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forestalling; forestalls; forestation; forestay; foreste; forester; foresters; forestieri; forestland; forestry
  1. Its forested parts are densely forested; its flower-gardens are unexcelled in range, color, and variety, and its meadows grow deep in many kinds of rich grass.

  2. The page of earth's history is more easily read upon the bare deserts of our southwest than on the grass-concealed prairies of the Mississippi Valley or the eroded and forested ranges of the Appalachians.

  3. Following up some sheltered forested ravine to its head, we swing out upon the wind-swept slopes leading straight to the summit.

  4. This extraordinary tower emerges from a rounded forested hill of sedimentary rock which rises six hundred feet above the plain; from the top of that the tower rises six hundred feet still higher.

  5. The creeks and rivers which accumulate the waters of the springs scattered widely among these prairie hills are outlined by winding forested belts and flowered thickets of brush.

  6. Its western and southern slopes are thickly forested and possess fine lakes and streams.

  7. Its five long lakes, of which McDonald is much the longest and largest, head up toward the snowy monsters of the divide; their thin bodies wind leisurely westward among superbly forested slopes.

  8. But back of them rises abruptly the beautiful forested mountain from whose side gush the healing waters, and back of this roll the beautiful pine-grown Ozarks.

  9. On the contrary, they tend to rounded forested summits and knobby peaks.

  10. The dam will be hidden from common observation, and the timber lands to be flooded will be cut so as to avoid the unsightliness usual with artificial reservoirs in forested areas.

  11. The sinuous Merced is forested to its edges in its upper reaches, but lower down occasionally wanders through broad, blooming opens.

  12. This small species was found only in forested areas, where calling males were on bushes and trees around rain pools.

  13. Other species present on the forested slopes include Tabebuia Donnell-Smithi, Zanthoxylum melanostictum, Pithecolobium arboreum, and a species of Pterocarpus.

  14. The ancestral boulengeri-foliamorta stock probably invaded Central America in the late Pliocene and dispersed through humid forested environments to Nicaragua.

  15. This plateau, which was directly north of the Buri airfield, was forested with palm trees and jungle growth.

  16. The heavily forested central mountain range is composed of numerous knifelike ridges and spurs and deep ravines and serves as an effective natural barrier between the island's eastern and western coastal areas.

  17. The new area was a plateau with an elevation of about 1,200 feet, heavily forested and having rocky eastern and western slopes that made it "a natural fortress.

  18. The two systems are joined by a road, scarcely better than a trail, which runs west of Abuyog and corkscrews its way through heavily forested mountains to Baybay.

  19. The 2d Battalion, supported by machine guns and mortars, was able to creep up through the forested ravine to within thirty yards of the enemy position on the knoll before it was fired upon.

  20. It is too poorly watered and forested to meet his requirements.

  21. It has mountains forested to the upper rim on one side with tropic jungle and on the other with sturdy pine trees; at the crest line the children of the Tropics meet and intermingle with those of the temperate zone.

  22. Sementeras near some forested mountains in the Bontoc area are pestered with monkeys.

  23. They are generally open, grass-covered areas, though some have become densely forested since being left above the high water of the streams.

  24. As we approached it coming down a forested mountain side three or four men were seen among the trees on the farther side of the stream.

  25. The very air tasted flat in his nostrils and, missing the screens of forested peaks, he felt a painful want of privacy--like a turtle deprived of its shell, or a man suddenly stripped naked.

  26. But to right and left, ever the same, yet ever changing; sombre in shadowed gorge and bright of sunlit crest, lay the broken, forested hills.

  27. Then I saw a vast bowl inclosed by dim mountain ranges, with a rolling floor of forested ridges, and dark lines I knew to be canyons.

  28. Barber Shop Canyon had five heads, all running down like the fingers of a hand, to form the main canyon, which was deep, narrow, forested by giant pines.

  29. Anyway I soon found myself lost in a maze of forested heads of ravines.

  30. Then when we came to a forested ridge bare of grass and smelling of sheep, that robbed the forest of a little more glamour.

  31. And now I caught a glimpse of the pool itself, spreading out between forested shores.

  32. We took to the brush and bore to the right, where on firm ground a grove of ash and butternut forested the ridge, and a sandy path ran through.

  33. A band of hardy mountaineers in their own country might very easily surprise and annihilate an ill-guarded convoy in a narrow valley thickly forested and flanked by steep hills.

  34. On three sides it is flanked by rocky cliffs, densely forested with pine and silver birch; on the fourth rises an abrupt wall of rock, which is suffused with a glow of amber light an hour before sunset.

  35. At about the same time that the Hohokam were in the valley, another group of Indians whom we call the "Sinagua," lived in the forested foothills to the north and east, and on the plateau above.

  36. They had no stone with which to build, for their country is so densely forested that stone is rarely visible.

  37. Southern Chile, as that part of the republic south of the Bio-Bio is termed, is a rolling and mountainous land, originally forested and still so in some sections.

  38. It was originally thickly forested as can be testified by occasional uncleared patches.

  39. And yet the valley of the "endless river" cannot be deemed heavily timbered when contrasted with the forested hills of the Ohio.

  40. They are forested over lower parts, barren, though mostly greenish, above.

  41. It is a great fine stream and its shores, while mostly still low on the left, on the right rise here and there into moderate loess bluffs, far beyond which are seen higher elevations and bluish forested mountains.

  42. His wanderings had not taken him far into the low country; consequently he had not far to return to the forested region skirting the foothills.

  43. He simply felt the urge to leave the low country and by dint of hard travel managed to keep ahead of the encroaching water until he reached safety in the forested country.

  44. Two weeks later Warruk reached the margin of the great river that wound its sluggish way through a strip of forested country hugging its banks.

  45. They never lingered long in one place and by gradual stages their journeying took them further and further away from the forested foothills and nearer to the great arteries that poured their waters into the system of the mighty Amazon.

  46. But, Suma was loath to give up the life of ease and plenty on the sandbanks for the sterner existence in the forested country.

  47. From time to time Captain Bennett glanced up at the abrupt rocks and forested ridges on his right, or across to the lower land on the other side of the bay.

  48. Misty blue hills in the distance ahead, beyond islands and forested shores, indicated another bay, longer and wider than the one the Otter had entered.

  49. Beyond the beach was a vertical rock cliff sheer to the water from its forested summit.

  50. The boat's stem began to turn to the forested shore.

  51. I believe that all non-forested lands adapted for agricultural purposes should be opened to settlement and homesteaders allowed to file upon them.

  52. That in taxing forested lands, no account should be taken of the timber until it is cut and sold.

  53. The Micronesia Broadbill at Guam is not a common bird, and like its relative Rhipidura rufifrons is an inhabitant of forested areas, especially those containing brushy undercover.

  54. Coultas (field notes) found tropic birds common at Ponape in November and December, 1930, in forested regions and along the cliffs.

  55. These two unrelated birds live together in jungle areas, although Psamathia is perhaps confined more to the forested undergrowth and is more solitary in its habits.

  56. It is apparently better adapted to forested uplands, whereas A.

  57. At Peleliu the birds were noted as singles or in pairs in brushy undergrowth in forested areas.

  58. The Marianas Crow is confined to the forested areas and to the coconut plantations at Guam.

  59. Coultas (field notes) writes that in 1930 the ground dove at Ponape was rare in the forested areas and generally found more along the sea coast and in the upland valleys.

  60. If still present in the islands, it may be confined to the higher forested areas of Babelthuap.

  61. It lies just under the first of the foothills that rise ridge after ridge into the forested mountains that separate us from the ocean.

  62. These outpourings of molten rocks were on a grand scale, and a large number of volcanic mountains were formed which still remain as the dominant peaks of the rugged and densely forested Cascade Range.

  63. This Willamette-Cowlitz depression is surrounded by densely forested hills and the snow-capped summits of ancient volcanoes.

  64. From a geographical point of view, the broadest features in the flora of North America are the forested and unforested areas.

  65. The Coast Ranges, although generally bare of trees to the south of the Golden Gate, become more and more densely forested when followed northward.

  66. The range of this species, or group of species as the case may be, was originally continental, but more particularly in the forested regions.

  67. The term by which the valleys are known is in some respects misleading, as the word park usually carries the idea of a diversified and in part forested region, with mild, picturesque scenery.

  68. These plains in the far north differ from the Prairie plains in the fact that they are forested and acquire greater diversity from the presence of innumerable lakes, several of which are of large size.

  69. Its leading charms are the large number of dark, densely forested summits, the many beautiful lakes and clear, sparkling streams.

  70. The road, however, which we wish to take the traveler over, leads up the Blue Ridge, in zigzag course, through the forested aisles of Black Rock.

  71. A broad and level tract of farming land, covered with meadows, corn and pea-fields, stretched away from the forested skirts of the hill-sides.

  72. He was still checker-boarding the forested townships with his adverse holdings--the key-positions to the timber in back of beyond which some day should come to his hand.

  73. In the east deep forested glens, fertile valleys and green ridges crowned by ruddy crags contrast with the eternal snow-fields which stretch away for miles towards the west.

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