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Example sentences for "dreamers"

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dreads; dream; dreame; dreamed; dreamer; dreames; dreameth; dreamful; dreamily; dreaminess
  1. Rabbit dreamers no longer exist because the rabbit drive has lost much of its importance in Washo life.

  2. Dreamers are said to have predicted the day of the spawning run.

  3. There are apparently no dreamers among the Washo today, in the sense that the term was used in times past.

  4. Dreamers were gifted with a power to foretell special classes of events in dreams.

  5. Dreamers at the "big times" are reported by informants to have exhorted married couples to be good to each other and not fight (see also Lowie 1939, p.

  6. These phrases were bound to please all dreamers and drivellers, for they give free scope to any interpretation, and, in particular, allow the presumption that their author is possessed of modernity and a bold spirit of progress.

  7. Has form, for that matter, the dividing, predetermining, and delimitating importance which dreamers and simpletons attribute to it?

  8. We are the Dreamers of Dreams, We're the creators of fancies; .

  9. It is not strange that some of our dreamers should grudge you your place there, should cherish ideas of expansion by walking in your footsteps.

  10. In elaborating this conception Anaxagoras proved himself one of the most remarkable scientific dreamers of antiquity.

  11. I have read your books, and now I see you among all these images, and I understand you better than you do yourself, for I have been with many and many dreamers at the same cross-ways.

  12. And now this particular law in turn was the dried rind, devoid of pips or speculation; and the thinkers and dreamers and "artistic pigs" were again rejecting it, and again themselves in exile.

  13. Then her lips moved in one of those little, soft hurrying whispers that unhappy dreamers utter, the words all blurred with their wistful rushing.

  14. While dreamers are pursuing their dreams, exciting appetites and the passions of the multitude, the peoples are every day arming themselves more powerfully.

  15. I now declare The Dreamers adjourned sine die!

  16. Dreamers were ultimately adjourned, and, as they have not met since, I presume the adjournment was, as usual, sine die.

  17. Until a year ago, these Panslavonic dreamers were a party in the State; and even now they have powerful friends at Court.

  18. Because my countrymen believe in the higher powers, they are described by Franks, who believe in nothing, as dreamers and spiritualists.

  19. A deep distrust of Russian life, as now existing, lies at the root of it; the dreamers hoping to fall back upon forms inspired by what they call a nobler national spirit.

  20. If any city in Europe offers itself to Panslavonic dreamers as their natural capital, it is Kief.

  21. With a pitiless logic, these opponents of the Panslavonic dreamers call on them to put their thoughts into simple words.

  22. Yet these dreamers say and unsay in a breath, as seems for the moment best; for while they crack up their country right and wrong, in the face of strangers; they abuse it right and wrong when speaking of it among themselves.

  23. When dreamers desired to change the grand mainspring of human exertion, by substituting fraternity for individualism, they found it necessary to invent a hypocritical contradiction.

  24. These dreamers spin all out of their own imaginations, men as well as things.

  25. They shun the region of realities, in order to take refuge, like the Utopian dreamers whom they blame, in a region of chimeras.

  26. Most of these Northern dreamers gave little or no thought to slavery itself; but they felt that the section which maintained such a system so committed to aristocracy that any real friendship with it was impossible.

  27. Perhaps it is nothing but a dream in the minds of a few, the scientists and poets and inventors, the dreamers of the race.

  28. Prophets and dreamers are frequently classed together in the Bible, as in Deut.

  29. When religion is organised the dreamers and interpreters of dreams, who are an irresponsible class, fall into the background before the priests.

  30. Dreamers have not had that variety in their follies, that has generally been imagined.

  31. For thousands of years the most idle dreamers have been relieving each other, meditating on systems, diving into concealed ways, inventing hypothesis suitable to develope this important enigma.

  32. That either or both of these alternatives are impossible, I see no reason to affirm: if they were so, we might indeed be justly ridiculed as dreamers and visionaries.

  33. A splendid result surely to be attained by the little quartette of dreamers whose idea of a railroad line of Atlantic to Pacific met with so scornful a reception when it was first mooted a bare forty years ago.

  34. Various political dreamers had forecasted it, no doubt following the lead of the United States.

  35. The man of actuality in him denounced the drama built upon the legends of the Scandinavian past--the mark for him of a people of dreamers oblivious of the calls of the hour.

  36. There have been Dreamers of Dreams into whose souls have sunk the sight and the hearing of deep things, high things and precious, of comfort and of warning, of sweetest help and of gravest and most earnest exhortation.

  37. The speech of these Dreamers has sounded in our ears, and has left the vibrations to go on and on for our lifetime: this we call remembering.

  38. But Christian Science parts company soon enough with this great fellowship of dreamers and philosophers and takes its own line.

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