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Example sentences for "forestalled"

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foreskin; foreskins; forest; forestal; forestall; forestallers; forestalling; forestalls; forestation; forestay
  1. An ugly serpent which forestalled their way.

  2. Habit is a forestalled and obstinate judge.

  3. Henry's rapid movement during the night had forestalled de Rone's plans, and had practically shut in the left wing of the Leaguer general between two fires.

  4. I said it must fall to the north-east, for the ponderous inclination is in that direction, and therein forestalled my experience and delivered the whole camp as hostages into the hands of fortune.

  5. But her reply--whatever it might have been--was forestalled by the sound of shouts and laughter in the hallway.

  6. Well, I was going to tell you about this affair if you had not forestalled me by mentioning it yourself.

  7. He had about decided upon the latter course when Fate forestalled him.

  8. When he forestalled her at one point she attacked another, until the situation became so embarrassing that he shouted indignantly for Sanno.

  9. Here again Keats would have been partly forestalled by Milton: the combat of the Giants with the Olympian gods must have borne a very appreciable resemblance to the combat of Satan and his legions with the hosts of heaven.

  10. In the derivation of nouns from verbs, the Chinese language is forestalled by the Aryan.

  11. Landor and Swinburne have, I think, forestalled Tailhade's hellenic poems in our affections.

  12. The gossip rose and flew from mouth to mouth among the marble salons where the Roman ladies languished for a new subject, or in the ante-rooms, where young priests and deacons awaited or forestalled the awakening of their patronesses.

  13. Hildebrand, startled, was about to ascend the pulpit to address the people, but was forestalled by an eager bishop who hurried into it before him, to make solemn announcement of the event.

  14. If he had hoped by this means to establish the universal authority of his see, a pretension as yet undeveloped, it was immediately forestalled by the Bishop of Constantinople, who at once called together a rival council in that place.

  15. I should not be left to a nurse from a hospital if my relations did not know that my annuity dies with me; and I forestalled it in furnishing this house, Dr.

  16. In the meantime Connecticut, determined not to be forestalled by either friend or foe, ordered a thousand men to Ticonderoga and commissioned a general called Wooster to command them.

  17. He jumped so far, indeed, that he forestalled Brown, who failed to appear at the critical moment.

  18. Fearful of seeing the maritime forces of Denmark pass into the power of Napoleon, England violated the neutrality of this little kingdom, and forestalled the secret conditions of the treaty of Tilsit.

  19. When Marshal Soult received this eloquent and truthful summing up from General Foy, already forestalled by the formal orders of the emperor, he was personally in a grave embarrassment.

  20. The Russians forestalled it: Alexander had sent his guard to General Benningsen.

  21. Everywhere, and in spite of a few accidents, the passage of the Pope forestalled the news of his capture.

  22. Kl├ęber forestalled the term marked out by the general who had let his mantle fall upon his shoulders, and he concluded the treaty of El Arish, a monument of his sorrow and desolation.

  23. Desaix had divined this, and forestalled the message of Bonaparte; before he could be expected he was beside the general, who questioned him as to the aspect of affairs.

  24. He was ingenious; he had forestalled Soulange Bodin in the formation of little clumps of earth of heath mould, for the cultivation of rare and precious shrubs from America and China.

  25. The two names had been forestalled by La Fontaine.

  26. On the other hand, the great opponent of Marseilles, the Papal Inquisitor, forestalled Gauffridi's appeal to the Parliament by carrying his own suit thither first.

  27. Flushed with anger, she turned to seek another retreat, but Peace forestalled her.

  28. That ain't--" she began, but Allee forestalled her.

  29. Vinie stuffed her thumb hastily into her mouth again and shrank back against the fence, the picture of fear; but Peace forestalled the blow by crying, "Let her be, Tobias McGee.

  30. He made two or three further efforts to help himself, but being promptly forestalled each time, he finally gave up, with a sigh of resignation and a murmured "Beshrew me, but I marvel they do not require to breathe for me also!

  31. Tom's cupbearer was present, and forestalled all his attempts to help himself to wine.

  32. She meant Mrs. Biggs, but Jack forestalled that good woman, and in an instant had the slipper off and the boot on, doing both so gently that she was not hurt at all.

  33. She would have added "twenty years ago come Christmas," if Jack had not forestalled her by asking Eloise if her ankle pained her much.

  34. Sometimes Trent, busy with work that held him, had refused; sometimes he had been forestalled in the discovery of the truth.

  35. At every turn the cunning of Manderson had forestalled me.

  36. As he grew cool, however, he gave over all idea of preferring such a claim, and reconciled himself, as well as he could, to the idea of having been forestalled by his bargaining coadjutors.

  37. So Tardrew had forestalled Thurnall in writing to the Viscount.

  38. A final edict, issued in 565, went still further in its recognition of the tenets of this sect, but the emperor's death forestalled its enforcement and saved the orthodox clergy from the alternative of submission or persecution.

  39. An alliance concluded with the Ostrogoths forestalled the possibility of their coming to the aid of the Vandals.

  40. Jane Austen, it has been objected, forestalled me there, and it is true that she very nearly did--but not quite.

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