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Example sentences for "forestry"

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  1. Hunter of York, the last of which served as the text for the celebrated forestry article in the Quarterly Review for March, 1813.

  2. It is the policy of the Forest Service to aid in the introduction and practice of forestry on private lands, just as far as its authority permits.

  3. No land legislation in recent times has been productive of such beneficent and far-reaching blessings and results as our forestry legislation.

  4. Pennsylvania has a Forestry Association that has been in continued active existence for 23 years.

  5. And action, finally, is needed by private individuals to introduce the practical forestry on their lands just as far as economic conditions will permit.

  6. It aims to permanently check the wastefulness of go-as-you-please forestry now evident from every car-window in this country.

  7. The difficulty lies in the fact that the people do not appreciate the need of immediate action to put the principles of forestry into practice.

  8. The Western Forestry and Conservation Association does not decry the necessity for wise action by State and Nation in the safeguarding of water-power, minerals, and lands; but the settlement of such affairs is not our function.

  9. But the problem of State forestry requires a great deal more than laws on the statute books, or the appointment of a State forester.

  10. She wants to go to the State Agricultural College too, and take the forestry course.

  11. I don't see why she can't go to the State College if she likes, or why she can't take the forestry course.

  12. I want to study all about trees and forestry and conservation, and I want to ride over miles and miles of forests that are all mine.

  13. A kind of forestry practice is likewise indicated in the special pains that are taken by farmers and in lumbering districts to lessen the danger of fires.

  14. Much more has been accomplished in the United States in the way of forestry than has been supposed.

  15. United States Department of Agriculture: Practical Forestry in the Adirondacks.

  16. One of these was the planning of the United States Geological Survey, the other the organization of a forestry system for the United States.

  17. As in the case of the Geological Survey, a radically new and very complete system of forestry administration was proposed.

  18. The second great work of the academy for the government was that of devising a forestry system for the United States.

  19. The Bureau of Forestry proved to be a good scout.

  20. There are no troops from the line here at present; only boys from forestry regiments, motor mechanics and a few lads from medical detachments.

  21. You can enter the Forestry and Fish departments through a temple built of twenty different kinds of wood.

  22. It wuz a bigger fish than wuz ever lied about in male fish stories, and that's sayin' enough; connected with this is also an exhibit of forestry and game.

  23. West of the forestry buildin' growin' right out of the ground is a immense map of the United States covering five acres of ground, gravel walks mark the State and coast lines, and each State is sot out in its own native flowers.

  24. The art of forestry is also being taught in the schools, and a large body of skilled foresters are now in the service of the states and the general government.

  25. A Division of Forestry was organized in the Department of Agriculture, some years ago, and the most earnest efforts are being made to prevent any needless waste of our timber lands.

  26. Private nurseries and State game and forestry departments are now growing these chestnuts and the Division of Forest Pathology has discontinued general distribution of trees to cooperators.

  27. We have another orchard, another plantation that led us to become interested, I guess, in producing blight-resistant chestnut as a game food and along forestry lines, and that is the orchard that we have on nursery property.

  28. Forestry has a particular role in the Tennessee Valley.

  29. The Forestry Division of TVA has co-operated in supplying not only propagated plants of filberts, but also of walnuts and seedlings of chestnuts.

  30. Employment in Forestry and Fisheries--Current employment in forestry and fisheries constitutes slightly less than 1% of the total civilian non-agricultural work force.

  31. Among such occupations are those concerned with trade, services, public utilities, construction, finance, mining and forestry and fishing.

  32. After obtaining in 1797 the appointment of inspector of forests to the prince of Orange-Nassau, he continued his school of forestry at Dillenburg, where the attendance thereat increased considerably.

  33. The birds would chatter to him, and tell him their family histories; the silent, sweet-eyed deer came to the forestry to be fed in the cold winter, and so he learnt to know their ways.

  34. Hugo had many a time played with pretty baby Elsa; her father and the forester were friends, and she had spent the day sometimes in the forestry on the Kueppel.

  35. In this category are the manufacture of agricultural machines, of tools and implements for agriculture, forestry and mining; such industries as depend for their raw material on the exploitation of the natural resources of the country, viz.

  36. Nearly half of them belong to the state, and in them forestry has been carried out on a scientific basis since 1879.

  37. One request was for facts on forestry movements.

  38. The present policy of the American Forestry Association is to secure such disposition of public lands as will afford a maximum benefit and joy to the people.

  39. My query was to find some interesting forestry news.

  40. Froebel becomes Actuary to the Forestry Department of the Episcopal State of Bamberg.

  41. As soon as I saw this quite clearly, my own activity of mind urged me to make use of the really excellent books on forestry and geometry which I found lying to my hand.

  42. Yale and Cornell have forestry schools, and Harvard a forestry course.

  43. There might also be a talk on The Lumberman and the Government, and another on The Paper Manufacturer and the Government, and a third on Forestry as a Profession for Young Men.

  44. A graduate of the Ontario Agricultural College, who has become interested in nut culture, procured 2,000 black walnut seedlings from the Forestry Station at St. Williams.

  45. For forestry purposes, pruning is a desirable practice.

  46. It seemed an impossibility to resurrect this and an exceptionally fine forestry bill.

  47. Oil has supplanted forestry as the mainstay of the economy, providing a major share of government revenues and exports.

  48. Besides the French space center at Kourou, fishing and forestry are the most important economic activities.

  49. Cornell was a pioneer in forestry teaching; and why should she not lead off now in the new field?

  50. Forestry Bureau is developing into a very valuable ally, and we confidently look forward to the time when its influence in preservation will be a hundred times more potent than it is to-day.

  51. From forestry to wild life is an easy step.

  52. That was in the days when the Appalachian Park bill could not be passed, and when there were angry mutterings and even curses leveled against Gifford Pinchot and the Forestry Bureau because so many national forests were being set aside.

  53. The forestry system of Bohemia is something to admire and to study.

  54. In such a land, forestry is a distinguished profession.

  55. About six or eight weeks ago, the Forestry Department noticed that these trees were dying and called our attention to this matter about four weeks ago.

  56. Dear Mr. Metcalf: "Last December, the Forestry Department of this College ordered of Glen Bros.

  57. These were shipped to them April 4th and were almost immediately planted in the Forestry Nursery here.

  58. It is not improbable that this variety could be more profitably planted for forestry purposes than the species which grows wild; but there is no present indication that foresters favorably consider either of them.

  59. Trees are often planted for ornament, but few if any have yet been propagated for forestry purposes.

  60. Though nature has done the actual planting, men provided the seed beds by giving up old fields to that use; and many of the stands are as thick and even as if they had been planted and cared for by regular forestry methods.

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