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Example sentences for "bluish"

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  1. High up, near the soft under-turning, were visible the bluish prints of fingers.

  2. In the distance, blurred by the sheets of rain, was a line of low hills, with a jagged fringe of bluish firs and a solitary windmill.

  3. The olive twigs glisten in the rays: the flowers of the pomegranate and oleander are only veiled as with bluish mist in their scarlet and rose.

  4. Smoke arose from certain corners, spreading about and covering the recesses with a bluish veil.

  5. When she had finished, she drew a trestle towards her and hung across it all the different articles; the drippings from which made bluish puddles on the floor; and she commenced rinsing.

  6. Then, without warning, a tiny bluish line streaked across one of the screens.

  7. In seconds they could see that the light came from long tubes of faint bluish light.

  8. Order began again, and against the whitish and bluish sheets spread by the star-shells I saw the pendulums of the step once more fall into line under the long body of shadows.

  9. And last, I have recollection of an evening when, in the bluish and dark green and chalky landscape of the town and its rounded gardens, I saw that window lighted up.

  10. Yet it seems to me, in face of that bluish heart, still attached to its red cords, that I understand the value of life.

  11. At the time of our visit there had been no news from it for a week; and as nothing was to be seen but a very faint bluish vapor hanging round its margin, the prospect was not encouraging.

  12. The Roddam was covered with a mass of fine bluish gray dust or ashes of cement-like appearance.

  13. Our decks in a few minutes were covered with a substance that looked like sand dyed a bluish tint, and which smelled like phosphorus.

  14. By the glare of the bluish searchlights which were spreading a livid clearness over the sea, began the unloading of passengers and baggage for Paris, from the transatlantic into the tenders.

  15. The limpid water, running over the sand, reflected the bluish flame of the resinous torches, the rays of which revealed the tops of the black firs leaning over the rock.

  16. The moon portrayed, as far as the eye could reach, one of those nocturnal landscapes in bluish lines, studded with slim trees, the shadows of which seemed to have been drawn with a black crayon.

  17. There was sand underfoot--a curious bluish sand.

  18. The sand was commonplace save for a slight bluish tint.

  19. And of worms; the dunghill worm called a brandling I take to be best, being well scoured in moss or fennel; or he will bite at a worm that lies under cow-dung, with a bluish head.

  20. Very gradually the bluish shadows faded from about his mouth and eyes, and natural colour replaced his pallor.

  21. Deep valleys opened on the south, narrow gorges between piles of gigantic rocks whose bases were already steeped in lakes of bluish shadow, whilst the summits sparkled with the smiling farewell of the sun.

  22. The narrow street, running from the glittering Boulevard, was steeped in bluish gloom, starred at long intervals by a few gas-lamps.

  23. On turning to the left he perceived the roofs of the Trastevere, of a misty, bluish grey against the dazzling sky.

  24. A bluish light streamed all around; there was naught but heaven left; the buildings and the trees assumed a visionary aspect in the mysterious glow of those thousands of tapers, whose number still and ever increased.

  25. Round a funeral vault, faintly illumined-by the bluish light of a silver lamp, six dead bodies were ranged upon black biers, dressed in long black robes.

  26. They were tall, thin lads, who looked as if they might have been half-starved when they were little; their skin had a bluish tinge, and stood the cold badly.

  27. A little further on, the sun made a patch of burning fire in the darkness, and beyond it rose a bluish vapor and a sound as of a distant threshing-machine.

  28. Far inland it quivered above the rocks that bounded the view, in a restless flicker of bluish white; below lay the fields beneath the broiling sun, with the pollen from the rye drifting over them like smoke.

  29. Workmen who handle it constantly in blasting operations say you can put fire to a stick of dynamite without danger, and it will simply burn away in bluish flame.

  30. By the time I got down you could see a little trail of bluish smoke drifting away from the hole, and there was a hush over the crowd, except for the police trying to make them stand back behind the ropes.

  31. They look like a bluish flame, and give a crackling sound.

  32. The fourth class, called alto-stratus, is a thick sheet of gray or bluish color, sometimes thin enough to let the sun shine through.

  33. A small, bluish Warbler with a yellow patch on the back, a dark band on the breast, and white wing-bars.

  34. The eggs are laid in May; they number 1-3, and are dull white, occasionally with a bluish tinge.

  35. It should be erected not later than March 15, for the Bluebird's bluish white eggs are laid in the first half of April.

  36. They are late housekeepers, not nesting before the latter half of June, when 3-6 pale bluish white eggs are laid in a nest warmly lined with plant down.

  37. The head, wings and tail are grayish blue without white markings; the back is pale brown, the underparts dirty white, with the throat inconspicuously streaked and a faint bluish breast-band.

  38. Silky white below and shining bluish green above; young birds are mouse-colored above but below are snowy white, unmarked, as in the adult.

  39. They nest in colonies, building in bushes and laying in April 3-5 bluish white eggs, strikingly blotched and scrawled with blackish.

  40. The nest is built on the ground and the 4-5 bluish white brown-marked eggs are laid late in April.

  41. The bluish white eggs, thickly marked with shades of brown, are laid the latter half of May.

  42. The pale, bluish white eggs are laid the latter half of May.

  43. It nests in April, often after quarreling with Flickers for possession of a nest-hole in which to lay its pale bluish eggs.

  44. Two pale bluish white eggs, generally with brown markings, are laid on the ground under logs, bushes, palmettoes, etc.

  45. The eggs, 3-6 in number, are bluish white or cream, marked with brown and are laid in May.

  46. It builds in bushes and low trees, laying 3-4 bluish white, brown-spotted eggs in May.

  47. Three to five bluish white eggs, spotted and scrawled with black, are laid the latter part of May.

  48. Their villa stood upon a high bluff of the river, commanding a view of the broad noble stream, and beyond the wooded lowlands of Illinois, stretching like a sea of bluish green to the far eastern horizon.

  49. He is bluish gray, with some white and black on head, wings, and tail, and he is grayish white below.

  50. He is glossy bluish black in color, with large white spots in the wings, which show only when flying.

  51. He is dark blue above and white below, with a bluish band across the breast.

  52. The rest of him is black, or bluish black, with a large mass of white on the body and wings.

  53. The sea, spotted with white, of a bluish grey in general, and streaked with darker lines.

  54. It was as smooth as a gravel walk, and of the bluish colour of some of the roads among the lakes of the north of England.

  55. Although his keen eyes were of a light, bluish gray, one thought of him as a dark-complexioned person.

  56. It was above this single noteworthy clump of ancient boled trees to be seen upon these inhospitable heights that the thin bluish smoke arose.

  57. The fathomless, bluish water, looking in the dusk a mere rudely circular mirror which was in truth a liquid cone whose tip was hidden deep in the bowels of earth, lay in still serenity before them.

  58. Jeff Meyer rubbed his eyes, smarting from the bluish haze filling the long, low-ceilinged room.

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