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Example sentences for "dreamer"

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dreadnoughts; dreads; dream; dreame; dreamed; dreamers; dreames; dreameth; dreamful; dreamily
  1. John Barleycorn will not let the dreamer dream, the liver live.

  2. Mrs. Rouncewell is fond of her son but has a plaintive feeling towards him, much as if he were a very honourable soldier who had gone over to the enemy.

  3. Sweeping the life in its furious flood, Thrilling the arteries, cleansing the blood, Mastering stupor and dull despair, Moving the dreamer to do and dare.

  4. The recreant or the dreamer complains that he has no real chance.

  5. He was in process of being changed from a dreamer to a man.

  6. He was a dreamer with open eyes and ready hands, not clearly distinguishing thought and action, fancy and fact.

  7. She had something else to do now, must be something else beside a "dreamer of vain dreams," and must work to procure food for them both.

  8. Sometimes a foreboding oppressed this young dreamer that it might be her last hours of earthly enjoyment.

  9. The sad-browed dreamer knew but too well the end of all this; though, whatever it might be, it was surely for the best, or it would not be suffered.

  10. It was a scary atmosphere for a dreamer and utopian; Jimmie Higgins shrank into himself, afraid even to reach about for some fellow-Socialist with whom he might exchange opinions about the events of the outside world.

  11. Yes, said Jimmie; the same hard world that it was to a Socialist, a dreamer of justice.

  12. The poem consists of a series of visions or dreams, of an allegorical character, in which the dreamer seeks to find Truth and Righteousness on earth, meeting with but little success.

  13. But there is this difference between the two poets,--in Blake we have only a dreamer; in Coleridge we have the rare combination of the dreamer and the profound scholar.

  14. Burleigh, who misjudged him as a dreamer and self-seeker, not only refused to help him at the court but successfully opposed his advancement by Elizabeth.

  15. As a boy he had been fond of reading French plays, had learned Latin against his father's will, had filled his mind with the ideas of deistic philosophers, and had seemed likely to become a dreamer instead of a ruler.

  16. Such is the price that a dreamer pays for his vision.

  17. The dreamer and poet supplanted the preacher and teacher.

  18. A happier summer than is often given mortals to know, Edgar the Dreamer passed at the feet of the lovely young matron who had become a sort of mother-confessor to him.

  19. That he and "little Tom" would always see opposite sides of the picture became more and more apparent to The Dreamer as time went on and along with this difficulty another and a more serious one arose.

  20. The Dreamer had returned from his brief visit to Baltimore a new man.

  21. The life of Edgar the Dreamer became more and more secret.

  22. The Dreamer set out on his way back to Fordham to settle up his affairs and bring Mother Clemm to Richmond to witness his marriage and to take up her abode with him and his bride, in the brick house on the hill.

  23. The Dreamer sat before his desk under the picture of "Helen," for hours and hours, or when Virginia was too ill to be up, at a little table beside her bed in the chamber which was like a nest in a tree.

  24. Several of these literary ladies living in New York had their salons, where they received, upon regular days, their brothers and sisters of the pen, and at which The Dreamer became a familiar figure.

  25. The sane, wholesome companionship which The Dreamer found in him and at his hospitable fireside acted like a tonic upon his spirits and improvement in his health both of mind and body were rapid.

  26. And the success of The Dreamer made him a lion in the "City of Brotherly Love" as it had made him a lion in Richmond.

  27. Sometimes the erotic dream occurs without any emission, and not infrequently the emission takes place after the dreamer has awakened.

  28. Moulvie Mohammed Ismail, didst thou know the arch dreamer as I, thou wouldst not credit his miracles.

  29. For it roused many a dreamer wild had never felt the chill of a sword-hilt on his palm to the knowledge that the time for gripping one had come.

  30. I had been a dreamer all of my short life, and this new feeling of being shut in, held back, from something slipped upon me easily.

  31. Men differ so, you know, and I never was a dreamer like you.

  32. Nature tricks her creatures and the race lives on, and I, overcivilised, decadent dreamer that I am, rejoice that the past binds us, am proud of a history so old and so significant and of an heritage so marvellous.

  33. That you failed to make a dreamer of me is no cause for heartache and chagrin.

  34. The little woman writhed with pain, and that brought the dreamer to his senses again.

  35. The schoolmaster passed on, and the sad little dreamer arose with difficulty, and passed for the last time from the light of the sun.

  36. But patiently though the dreamer waited on and importuned the castle's owner, permission to make a systematic search among the ruins was too hard to obtain, and the disheartened seer of visions departed, and returned no more.

  37. To Alban, Paul Boriskoff was just the same mad revolutionary as before--at once fanatic and dreamer and, before then, the father of Lois who had loved him.

  38. Not only the dreamer of dreams in that den of squalor, this Alban Kennedy was her idol to-night as he had been the idol of fifty of her class since he came to live among them.

  39. The swiftly changing scenes, the new countries, the uproar and strife of cities, the glamour of the sea, put upon his ripe imagination so heavy a burden that he lived as one apart, almost as a dreamer who had forgotten how to dream.

  40. The hunters in hiding became restless as The Dreamer did not return, so ventured out where they could view the trail on which he was last seen.

  41. A certain heroic dreamer told men to give all they had to the poor.

  42. There was a sound of singing in the shrine, and turning, the dreamer saw a man who stood at his right hand.

  43. And many and many a vision the dreamer saw in that enchanted shrine.

  44. But the dreamer took his book in his hand, and, musing, he wandered by the stream's side, where grew the yellow mimulus.

  45. The dreamer said, "O brother, how sweet is the scent of the bean fields after the rain.

  46. The purpose of the dream is thus two-fold,--to relieve the tensions of unsatisfied desire, and to do this in such a subtle way as to keep the dreamer asleep.

  47. Although the dream may seem to be impersonal and unemotional, it nevertheless deals in every case with some matter of vital concern to the dreamer himself.

  48. The dreamer is then made to look toward the east, with a sword in his right hand and his mouth full of spring water.

  49. Honest Isaac Walton makes Sir Henry Wotton a dreamer in the family line; for, just before his death, he dreamed that the University treasury was robbed by townsmen and poor scholars, and that the number was five.

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