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Example sentences for "forestalls"

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forestal; forestall; forestalled; forestallers; forestalling; forestation; forestay; foreste; forested; forester
  1. One who goes before; one who forestalls or anticipates another.

  2. One who forestalls a market; a middleman between producer and dealer in London vegetable markets.

  3. But the passion of anger forestalls the perfect judgment of reason, as though it listened but imperfectly to reason, on account of the commotion of the heat urging to instant action, which commotion is the material element of anger.

  4. Therefore such movement of the sensuality as forestalls the reason, is a venial sin, which is something imperfect in the genus of sin.

  5. When a passion forestalls the judgment of reason, so as to prevail on the mind to give its consent, it hinders counsel and the judgment of reason.

  6. For in him that seeks sumptuous food, concupiscence is aroused by the very species of the food; in him that forestalls the time concupiscence is disordered through impatience of delay, and so forth.

  7. Further, it seems useless to seek to win the benevolence of one who forestalls us by his benevolence.

  8. Now a man's benefactor forestalls him in the kindly deeds of charity.

  9. But the Holy Ghost forestalls even this disposition or effort, by moving man's mind either more or less, according as He will.

  10. General Jackson is the slave of the majority: he yields to its wishes, its propensities, and its demands; say rather, that he anticipates and forestalls them.

  11. And Julia Forestalls told me that the people were so interesting.

  12. But if the Appetite in any way at all forestalls the Judgment and guides it, then the Judgment cannot be free: it is not its own: it is captive to another power.

  13. Therefore the brute beasts cannot have freedom of Judgment; for in them the Appetite always forestalls the Judgment.

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