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heres; heresiarch; heresiarchs; heresie; heresies; heresye; heretic; heretica; heretical; hereticks
  1. The "Sevres" cup she had herself painted was the subject of a heresy as astounding.

  2. The church, too, provides modern tribesmen with occasions for exercising their inherited impulses; a heresy hunt finds its counterpart in the most ancient of tribal communities.

  3. The Society of Jesus was then in its early youth, in the midst of that first brilliant charge against the ranks of heresy without, and against the huge sluggish inertia so striking within the Church itself.

  4. The Lutheran heresy was still young and kept up many Catholic practices.

  5. The postscript shows what we have already indicated, that Smith had not escaped the general hue and cry against heresy which was now for some years abroad in the country.

  6. William the Silent had lately been murdered, and heresy in Holland was not yet safe from the long arm of the Spaniard.

  7. The eastern counties of England have often been remarked as rife in heresy and independency.

  8. The arbitration was refused, Gorton's blockhouse was besieged and captured, and the agitator was carried with nine of his followers to Boston, where they were speedily convicted of heresy and sedition.

  9. In the Latin Church a phase of the Nestorian heresy made its way, under the name of Adoptianism, a name given because its adherents regarded Christ, so far as his manhood was concerned, as the Son of God by adoption only.

  10. A heresy of the very opposite character was that of Eutyches, abbot of the monastery in Constantinople.

  11. The ancient heresy of the Paulicians had not yet died out, spite of having suffered much persecution at Catholic hands, and under the Emperors Michael and Leo, a fierce attack upon these unfortunate beings took place.

  12. There was but little heresy during this melancholy century; people did not think enough even to think badly.

  13. When he had power, heresy was the most terrible and formidable of words.

  14. Heresy is the eternal dawn, the morning star, the glittering herald of the day.

  15. Heresy extends the hospitalities of the brain to a new thought.

  16. Give any orthodox church the power, and to-day they would punish heresy with whip, and chain, and fire.

  17. They believed that religion was of God, and all heresy of the devil.

  18. Without heresy there could have been no progress.

  19. They are the dead leaves under the majestic palm, while heresy is the bud and blossom at the top.

  20. No thought, no progress, no heresy there.

  21. As long as the Church had all the copies of this book, and the people were not allowed to read it, there was comparatively little heresy in the world; but when it was printed and read, people began honestly to differ as to its meaning.

  22. Heresy is what the minority believe; it is the name given by the powerful to the doctrine of the weak.

  23. This decision was undoubtedly expedited by the occurrence of a heresy fomented by John Perrott.

  24. He was met by determined opposition from ministers and others, who smelt heresy in his teachings, especially as he was an Arminian.

  25. In case of heresy any Christian may become judge," said Petrus Aurelius.

  26. He will have brought back all his subjects into the bosom of the church, and will have destroyed the heresy which his predecessors could not vanquish.

  27. But now those who were accused of heresy were charged with plotting treason.

  28. The body of the faithful cannot lose the faith, or any part of it, or embrace any heresy as belonging to faith.

  29. From that date to the present time, these first indistinct intimations of what now appears as a full-blown heresy can be seen in their successive stages of clearer manifestation in the writings and acts of Dr.

  30. The second is the assertion that the baptism of the Paulianists was rejected because of the heresy professed by them, and not because they had vitiated the baptismal formula.

  31. Some are Protestants, others are infidels, and others have been hitherto Catholics in profession, but followers of the heresy of Janus in their heart.

  32. But when worldly power was taken away, when concordats were broken, when heresy rose up in her midst, the enemies of the church fell upon her, and in their onslaught tore up kingdoms by the root and trampled order in the dust.

  33. The latter enjoys all the benefits of confiscation, inherits the property of the dead, and finds it easy to bring charges of heresy against those who have any wealth.

  34. But he said that if Claes would abjure his heresy he should be executed by hanging instead of by burning.

  35. Yet for heresy there have perished at my hands fifty thousand of their bravest men and of their tenderest maidens, in the Netherlands alone.

  36. So did the prisoner blaspheme against our Holy Father the Pope and against His Royal Majesty, accusing them of cruelty in that they rightly had punished heresy as a crime of treason against God and man.

  37. XXXII In those days the country round Liege was in a disturbed and dangerous state by reason of the heresy hunts, and Lamme Goedzak came again to live in Damme.

  38. And I drink to the extinction of all heresy and rebellion.

  39. Frederick must promise to put down heresy in Germany with a strong hand.

  40. Huss was invited to this Council under promise of a safe conduct from the emperor, seized, put on trial for heresy and burnt alive (1415).

  41. There was a clearing up of the penal code; torture, arbitrary imprisonment and persecutions for heresy were abolished.

  42. He accuses his accusers of heresy and idolatry, and calls upon the nobles of Scotland to decide against them according to God's Word.

  43. A statute, the first against heresy for nearly a century, was passed two years after Knox went to college.

  44. It was easy, as we have seen, for inquisitorial logic to stretch the elastic definition of heresy in any desired direction, and lack of loyalty to Philip was made to come within its boundaries.

  45. As he was not required to abjure, even for light suspicion, the charge of heresy was abandoned, and as solicitation was not included in the sentence, he was liable to further prosecution by the Ordinary.

  46. In the Roman Inquisition, however, after the brief of Gregory XV, the suspicion of heresy was vehement, the abjuration was de vehementi and there was no exception to the general rule of torturing on intention.

  47. Rodrigo coolly asserts as a positive fact that those who perished in Spain at the stake for heresy did not amount to 400 and that these were voluntary victims, who refused to retract their errors.

  48. It is like sifting gold out of sand; to reach one heresy you must winnow away a thousand pious works.

  49. Activity was intermittent and, in the excitement of that stirring time, there was little energy for the prosecution of heresy while, even when the enemy had withdrawn, in many cases the buildings had been ruined.

  50. Ayllon converted the important question of orthodoxy and heresy into one of precedence between the communities.

  51. The suspicion of heresy was by degrees forgotten, and the community of Prague, in recognition of his merits, appointed him preacher (1728).

  52. Only his scrupulous piety, his immaculate conduct, his unselfishness, and his renunciation of every office and position of honor, saved him from the charge of heresy on account of his pursuing extra-Talmudical branches of knowledge.

  53. Thus it was made clear to many that the Sabbatian heresy aimed at nothing less than the dethronement of the God of Israel in favor of a phantom, and the dissolution of Judaism by means of Kabbalistic chimeras.

  54. It had been delayed too long, more than seven months having elapsed before sentence of heresy was promulgated; and meantime the Temple Union had established itself.

  55. He was considered the chief of the heresy judges, so to say, and he dealt Chayon the last blow.

  56. Other heretics, however, who would abjure their heresy before the bishop, might be pardoned for the first offence, but if obstinate, were to be banished.

  57. The real object of his mission, however, was to devise means for strengthening the inquisition and suppressing heresy in the provinces.

  58. The honest Catholic burgher who recorded the fact, observed that he did so because of the many misrepresentations on the subject, not because he wished to flatter heresy and rebellion.

  59. The parliament rejected a bill for obliging the exiles to return under certain penalties, and another for incapacitating such as were remiss in the prosecution of heresy from being justices of peace.

  60. Cromwell was accused of heresy and treason: but the proofs of his treasonable practices are utterly improbable, and even absolutely ridiculous.

  61. Some time after, a Dutchman, called Van Paris, accused of the heresy which has received the name of Arianism, was condemned to the same punishment.

  62. All over the map of Europe would it not be found that error and heresy had been rank precisely in proportion to the deviation of a country from Presbytery or to the relaxation of its grasp where it was nominally professed?

  63. What was Independency, what was Anabaptism, what was vague Antinomianism, compared with this heresy of the household, this loosening of the holy relation on which all civil society depended?

  64. The plague of Heresy is greater, and you are now in more danger than when you buried five thousand a week.

  65. Sects and the arch- heresy of Toleration.

  66. Anti-Trinitarian heresy had been little heard of in England.

  67. Notwithstanding this dreadful fate of the Antinomians in America, the heresy had broken out in England.

  68. The news of this tragic end of Mrs. Hutchinson had been brought across the Atlantic, and had added to the interest of pious horror with which her previous career of heresy in Massachusetts had been heard of by the orthodox in England.

  69. They are exhorted to extirpate heresy and schism, especially Antinomianism and Anabaptism, and, are warned at some length against the snare of Toleration.

  70. Paget about Mrs. Hutchinson and the New England Antinomians, and attributes the rise of that heresy to the evil influence of Independency.

  71. Strange that Gorton should be cited as holding a milder form of the heresy than Milton's!

  72. The very name of heresy was odious to him, but none the less did it go sorely against the grain to be a slave to the haughty Prior of Chadwater, and at his bidding to violate (as it seemed to him) the sacred laws of hospitality.

  73. But it is dangerous work just now to appear to side with those against whom the foul charge of heresy is brought.

  74. You know well that the penalty of hiding and harbouring a heretic is little short of that of heresy itself.

  75. Any other charge one can laugh to scorn; but no man may tell where orthodoxy ends and heresy begins.

  76. It was made plain and patent to all that the bishops had absolutely resolved to stamp out heresy once and for all; and for once the prior and abbots, the monks and the friars, were in accord and working hand in hand.

  77. I do but ask why it be heresy to read the Word of God, and to have in possession a portion of it in the language of one's country.

  78. Brother Fabian was to be sent to act as spy, and if bribed (as was most probable) by the Lord of Mortimer, would doubtless find some cause of offence which could be twisted into an accusation of heresy against someone there.

  79. After what had just passed, he felt assured that the prior would not permit his boys to be harried or accused of countenancing heresy by their enemy, and he was well pleased at the interview and its result.

  80. We have heard words spoken in the Cathedral of London which would be accounted rank heresy here.

  81. He has seen priests and monks accused of heresy the one by the other; and none are so fearfully persecuted as those who wear the tonsure, if men do but suspect them of that sin.

  82. It was useless for any to hope to stem such a tide as that--such was the tenor of the prior's speech--heresy was to be exterminated.

  83. In truth, I marvel how any man can meddle with heresy in these days.

  84. Whether the sin of heresy is as vile in His eyes as in those of man, He alone knows; we do not.

  85. If I look to spiritual and corporeal loss, I see them by heresy deprived of God as regards his mercies, and in the body reasonably deprived of their dignities; and they themselves have done it.

  86. The heresy of that book was exceedingly small, but it roused a great storm in the religious world and led to more than one clerical prosecution.

  87. When it was discovered that she had sent books to the queen, she was singled out as a victim by those who hoped by means of torture to wring some confession from her by which Katharine might be charged with heresy or treason.

  88. And when we enter upon this matter we are obliged to say in spite of all contradiction and accusations of heresy that the introduction of slavery under the conditions of that time was a great step forwards.

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