjects they represent.

  14. They have been admirably described and reproduced by photographs and in outline by monsignore Joseph Wilpert, in his book referred to in the note on page 354.

  15. It harmonises admirably with those eight words upon the Mount which sustain and reveal a whole fabric of divine philosophy and Christian life.

  16. The fascinating features with her sweet smile are beautifully chiselled, and the graceful figure lightly covered by a long chemise admirably exhibits her exquisitely-proportioned form.

  17. In this he admirably succeeded, and through Duke René he gained help from Lorraine and Bar besides.

  18. You will find us admirably housed and feasting on peaches and grapes.

  19. It is perfectly level, abundantly watered, and admirably adapted for the rearing of cattle.

  20. Dumb-bell exercises, therefore, when arranged judiciously and with knowledge, are admirably suited for developing the physique, and are extensively employed in schools both for boys and girls.

  21. Mr. Brande relates an anecdote admirably calculated to exemplify this habit.

  22. He appears to me, as well from his scientific character, as from his habits and pursuits, to be admirably fitted for the situation.

  23. How admirably do such anecdotes illustrate the remark made in the commencement of the present chapter, that truth may be often touched, but is rarely caught, in the dark!

  24. This plan answers admirably when time is no object, but in dull weather the action is slow.

  25. The pieces, as thus cut, will measure 3-2/3 by 9 inches, which will answer admirably for the stereoscopic size.

  26. The reader will find an admirably clear statement of the various views entertained, and the latest arguments advanced in favour of each, in the notes to Mr. W.

  27. They seem then to me to be the first, and indeed the only, Arcadians who have abandoned institutions nobly conceived by their ancestors and admirably adapted to the character of all the inhabitants of Arcadia.

  28. On the other hand, he works admirably with his companions in the pack, when he is most painstaking and indefatigable.

  29. Most docile in temperament and disposition, he is admirably suited as the associate of a lady or a child.

  30. Vouet, who had worked in Italy, acquired there the grand and spacious manner of the later Venetians, which was admirably adapted to the decorative requirements of his royal patrons.

  31. Opposite the charming little apse are placed some admirably preserved fourteenth-century reliefs in stone from the Abbey of St. Denis.

  32. The Parisii were thus admirably placed for tapping the profitable commerce of north-west Europe, and by the waters of the Eure, lower down the Seine, were able to touch the fertile valley of the Loire.

  33. As he lay on the brink of death, given up by his physicians and prepared for the end by the administration of the last sacraments, a royal phrase admirably adapted to capture the imagination of a gallant people came from his lips.

  34. It is felt in every rank in raising the standard of conventional expenses, excluding from much social intercourse many who are admirably fitted to adorn it, and introducing into all society a lower and more material tone.

  35. It was a very suitable and reasonable plan, considering the nature of the German philosophic public, and he executed it admirably by outdoing Kant in every particular.

  36. This statue was admirably restored by Thorwaldsen.

  37. These were, perhaps, defects inseparable from the subject, although it was one admirably calculated to call forth the powers of Michael Angelo.

  38. The action of all is hit off so admirably that you would think they were alive.

  39. Still we have Cathay admirably placed in the true position of China, as a great Empire filling the south-east of Asia.

  40. This country around Urh-Chuang is admirably described [in Marco Polo, pp.

  41. Their troops are admirably ordered in the manner that I shall now relate.

  42. One of Pauthier's most interesting notes is a long extract from the official Directory of Ceremonial under the Mongol Dynasty, which admirably illustrates the chapters we have last read.

  43. An admirably contrived dipping-place was still standing in the Palm churchyard, near the second bay of the east cloister, within the memory of living persons, but now no trace of it remains above ground.

  44. The figure of Jehovah is admirably expressed.

  45. A work of the very highest merit; its learning is exact and profound; its narrative full of genius and skill; its descriptions of men are admirably vivid.

  46. There is no part of the world where all the conditions of climate and soil so admirably combine to produce those two great staples, CORN and WHEAT.

  47. The enterprise of New York houses, in either following or leading this movement, is admirably illustrated, and as the merchants of New York are among her public men, we purpose a brief reference to a few leading houses.

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