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  1. Priests and deacons are a Bishop's delegates for certain purposes.

  2. Deacons are subordinate ministers appointed to assist parish priests in the work of parochial visiting and also, within certain limits, in the conduct of Divine worship and the administration of the sacraments.

  3. He marked the priests at their ritual before the altars; the deacons at the gospels; the sub-deacons at the epistles; and the ministers about the vigils.

  4. First service for the ordaining of priests and deacons held at St. Nicholas’ Church by the Bishop of Norwich.

  5. Five ordained as deacons and four as priests.

  6. The deacons and lay preachers were on the platform, and Mr. Charrington sat in front on the one side, and myself on the other.

  7. First I was conducted to the vestry, where a score of deacons and others met for a word of prayer, led by the hon.

  8. I was sitting just behind him upon the high platform, surrounded by the Deacons and Choir.

  9. Jebb reminded them that the deliberations of the Board of Deacons were to be considered strictly confidential.

  10. In the meantime, I must say that to my mind altogether too much has been made of this accident and I am satisfied to dismiss the subject if the rest of the deacons consent.

  11. And who shall blame her for gloating a little over the deacons who, in the beginning, were unwilling to recognize her?

  12. Will you go before the deacons of the church and tell them that--if it is necessary?

  13. The first presentation of his new understanding Jim made to the Board of Deacons two days later.

  14. Obadiah Champ, with others who were proud of the new convert, took him before the Board of Deacons and there Jim made his ambitions known.

  15. Jebb sent out a notice, to such of the deacons as he could not see personally, that a meeting was to be held at his house that night.

  16. The deacons sat back and gazed at one another.

  17. The meeting answered every expectation; it fully introduced the club and its leaders; it demonstrated the views of the possible members, and gave the Board of Deacons a new light on human nature.

  18. And so the highest ministers who are called deacons co-operate with the priest in bestowing the sacraments themselves: for Isidore says (Epist.

  19. And because deacons are between priest and people, the dispensing of the blood is in the competency of deacons, rather than the dispensing of the body.

  20. Therefore it seems that it belongs to deacons to baptize.

  21. Because Baptism is a necessary sacrament, deacons are allowed to baptize in cases of urgency when their elders are not at hand; as appears from the authority of Gelasius quoted above.

  22. Further, catechumens are instructed in the Faith by the Holy Scripture which is read in the church by ministers: for just as the Old Testament is recited by the Readers, so the New Testament is read by the Deacons and Subdeacons.

  23. But Tozer and all the deacons buzzed approbation.

  24. Were the deacons all charmed with the tea-meeting last night?

  25. One of the deacons made the motion that because I preached that it was possible for one who had been converted, to fall away and be lost, and because I said that Christ died for all, the Chapel be no longer tendered to me.

  26. But perhaps there were Scotch deacons in that church, for we know there were Britains in Rome.

  27. For, Priests and Deacons being continually to attend upon occasions of celebrating the Eucharist, which ought continually to be frequented; if others be to abstain from the use of marriage for a time, then they always.

  28. The incident when the order of deacons was instituted was the primary step.

  29. I have known a great many promising careers spoiled because young deacons would select a heavy, laborious town or city charge for the opening work of their ministry.

  30. The apostles had taken an important step in the establishment of the order of deacons at Jerusalem, retaining in their own hands the supreme power to which appeal and reports could be made.

  31. After leaving one of his deacons (Spencer) at Lake Taupo, the bishop and his party were weatherbound for a week in the mountains near the head waters of the Wanganui, and were reduced to very short rations.

  32. Bishop Selwyn always spoke with thankfulness of the fact that not one of the native priests or deacons had faltered in his attachment to the Christian faith or to the British crown.

  33. The gift was thankfully received, and hopes were entertained of an establishment from which the deacons would go forth to serve the chapelries around Wellington, as those at St. John's ministered to the outlying suburbs of Auckland.

  34. The mourners were principally the deacons and elders of the First Church.

  35. On’y thet’s whut I heern one o’ your deacons say about me the other day.

  36. After the receipts of the church began to exceed the expenditures the Deacons invested the surplus funds in cows which were rented out to responsible members of the congregation for 12 lbs.

  37. The collections were in wampum for many years, and it was one of the duties of the deacons to sell the wampum to the heads of families, who each distributed it among the members of his family and they deposited it in the collection bags.

  38. Among items charged in the Deacons Accounts were several books of sermons.

  39. Mr. Winfield states that this school-house was of logs, but from the records in the Deacons Account books it evidently was not.

  40. The following list will show the value in "seewan" of the kinds of money mostly received by the Deacons of Bergen: =st=.

  41. The deacons were the first preachers of Christianity.

  42. Also the deacons must be blameless before him, as the ministers of God in Christ, and not of men.

  43. The deacons and inferior clergy occupied the rest of the sanctuary, which was separated by a railing from the nave.

  44. Men were so scarce that the credulous sisters and charitable deacons voted to accept his tales as true and receive him once more into the fold.

  45. The present membership is about one hundred and twenty, nearly all women,--scarcely enough men to provide the requisite deacons for each family.

  46. Half the deacons in New England live on the proceeds of rum and notions, and they know well enough what trade their goods are sold in.

  47. Bishops and deacons hold a subordinate place in this document; but the contemporary Epistle of Clement of Rome attests that these bishops "had offered the gifts without blame and holily.

  48. The Eucharist being the seal of Christian fellowship, it was a natural custom to send portions of the consecrated elements by the hands of the deacons to those who were not present (Justin Martyr, Apol.

  49. The care taken in the selecting and ordaining of the seven deacons argues a religious character for the common meals, which they were to serve.

  50. He had such a voice in his time that he sang down twelve deacons in the Credo.

  51. I once had a singing contest with ten deacons and beat every one of them, for I outsang them in the Credo, all ten of them.

  52. Yes, now you have something else to do, besides turning men into beasts and deacons into cocks.

  53. So it was at Jerusalem where the presbyters and deacons were presided over by St. James.

  54. At these the deacons made their reports, and squared accounts with the preacher.

  55. Some new deacons were appointed, till we had seven in all.

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