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  1. Thus, a Forester must be able to make his trees grow in height up to a certain stage, then stop their further growth upwards and make them put on diameter.

  2. As the Forester warmed up to his subject, Wilbur thought he was listening to an "Arabian Nights" fairy tale.

  3. You wrote me that you were going to call on the Chief Forester to-day, and so I took the trouble to telephone to one of the men in the office who would be likely to know the result of your interview.

  4. That sort of thing takes learning, though, and you've got to dig, Wilbur, if you want to be a District Forester some day.

  5. The District Forester motioned to the table which was heaped with dozens upon dozens of baked apples, flanked by several tall pitchers of milk.

  6. That gives each District Forester a little piece of land about the size of England to look after.

  7. And when he came out the Forester was even more silent than usual, and rode for two hours without uttering a syllable.

  8. Chief Forester as the two came up the walk together.

  9. I was just coming to that," replied the Forester in response to his half-uttered query.

  10. Illustration: Mr. Briggs, previous to going through his course of deer-stalking, assists the forester in getting a hart or two for the house.

  11. Lumbermen who own forests from which they desire to harvest a timber crop should first of all survey the woods, or have some experienced forester do this work, to decide on what trees should be cut and the best methods of logging to follow.

  12. As one eminent forester recently remarked, "If we are to remain a nation of timber users, we must become a nation of wood growers.

  13. That is why every forester who sets out trees tries to provide conditions which will make them grow tall and with the smallest possible covering of branches on the lower part of the trunks.

  14. Forester looked at her with a quizzical smile.

  15. Doctor Forester hasn't given you much choice," said the other man, smiling.

  16. Suppose we ask Doctor Forester out, and your young doctor here next door, and two or three of your girl friends, and a boy and girl or two for Jeff and Just.

  17. Frederic Forester pointing a blue-capped carrier of a florist's box toward Evelyn.

  18. I rather think it's paid with the others, too," Doctor Forester added.

  19. Doctor Forester glanced from her to the young girl on the seat beside him, smiling at both.

  20. All that Forester says of him confirms my opinion.

  21. On hearing this, Doctor Forester declared that he should himself take them to as many of the most interesting places as possible.

  22. Well, the short of it is that through Doctor Forester I got to know a friend of his who is a railroad magnate--the real thing--and to please the doctor he seemed to take an interest in me.

  23. It's pretty tough, but as Doctor Forester says, it might be worse.

  24. Thus spoke Doctor Forester of the city--the old friend and family counselor of both Birches and Churchills.

  25. She plucked the rose and motioned to where Celia was coming alone along the orchard road, Frederic Forester having just left her for a hasty trip to town.

  26. Their own car ran up to the steps, where stood Doctor Forester and John Lansing Birch under the lanterns, both dressed from head to foot in white.

  27. Evelyn was wondering if this would give her the necessary chance to change her dress, when the big Forester automobile rounded the corner and rolled up to the curb, just as the party from the car reached the steps.

  28. The oldest Nyâya view was that the instruction given by the forester by virtue of which the association of the name "wild ox" to the strange animal was possible was itself "upamâna.

  29. But Udyotakara and Vâcaspati hold that it was not by the instruction alone of the forester that the association of the name "wild ox" was made, but there was the perception of similarity, and the memory of the instruction of the forester too.

  30. In all sales exceeding 5 years in length provision is made to have the stumpage rates readjusted by the Forester at the end of three or five year intervals to meet changing market and manufacturing conditions.

  31. The work of the proper utilization of the products of the National Forests is under the supervision of the District Forester and the Assistant District Forester in charge of Forest Products in the districts.

  32. The Experiment Stations in the districts are under the supervision of the District Forester and the men in charge of them bear the same relation to the District Office as the Supervisor of a National Forest.

  33. The Office of the District Forester has in addition the Office of Solicitor (Forest Service Branch), which is in charge of an assistant to the Solicitor of the Department of Agriculture.

  34. The forester cannot treat the forest as an aggregation of individuals, for forests have laws which govern their behavior which are entirely different from those that govern the individual tree.

  35. Applications for power permits are filed with the District Forester of the Forest Service District in which the desired site is located.

  36. He is the advisor to the District Forester in all matters of law which arise in the administration of the National Forests.

  37. Each administrative district embraces a number of National Forests and is in charge of a Forest officer known as the District Forester who is responsible to the Forester for all administrative and technical work performed within the district.

  38. The Supervisor can sell up to two million feet; larger sales are made by the District Forester or the Forester.

  39. Only by doing this can the forester achieve all the objects of forestry, namely, to help Nature to produce more and better timber, in a shorter length of time and at the smallest possible cost.

  40. When a Forest Supervisor is informed by the District Forester that emergency conditions are likely to exist during the next ten days or so, he immediately sends an alarm to all his Rangers to be especially watchful.

  41. While the soldiers turned to obey the order to massacre the vassals upon the stairway of the castle, Nominoe was awaiting death in his cell, whither the forester guards of the Count had taken him.

  42. The sergeant has gone out to wake up the soldiers and arm them, together with the forester guards.

  43. The forester guards, the soldiers, the Count's hunting men, concealed behind the embrasures of the windows on the ground floor, directed a plunging fire against the assailants.

  44. After having explored the avenues of the park, the Count had come across several of his forester guardsmen, from whom he inquired whether they had seen Mademoiselle Plouernel.

  45. In the midst of the tumult, the forester guardsmen whom one of the Count's equerries had gone in search of as ordered by his master, stepped upon the scene, armed with their muskets and hunting knives.

  46. Alexander de Lindsay the office of Forester of the Forest of Plater, "in the sheriffdom of Forfar" (ibid.

  47. Forester-seat, as having been the place where the forester anciently resided.

  48. A forester is an officer of the forest sworn to preserve the vert and venison therein, and to attend the wild beasts within his bailiwick, and to watch and endeavour to keep them safe, by day and night.

  49. A theow named Gurth, who had been seen by a forester picking wood for fires, was suspected of killing a young boar, which had been found not long after with its belly ripped open by a sharp stake.

  50. They wormed their way to the road as they heard him coming, and saw that it was the forester Kenulph.

  51. If I hadn't had my misfortune, I could have been a head forester to-day.

  52. Now there were a dozen idlers gathered by this time, and seeing that the trader hesitated, I called to one, who seemed to be a forester by his staff and green jerkin, and bade him fetch the sheriff, if he could find him.

  53. When we came to the narrowing part of the valley where the great drive up to the nets was to begin, I was set by the head forester off to the right of the line, being bidden to shoot any large game which broke back, save only the boar.

  54. While, therefore, the New England forester must search long before he finds a pine fit to be the mast Of some great ammiral, beeches and elms and birches, as sturdy as the mightiest of their progenitors, are still no rarity.

  55. California has appointed a State forester with a liberal salary, and made such legal provisions and appropriations as to render the discharge of his duties effectual.

  56. Hence these birds are not found where the forester removes trees as fast as they become fit habitations for such insects.

  57. Hohenstein, who was long professionally employed as a forester in Russia, describes the consequences of the general war upon the woods in that country as already most disastrous, and as threatening still more ruinous evils.

  58. The tone in which the words were spoken was commanding, and to the forester it sounded insolent.

  59. What the newcomers would have done with the old forester at their head, it is difficult to say; but a diversion was created by one of the female riders, chiding the horseman who had first spoken.

  60. It lies to this day near the Robin Hood Stone in the waters of the River Tame, and it still retains the name of that giant forester Little John.

  61. Meanwhile the forester and his sons donned their war-gear, and when the time was ripe they took their stand with the rest of those who fought beneath the banner of the Queen.

  62. I help load the trucks," said the fellow, as the forester turned on his heel and walked away, followed by Charley.

  63. As he started to cross the black strip, the forester continued: "Perhaps I had better go through the burned strip alone.

  64. I don't think I want that kind of a boy for a fire patrol," said the forester with a frown.

  65. When Charley had completed his statement, the forester said, "Charley, your report is very satisfactory, and I am especially pleased with the way you comprehend the needs of the situation and plan for improvements.

  66. When he showed the forester the marks in the clay, the forester was elated.

  67. Then Willie answered: "Forester says find header and back-fire.

  68. Two or three times a week the forester came out to see Charley and to keep an eye on this, his finest stand of timber.

  69. The forester and Charley found Lew, and the three crossed the valley to the brook where the two boys had begun their battle with the flames.

  70. You heard what the forester said," he replied pleasantly.

  71. Ranger Lumley was on hand as the forester had said he would be.

  72. The forester started up the trail with him.

  73. Willie has the forester on the telephone," he said.

  74. There is nothing I would rather do than become a forester if only it were possible.

  75. Forester on wire now," came the message from Willie.

  76. Then he sat down beside his key, and while he watched the forester skin the wildcat, he kept his spark-gap snapping and cracking with the fat sparks from the new battery.

  77. But you haven't answered my question," said the forester with a kindly smile.

  78. He was wondering in his mind whether she had refused Forester or not.

  79. The bays shook their harness and started off at a rattling pace, Cecil tooling them down the avenue with her little gauntleted hands as well as if she had been Four-in-hand Forester of the Queen's Bays, or any other crack whip.

  80. I was not especially interested in forestry, but the Forester was so interesting that I listened with increasing delight to the story of his work.

  81. To the United States Forester of that day I owe my earliest interest in the Conservation policy.

  82. We met the Queen coming back, and Miss Forester stood, like us, with her hat off while the Queen went by.

  83. And Miss Forester did not make it easier; she is a silly true maid of honour, and I did not like her, although she be a toast, and was dressed like a man.

  84. A forester leads an interesting life is the reason I want to be one.

  85. The life of a forester is interesting, and I intend to follow that profession.

  86. I believe that Judge Forester of this city is at present consulting with the governor at Baton Rouge on political matters.

  87. Fell was the last to enter the room, and as he did so old Judge Forester turned to him smilingly.

  88. These gentlemen will tell you that I am a special agent of the Department of Justice, employed in that capacity through the efforts of Judge Forester and Senator Flaxman.

  89. He asks that you speak with Judge Forester and Senator Flaxman before confirming the arrest, and boasts that you will order me to keep hands off.

  90. Mention to the governor that you have me under arrest, and that I have asked him to speak with Judge Forester and Senator Flaxman before confirming the arrest.

  91. I am an attorney, but I do not practise because I cannot accommodate myself to those very changing conditions of which Judge Forester speaks.

  92. He saw now why the governor had conferred with Judge Forester and the senator, why he had been ordered off the trail.

  93. The more men there are, the better the forester can fight fire.

  94. We'll need a head forester for every forest.

  95. The bead forester must know his business, an' not let his range be overstocked.

  96. Fire must inevitably complete this work of ruin; already I was forester enough to see that.

  97. He knows a friend of the Chief Forester who is close to the Department at Washington.

  98. Roger, turning the missile over in his hand ere he gave it to Beltane, "no forester doth wing his shafts so.

  99. Indeed Giles, being a forester I could scarce tell you one from another.

  100. But on ran Beltane up the glade very fleetly yet watchful of eye, until, seeing one had outstripped his fellow, he checked his going somewhat, stumbling as one that is spent, whereat the forester shouted the louder and came on amain.

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